TZH190 // VA – Tzinah Lightworkers Session Two

Lightworkers sessions return with a resounding energy, bringing forth a collection that is sure to ignite your senses. We have meticulously curated an array of grooves that cater to every musical palette. As believers in illuminating your path through diverse channels, we have assembled a talented lineup of both familiar faces and fresh additions for Tzinah Lightworkers Session Two.

Rekindling the spirit of collaboration, we are excited to present union between esteemed artists from our past, such as Primarie, who embarks on a new creative partnership with Lucide, who join forces to deliver a mesmerizing sonic experience. Alongside them, we welcome back esteemed artists such as Diju, Cata, Brand, and Monetic, each bringing their unique artistry to the compilation.

In true Tzinah fashion, we extend our warm embrace to new additions who have found their home within our musical family: Wyro, Komey, Ruben Baiz, Rekun, Surrender Discipline, and Razboi. Their inclusion in this Various Artists release enriches the tapestry of sounds, elevating the collective experience to new heights.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating journey that unfolds in Tzinah Lightworkers Session Two. Guided by the expert mastering of Silat Beksi, this compilation serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and love for the music.

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and unity in the Various Artists release, Tzinah Lightworkers Session Two, brought to you with boundless love from Tzinah Records.
VA – Tzinah Lightworkers Session Two [TZH190] incl. Primarie, Lucide, Wyro, Komey, Diju, Ruben Baiz, Rekun, Cata, Brand, Surrender Discipline, Monetic, Razboi is supported by Raresh, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Joseph Capriati, Vlad Arapasu, Clara Da Costa, Primarie, Mihai Pol, Michel De Hey, Ted Amber, Zenniv, Iuly.B, Petit Batou, Sebastian Eric, Los Bastoneros, vlf, Costin Rp, Sossa, Vern, Emill de Moreu, Jacobo Saavedra and many more! Thank you
raresh,” merci fain”
richie hawtin,” downloaded for r hawtin”
Dubfire,” Downloaded”
joseph capriati,” downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !”
Vlad Arapasu,” Nice release. thank you”
Clara Da Costa,” Excellent VA. Full support, Thank you .”
Primarie,” So much in love with these tracks, thanks guys”
mihai pol,” thanks”
michel de hey,” thanks for the goodies, great selection of lightworkers
Ted Amber,” nice”
Zenniv,” amazing VA! i will play for sure!”
iuly.b,” Wyro and Ruben’s tracks for me, thanks!”
P Batou,” Incredible VA Rekun track is one of my fav, amazing job ! thanks to all”
sebastian eric,” thank you”
Los Bastoneros,” Thanks”
vlf,” thanks!”
Costin Rp,” ms pt muzica:)”
sossa,” nice”
Vern,” Beautiful groove,solid pack!thank you”
Emill de Moreu,” always good ! some fresh tunes for the summer vibes ! thnx”
Jacobo Saavedra,” Good VA! will try, thanks!”
Vesy,” In one word: “”Tzinah””. thank you for the music”
Adroit,” sounds like one EP. Great. Thank you”
cervus,” nice package, will try thanks”
jack cheler,” tks, download!”
german luque,” great va thanks!”
Lipp,” the VA is beautiful, a special highlight for the track ”Vacant” by Surrender Discipline”
Naarc,” Thank you!”
Spiri:tual,” Primarie, Lucide track on fire!”
csurt,” bomb selection Thanks you c.”
Jemmi,” Sweet VA ! Primarie & Lucide, Cata, Wyro & Komey, and Brand tracks for me!”
Suolo,” Wyro, Brand & Monetic for me. thanks”
Arseniu,” dope,nice”
Baban,” Such a lovely VA thank youu!”
AGELESS,” xxx”
CVTKVC,” thx”
Mihut,” Great pack, thanks!”
crescent,” nice to hear something like that ! great VA !”
Vygo,” Nice pack! Some good grooves! Thanks a lot!”
Naarc,” Great EP. Thank you!”
danielle nicole,” lovely ! thanks”
GhostHorse,” Thanks!”
Alez,” awesome VA!”
Stanley Foster,” Monetic my personal rising star! Good music and Ideas”
Angel Mosteiro,” Very nice pack! Thanks!”
arthus,” thanks for send”
Nicke/Cirkel Square,” Surrender Discipline – Vacant. For me will try it out Tnx”
Andreas Lindemann,” fantastic release … would like to play and promote it on my gigs”
Junker,” Summerish underground. Thanks”
ageless,” nice one”

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