Baban real name Burak Baban is a DJ/Producer from Istanbul, Turkey. Since his childhood his passion to music has been intense and attented many festivals all around the world.Baban’s passion to music grew over the years and that lead him to start producing and DJing. His journey started as a club deejay in 2019 in his own city Istanbul, in the same year he decided to produce electronic music. Baban’s first EP release came out on Podvodo Records in 2020. Then, he had several EP’s releases from very well known labels such as Welter, Seism Productions, Zebra Records, Not Allowed, Habits Records, Odd Pleasures, Tzinah Records, Urban Midi ,Carpathian Sounds, Fafo Records and lastly Kiku Music.
He likes to combine minimal sounds with jazzy, breaky flavors some old school hip hop influenced in. His hypnotic and groovy sound keeps people dancing on the floor no matter what time is the night. Baban likes to deliver an unpredictable and harmonious journey and always tries to come up with futuristic sound.
He got lots of attention from the Romanian underground scene and some of his tracks have already been played by Sepp, Nu Zau, Gescu, Primarie, Prichindel, Direkt, Vern, Vlf and many more.
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