TZH198 // Crescent – Amicalmente EP incl. Vern

In the spotlight once again, one of our distinguished resident producers is making a triumphant return to Tzinah with an EP set to captivate and impress. Known for his techy and danceable style, this release unveils another facet of his artistry—minimal groovers crafted specifically for the dancefloor and designed to resonate with the discerning clubber.

Staying true to the unmistakable Bucharest style, the originals in this EP exude a blend of underground vibes, depth, and catchiness, catering to the tastes of the more demanding club audience. To elevate the underground essence even further, the remix comes from none other than Vern, turning the knobs to deliver an even deeper and more enthralling experience.

For those anticipating something more than the usual fluff, this EP takes on a more serious tone, showcasing the artists’ commitment to delivering music that goes beyond the surface. Masterfully mastered by Silat Beksi, this is the narrative of the “Amicalmente EP” by Crescent and Vern, from Tzinah with genuine love and dedication.

Crescent – Amicalmente EP [TZH198] incl. Vern is supported by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Dubfire, Joseph Capriati, Mihai Popoviciu, Hector Moralez, Sossa, Primarie, Zenniv, Michel de Hey, Costin Rp, Direkt, Triptil, vlf, Hermanez, CVTKVC and many more! Thank you!

richie hawtin: ” downloaded for r hawtin”
paco osuna: ” Will try thanks :)”
Dubfire: ” Downloaded”
joseph capriati: ” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
mihai popoviciu: ” nice remix from vern!”
Hector Moralez: ” Nice vibes and groove.. thanks :)”
sossa: ” nice release”
Primarie: ” top EP: thank you guys”
Zenniv: ” Great EP! Amicalmente and Vern remix for me! thanks for sending!”
michel de hey: ” cool: deep stuff with a nice funky remix from Vern! thank guys
Costin Rp: ” ms:)”
direkt: ” Vern remix for me :)”
Triptil: ” Vern remix :)”
vlf: ” thank you!”
Hermanez: ” Very good”
CVTKVC: ” big up!”
Los Bastoneros: ” thanks”
Eddy Romero: ” Will give a try to Pecetea Monteoru and What are you Looking at”
Octile // DoubleTrouble: ” High-class productions!”
Junker: ” Tzinah for president!”
Tiberiu: ” thanks”
Max Jacobson: ” vern remix and first original my favs”
Lumina: ” Awesome.tracks”
Adroit: ” nice EP tracks and remix! Thank you”
Jemmi: ” Amicalmente and Vern Remix for me: thank you”
Vygo: ” Great! Thank you!!”
pawlo tojeda: ” great release many thx”
Leon Licht: ” Vern Remix for me. Thanks!”
danielle nicole: ” lovely: thanks !”
Alex Rusu: ” Vern Remix for me ! Thanks”
Vern: ” Great vibes on this: nice to be part of it!Thanks”
Doubleight: ” In love with Amicalmente. Thanks!”
Brand: ” Really like Amicalmente and the Vern remix – nice tracks: thanks!”
metaxa aka s.g: ” metaxa georgioa”
Pierre C: ” thanks!”
csurt: ” Nice one Thanks you C.”
Spiri:tual: ” Vern remix for me! Thanks.”
Tobias Laun: ” thank you for this Great EP!”
Lipp: ” Vern remix for me”
Flavius: ” thank you!!!”
Lucide: ” Nice: thank you!”
mihut: ” great: thanks.”
Ghosthorse: ” Thanks”

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