Born into a Turkish and Swiss family, music has long been a passion of Cem Sagisman aka Jemmi since his early teenage years. He was 14 when he heard his first piece of electronic music, the legendary tune ‘Body Language’ by Booka Shade and M.A.N.D.Y.. Ever since then his passion has been ever-growing, taking him to many festivals, genres and events around the world. When he moved to England he discovered a new world of music which had a massive impact on his understanding of music and inspiration. He was mostly inspired by the Detroit and Chicago sounds and also heavily influenced by the liquid DNB scene, and after his discovery of the Romanian sound, his ideas started to take shape for the future. Having been an avid collector of carefully selected underground music for years, the transformation of becoming a producer / DJ didn’t happen until the September of 2020 when he decided to take a leap with his passion and love for electronic music and thus embarking on a whole new journey of music. His first release followed shortly with Podvodo Records giving him his first chance to introduce himself onto the scene, and he has been growing ever since releasing tracks from recognized labels such as Tzinah Records, Zebra Records, H24 Musique,PhonicHouse1 Records, Not Allowed, Carpathian Sounds, Unclosed Music, Welter Records, Tranquil, Concept Records and a few more. Drawing from his earliest deep house inspirations, Jemmi has cultivated his own style of expression of dark and mysterious soundscapes that simultaneously resonate with his personality and in return create an intimate and genuine connection with his listeners.
Although still at the beginning of his career, Jemmi has already attracted interest from established names in the scene such as Giuliano Lomonte, Prichindel, Alexis Cabrera, Cosmjn, Sepp, Cally, Primarie, Vern, vlf, Costin Rp, Ted Amber, and many more….
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