TZH173 // Sakdat & Balaur – Dupa EP incl. Minube

Our mountain boys are back in session with a great flow and fresh vibe. Sakdat & Balaur don't need any presentation anymore, they are smashing the minimal house peaks and are always taking in the best views. Clean sound and joyful rhythms is what ...


TZH171 // Cata – Living in the Multivers EP incl. Primarie

Cata is one of our secret weapons when it comes to sweet groove, when it comes to pure minimal house gems. Inhaling his inspiration from the heart of Transylvania he is just doing his thing again and again and time has come to showcase his own EP on ...


Jemmi // Interview // Tzinah Podcast // August 2022 //

Born into a Turkish and Swiss family, music has long been a passion of Cem Sagisman aka Jemmi since his early teenage years. He was 14 when he heard his first piece of electronic music, the legendary tune ‘Body Language’ by Booka Shade and M.A.N. ...


TZH170 // VA – Tzinah Lightworkers Session One

It's our one hundred and seventy release and the work starts, or is it just blooming? We like to think it will always be there. So we start another sessions of VA this time entitled Lightworkers. This is what we tell ourselves that we do, that we bri ...


TZH169 // Jemmi – Tarkovsky’s Train EP incl. Costin Rp

One that has been in the making for some time now and one where the artist is developing every day. Here we welcome Jemmi with Tarkovsky's Train, traveling through Europe and through our minds and bodies. Telling us some hard truths, we move forward ...


JULY 31: Primarie, Lucide in the Garden

JULY 31: Primarie, Lucide in the Garden LOCATION: Gradina Monteoru, Bucharest . DJS: PRIMARIE: LINKS: LUCIDE: LINK: . . . RSVP:


TZH168 // Electricano – Andrei se Bucura EP incl. Avidel

Electricano has been very active in the scene lately and very involved in our label so we thought is time to showcase his talent into a whole EP. He caught our attention when he sent the first track "Andrei se Bucura". Such a great development when f ...


TZH167 // Andrei Voica – Resemnat EP incl. Lumieux

When it comes to good vibes and uplifting energy, mr Andrei Voica does it well. He is in charge or our next EP, coming up with microhouse grooves from the heart of Bucharest. It's these grooves that we love the most and that when hear them we can for ...


Skender // Interview // Tzinah Podcast // July 2022 //

Skender is a young, upcoming artist with a burning passion for electronic music. He started making music in 2021 and since then he is working constantly in creating stories through minimal sounds. He takes inspiration from all kinds of good music and ...


TZH166 // Csurt – Supernova EP incl. Silat Beksi

Back at it, back with flow and back in our hearts, Csurt makes waves again. With Supernova EP, he goes way more deep, way more groovy and, all in one, touches our souls with these sounds coming from the universe. Having such a wonderful journey from ...