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TzinahRecords. Bandcamp. Com // Now online and updated!

Hello dear friends, we just want to let you know that our bandcamp profile is online and we are coming up to date with the releases that we post there. All the prices are the lowest prices you will find online and is a good way to rediscover tracks t ...


Tzinah Records Merch at DizzyJam

Hei there! So many of you have been asking about #TzinahMerch so here it is our online shop where you can buy #TShirts #Hoodies #Mugs #Cups and #Totebags Head over to and make your order! Shipping from UK. TZINAH ...


TZHBK004 // VA – Tzinah on Black 004

Back on wax, back to family, back to bring in the front page new artists, we're giving out on vinyl only best tracks we could compile on 'Tzinah On Black' series. Hansel!, representing Tzinah Family, is starting our story with 'Ypsilon', where just m ...


TZHBK003 // VA – Tzinah On Black 003

We’re all up for gathering friends, moments and feelings, therefore that’s exactly what we did in order to come up with the script for the latest episode of “Tzinah on Black” series. On our freshest release, Tzinah Family is represented by A ...


Q&A and GVR: An Inside Look at Tzinah Records // 6AM

There’s been a consistent topic brewing recently in the international dance community – “The Romanian Sound”. While it may be easy to generalize the warm bubbly tech grooves by the artist’s origin, it certainly extends further into the real ...


TZHBK002 // VA – Tzinah On Black 002

Tzinah on Black continues its odyssey with a second installment, delivering on wax the sounds of: an emblematic artist for Tzinah - Dani Casarano, an enigmatic whiz kid - Silat Beksi and a fresh & promising member to our crew - Derek. On the A1 ...



Hailing from Romania, influenced by the past and looking into the future, Posh is determined to let his music do the talking and nothing else. Posh111 on Facebook Posh111 on Beatport Posh111 on Discogs Posh111 on RA Posh111 on Soundcloud


TZHBK001 // VA – Tzinah On Black 001

Finally, the right time has arrived! We’re very excited to announce our brand new concept “Tzinah on Black”, represented by an authentic collection of mind-boggling grooves that are about to be released exclusively on wax. For the very first ed ...