Jack Cheler

Jackson Nichele aka Jack Cheler DJ and producer of Santa Catarina is proof that there is always room for those who immerse themselves in their work and dedicate themselves to achieve their goals, even in a market as competitive as electronic music. The love he has cultivated for music since childhood is his main guide in this professional journey that adds achievements.
Jack is one of the most experienced DJing names in the Vale do Itajaí region and meets with punctuality many of the characteristics that make up a great artist in the electronic scene.
Cheler has been intensifying his studio work and adding to all his experience at the regional and national levels, he is a rising talent, with the same brilliance in the eyes of a young man who is passionate about music and the maturity of a professional with a decade of experiences within this scenario.
Even with little study time, he has already made important releases for labels that are references in the area, among them Tzinah(ro), Serialism Records, Handcrafted Label, Vandalism, Welter Records, Not For Us, Tip Tap, Playperview.
Currently residing in one of the most prestigious clubs in Santa Catarina, the Matahari Super Club is located in Indaial .
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