Seia // Interview // Tzinah Podcast // January 2018 //

Seia MORE INFO: Genre: Not exclusive to one type of sound. Categories: Musician/band. STORY: DJ, Music Producer, Audio Engineer.
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Tzinah Records: To start with, please, recommend us something to listen to while we go through this interview. It can be anything.
Seia: K.A.A.N – Music

Tzinah Records: Why did you choose to create and play this particular type of music? Are there any artists that touched you deeply while developing your own style?
Seia: I choose it due to the mesmerising grooves and abstract ideas, I was in awe. I was heavily influenced by Idana, Rojid, Camelia and Macarie, we’re all friends, they are the ones who have pushed me to develop my style.

Tzinah Records: Without giving out too much about your secret weapons, please tell us how does the magic work in your production routine. Software? Analog? What does your DJ set-up imply?
Seia: Both analog and software, the rest is just creativity.

Tzinah Records: What are the aspects of your daily life that are influencing the shape and sound of the music that you currently make?
Seia: Meditation, spending time with people that have a positive impact in my life, sharing ideas and listening to different types of music

Tzinah Records: Which underground house DJ or producer would you love to take out for a summer picnic? With which artist (from any music genre) would you spend 24 hours stuck in an elevator?
Seia: Summer picnic with Camelia and 24 hrs in the elevator with RZA.

Tzinah Records: Are there any of your plans/upcoming projects that you would like to share with us? Where can we see you play next?
Seia: Some wax in 2018, keep a look out !

Tzinah Records: Supposing you come back reading this interview in 10 years from now; could you try saying something to your future-self?
Seia: “Should have bought Bitcoin”


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