TZH192 // Zenniv – Message EP incl. Primarie & Lucide Remix

Heralding the vibrant beats from Argentina, we proudly present our latest EP at Tzinah Records. Joining us from afar, Zenniv takes the spotlight to share his music, and what a treat it is! Zenniv’s rhythmic artistry resonates profoundly, making him a valued advocate for our genre in his region. Notably, he’s the visionary behind the esteemed Unk Planet label.

Zenniv’s superlative and meticulously crafted grooves captivate our minimal sensibilities in ways only a master can. The resonance is so profound that it inspired Primarie and Lucide to work their remix magic, adding their signature touch to create a truly comprehensive EP.

With mastering finesse by Silat Beksi, we proudly present the narrative of the “Message EP”. It’s a sonic tale that unfolds through Zenniv’s deft compositions, enriched by the transformative remixes of Primarie and Lucide. All of this is curated with the utmost love, care, and passion that defines Tzinah Records.

Join us in experiencing the enchanting journey of “Message EP”, where Zenniv’s beats mingle harmoniously with Primarie and Lucide’s remixes, all under the emblem of Tzinah with Love.
Zenniv – Message EP [TZH192] incl. Primarie & Lucide Remix is supported by Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Primarie, Michel de Hey, Los Bastoneros, Olivian Nour, Zenniv, Vern, Leon Licht and many more! Thank you!
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Marco Carola: ” Downloading for Marco Carola: thanks.”
paco osuna: ” Will try thanks
Primarie: ” love these grooves”
michel de hey: ” thanks for this!”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
Olivian Nour: ” Thanks for the music”
Zenniv: ” thank you for the great remix!”
Vern: ” Nice ep! Thank you”
Leon Licht: ” Paradise is a banger!”
jack cheler: ” good ep: my favorite track is a Addict”
Adroit: ” Perfect! Thanks!!!”
Bar Za: ” sounds nice: ty”
Vakru: ” Great EP. All tracks are very nice: but my favourite is the remix of Message track by Primarie and Lucide”
Brand: ” Cool grooves here – Paradise for me!”
CVTKVC: ” thx”
Naarc: ” thanks.”
jemmi: ” Great EP: love it!”
fiL: ” thank you!”
csurt: ” nice ep. Thanks you :)”
Mihut: ” Great : thanks.”
Lucide: ” Thank you!! Happy for this collab”
Doubleight: ” In love with the ‘Message’ track: thanks!”
Spiri:tual: ” Great release: Zenniv delivers quality!”
Lipp: ” big ep! Full support”
GhostHorse: ” Thanks!”
Vesy: ” Cool release: thanks”
vloon: ” thanks for the music”
pawlo tojeda: ” good sounds: thx for music”
Sirena: ” lovely EP! Addict and Message both hit some nice feelings :)”

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