TZH203 // Lipp – Picnic EP incl. Jack Cheler

It’s spring, and we’re thrilled to welcome back Mr. Lipp from Brazil! Following his remarkable album with us in the past, it’s now time for Lipp to unveil a captivating 4-track EP. This release also features a remix from his fellow countryman and cultural ally, Mr. Jack Cheler.

The synergy between these two artists, both hailing from the vibrant Brazilian music scene, adds a powerful dimension to the EP. With their impressive tunes and stellar releases with us, the connection between Lipp and Jack Cheler shines through in every beat.

Join us on a sonic journey with the “Picnic EP” as we celebrate the artistry and passion of these talented musicians. From Tzinah with Love.

Lipp – Picnic EP [TZH203] incl. Jack Cheler is supported by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Michel de Hey, Los Bastoneros, Chico Fadelli, Primarie, Vern, Eddy Romero, Cvtkvc, Luc Ringeisen, Mryn and many more! Thank you!

richie hawtin: ” downloaded for r hawtin”
Dubfire: ” Downloaded”
paco osuna: ” Will try thanks :)”
michel de hey: ” thanks for sharing!!”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
Chico Fadelli: ” thanks!”
Primarie: “Top ep!!! thank you guys”
vern: ” Beautiful work!”
Eddy Romero: ” The remix is killer but originals will be used also”
CVTKVC: ” thx”
Luc Ringeisen: ” Thanks for sending !”
Mryn: ” hell yeah”
Adroit: ” Thanks!”
Octile / DoubleTrouble: ” Mesmerizing sounds”
Da Chan: ” Good one”
Sahm: ” fireeeeeeee”
Rei Calero: ” Very dreamy and trippy: cool stuff!”
Brand: ” Really nice grooves on Alone Again and As Lagrimas – will support! Thanks”
csurt: ” Thanks you :)”
Vygo: ” Very smooth EP! thank you!”
jack cheler: ” Goooo”
Mihut: ” thanks”
Pablo Cornejo: ” Thanks for the music!”
fiL: ” Thank you!”
Spiri:tual: ” Super nice EP. Well done!”
Junker: ” Nice!”
Pawlo Tojeda: ” top sounds: like it

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