Q&A and GVR: An Inside Look at Tzinah Records // 6AM

TZINAH at 6AMThere’s been a consistent topic brewing recently in the international dance community – “The Romanian Sound”. While it may be easy to generalize the warm bubbly tech grooves by the artist’s origin, it certainly extends further into the realms of minimal, house, and techno, and even experimental electronic music.

One label that prides itself on this high quality sound is Tzinah Records. Starting in 2010 under the guidance of Primarie and Adrianho, the two Romanians set out to deliver and create their musical interpretations to the world. Both were involved with the A&R process when establishing the sound of the label, but Primarie continued to develop the brand and larger creative vision for what would become Tzinah Records. Both climbing the ranks as DJ’s in the Romanian scene, it was a natural progression to start making music, eventually leading to where they are today with Tzinah Records, one of the most respected minimal labels in Romania.

In speaking with Primarie, his enthusiasm and sincerity is clearly evident, which is the only necessary explanation needed when understanding how the label has come to fruition.

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