TZH188 // Brand – Come Sunday EP incl. Mera

Hailing from America, Brand is swiftly making his mark in our vibrant music community. Having already made notable contributions to our label through appearances on various compilations, it is now time for him to captivate us with his very own EP. As the co-owner of Verum and Unclosed Music, Brand has become well-known for his exceptional minimal sound and solid grooves, which are beautifully showcased in his latest release, Come Sunday EP.
For the remix, we didn’t have to look far as we found the perfect match right in our own backyard. Mera, a talented artist from our roster, takes on the duty of reimagining Brand’s main track, adding his unique touch and mesmerizing drum elements.
Come Sunday EP is a captivating musical journey that embodies the essence of Brand’s artistic vision. It is a testament to his dedication and passion for creating profound minimal compositions that resonate with listeners. Each track on this EP invites you to immerse yourself in its hypnotic rhythms and evocative melodies.
We are thrilled to present Come Sunday EP by Brand, along with Mera’s exceptional remix, as another testament to the depth and diversity of talent within our label, Tzinah Records. The EP has been meticulously mastered by Silat Beksi, ensuring an exceptional sonic experience.
Join us as we embark on this captivating musical voyage, experiencing the magic of Come Sunday EP by Brand, remixed by Mera, from Tzinah with Love.
Brand – Come Sunday EP [TZH188] incl. Mera is supported by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Danny Tenaglia, Primarie, Zenniv, Hermanez, Los Bastoneros, Michel De Hey, Jacobo Saavedra, Camiel Daamen, Jorge Savoretti, Vlad Arapasu, Olivian Nour, Vern, vlf, Lucide, Suolo and many more! Thank you!
Richie Hawtin,” downloaded for r hawtin”
Dubfire,” Downloaded”
joseph capriati,” downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !”
PACO OSUNA,” Will try thanks
Danny Tenaglia,” Downloading for Danny Tenaglia, thanks!”
Primarie,” top EP, thank you guys!!”
Zenniv,” Very nice release! ‘Come sunday’ original and remix for me! thanks!”
Hermanez,” Come Saturday for me, thank you”
Los Bastoneros,” Thanks”
michel de hey,” nice tunes, great grooves….thanks!”
Jacobo Saavedra,” Thanks!”
Camiel Daamen,” Not for me this time.”
Jorge Savoretti,” Mera’s remix is epic!”
Vlad Arapasu,” They say”
Olivian Nour,” Thanks for the music”
Vern,” Nice originals % nice remix! Thank you!”
vlf,” thanks!”
Lucide,” Nice tracks! tthank you”
Suolo,” they say for me. thank you!”
Laumee,” Thanks a lot! Love this ep x”
jemmi,” Very nice EP – Ritual, and Mera remix for me!”
dragos ungureanu,” ‘they say”” for me. thank you”
arthus,” They Say”
Brand,” Appreciate the EP love & feedback – thank you!”
CVTKVC,” thx”
jack cheler,” tks, nice ep”
Alex Rusu,” Thank you ! Great ep”
Tiberiu,” Thanks.”
Naarc,” nice EP. downloaded. thanks!”
Lipp,” Big Tzinah!! Nice work Brand and Mera”
Vesy,” Great Ep, “”They Say”” proper banger”
Lurre,” Thank you for the music, nice release!”
Nicke/Cirkel Square,” Mera remix for me Tnx”
csurt,” Nice Tracks i like it Thanks you. C.”
Adroit,” Perfect EP”
Stanley Foster,” “”Come Sunday”” Awesome track. Perfect for my mood.”
Junker,” Underground baby!”
Angel Mosteiro,” Thanks, nice Ep!”
pawlo tojeda,” great sounds many thx”
Osvit,” Thanks! Nice EP!”
t,” gratie”
AGELESS,” nice release”
Spiri:tual,” Come Sunday (original) for me, tnx!”
fiL,” thank you! deep bass lines!”

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