TZH204 // Goras – Sun & Waves EP incl. Olivian Nour

Our upcoming EP spotlights a promising new talent hailing from the vibrant city of Iasi, Romania. Goras, after immersing himself in the music scene of Ibiza and refining his craft as a London resident, has finally landed on our radar, captivating us with his infectious grooves and dance-inducing beats.

Impressed by Goras’s dedication, we enlisted the renowned Olivian Nour to deliver a stellar remix, adding another gem to his already impressive collection. As summer approaches, we present the “Sun & Waves EP,” a perfect soundtrack to accompany sunny days and beach vibes, guaranteed to get you moving and grooving.

Join us on a journey filled with sunshine and rhythm with the “Sun & Waves EP” by Goras and Olivian Nour, from Tzinah with Love.

Goras – Sun & Waves EP [TZH204] incl. Olivian Nour is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Ilario Alicante, Michel de Hey, Primarie, Mihai Popoviciu, Vern, Costin Rp, Los Bastoneros, Eddy Romero, Electricano, Iuly.B, Direkt, Danielle Nicole, Cvtkvc, Vlad Arapasu, Mryn, Togue, Patrice Meiner and many more! Thank you.
richie hawtin: ” downloaded for r hawtin”
Marco Carola: ” Downloading for Marco Carola: thanks.”
Dubfire: ” Downloaded”
Paco Osuna: ” Will try thanks :)”
Ilario Alicante: ” Downloading for Ilario Alicante: thanks for the music!”
michel de hey: ” exciting 4-tracker: many thanks for this!”
Primarie: ” top ep: thank you guys”
mihai popoviciu: ” cool tracks!”
vern: ” Great job! Thanks”
Costin Rp: ” ms:)”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
Eddy Romero: ” I Like all tracks will be played and supported thanks for sending !”
Electricano: ” Groovy EP: Sun & Waves org and Olivian Nour Remix for me: thank you!”
iuly.b: ” New life sounds nice!”
direkt: ” New life! Thank you!”
danielle nicole: ” very cool ep. thanks !”
CVTKVC: ” thx”
Vlad Arapasu: ” “”New life”” is nice. Thank you”
Mryn: ” hell yeah”
Togue: ” Olivian Nour on point as always !”
patrice meiner: ” nice ones liking the vibes here”
Chico: ” thanks!”
Octile / DoubleTrouble: ” Quality as always.”
Lumina: ” Great tracks”
Spiri:tual: ” Full support: Olivian Nour remix!”
jack cheler: ” tks guys”
Da Chan: ” Nice”
Leon Licht: ” Olivan Nour Remix”
arthus: ” Electrified (Original Mix) for me”
Brand: ” Whole EP is nice: can’t wait to try them out!”
Adroit: ” Nice EP!!! Thank you”
mihut: ” thanks”
fiL: ” Thank you!”
Junker: ” Great EP!”
Pawlo Tojeda: ” good sounds: top remix thx”
Rei Calero: ” Fire EP: groovy and energetic! Will definitely play a few!!”
cervus: ” nice package: will try thanks”
Angel Mosteiro: ” Nice release! Thanks”
Sirena: ” Big love for this whole EP”
Naarc: ” Nice”
Leon Licht: ” new life & nour remix will play for sure”
Avidel: ” Nice Ep ‚ù§Ô∏è”
Lipp: ” Sun & Waves for me!! nice ep”
csurt: ” nice one. Thanks you :)”
Pierre C: ” thanks!”
Alex Rusu: ” Thank you !”

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