TZH187 // Electricano – Decisions EP

Electricano has become a well-known artist in our community, but with his latest EP, he is taking his music to new heights. With each track, he breaks free from the confines of genres, styles, and conventions, offering listeners a rich and diverse musical journey. The Decisions EP is a true expression of his artistic talent, showcasing a wide range of sounds and emotions that can be enjoyed at any time of the day or year. Whether you’re looking for a mellow tune to relax to or an upbeat track to dance to, Electricano’s Decisions EP has it all. This collection of songs is a testament to his unique musical style and ability to blend different elements and influences into his music. We are thrilled to present Electricano’s Decisions EP on our label, Tzinah Records, and we are confident that it will be a hit with fans of electronic music worldwide. The EP has been masterfully crafted by Silat Beksi, ensuring that each track sounds crisp and clear. Join us on this musical journey and experience the magic of Electricano’s Decisions EP, from Tzinah with Love.
Electricano – Decisions EP [TZH187] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Camiel Daamen, Lumieux, Vern, Primarie, Alexandar Kyosev, Michel de Hey, Sebastian Eric, Petit Batou, vlf, Los Bastoneros, Hermanez, Jacobo Saavedra, Olivian Nour, Eddy Romero and many more! Thank you
richie hawtin,” downloaded for r hawtin”
PACO OSUNA,” Will try thanks
joseph capriati,” downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Camiel Daamen,” Wowza! Tell me is fire! Also love Summer House and the Way of the Drummer. Great vibes on this one!”
lumieux,” thank you”
Vern,” Amazing material from Electricano,thanks!”
Primarie,” Top EP, thank you bro”
Alexandar Kyosev,” ‘Tell Me’ is really nice. Thank you!”
michel de hey,” nice solid cuts here, Summer House will def be played….thanks
sebastian eric,” nicee ! thanks”
Petit Batou,” Amazing ride from Electricano ! very nice ! thx”
vlf,” thank you”
Los Bastoneros,” Thanks”
Hermanez,” Nice vibe in his release, tnx !”
Jacobo Saavedra,” Great album”
Olivian Nour,” Thanks for the music”
Eddy Romero,” I like a lots first track thanks for sending !”
cervus,” very nice package, will try all thanks”
Metafore,” Summer House for me !”
mihut,” Great. thanks”
Vygo,” Nice sounds! Tell me is for me! Thanks a lot!”
brand,” Tell Me is gonna be a hot one this summer, thanks!”
Lipp,” beautiful ep. I’m a big fan of Electricano, congratulations on the release”
hari,” nice one!”
Electricano,” Thanks to all the artists for your support!”
jack cheler,” tks , full support”
Valts Incis,” All 4 tracks will be played, 5/5!”
Vygo,” Tell me is for me! Thanks!”
Osvit,” Cool EP! Thanks!”
Tiberiu,” Thank you.”
arthus,” the way of the drummer for me”
incolor,” Thanks!”
Nicke/Cirkel Square,” For Nicke: The Summer house sounds awesome will def play for my Nicke Gigs. For Cirkel Square Tell Me feels like it will fit in my after hour sets really nice groove”
Lurre,” Thank you for the promo, my favorite track is summer house.”
Junker,” Bomb EP!”
Adroit,” Great EP!”

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