tzinahguestlistWe’ve created Tzinah Guestlist for those eager to ride on the same underground wave with us, for those that enjoy what we do and for those that want to catch as many Tzinah Showcases as possible, either they happen in Romania or anywhere else on the world’s map.

Enter bellow your NAME and EMAIL and you will receive our monthly newsletter full of goodies. Also, you will always know first where the next Tzinah Family gathering will be taking place. More than that, we’ll always give you a discount on the entry price for all our parties.

Once you have completed the form below and checked in at the available showcase, all you need to do is to show your ID at the entrance of the club and tell the host your name is on the guestlist. You will pay less and receive a little gift from us. Surprize! :)

See you in front of our dj booths! From Tzinah with Love!

*** There is currently no guestlist open!


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