Jamie Lie A Kwie // Tzinah Podcast // Interview // October 2013 //

jamie-lie-a-kwie-tzinah-recordsJamie Lie A Kwie’s story begins with his participation in Benelux’ biggest DJ contest, the TWSTd DJ contest, which he eventually ends up winning resulting in playing at Holland’s leading events such as Awakenings. Not much later Jamie becomes resident of Rotterdam’s legendary underground club Catwalk. With his captivating and qualitative sets filled with unexpected and intriguing grooves, he grows into one of the familiar faces of the Rotterdam underground scene.

Meanwhile Jamie engages more and more in creating his own music and this doesn’t go unnoticed. His first release ‘BUTT EP’, in collaboration with Jeff Moore, on Michel de Hey’s EC RECORDS immediately gains worldwide attention and is supported by the absolute top players like Loco Dice and Matthias Tanzmann, who includes the track for his compilation on the international acclaimed FABRIC series.

Being a resident of the notorious club Catwalk and later on TOFFLER, Jamie played numerous warm-up sets for renowned artists like Seth Troxler. It is by playing all these warm-up sets Jamie really began to understand how to enchant a crowd throughout the night and keep them interested, resulting in playing long sets exceeding closing hours.

At the moment Jamie is working on several projects including his own clubnight called ‘WAVES’ in which he carries out the same philosophy as in his own dj sets: not a continuous build-up until eventually all energy has been spilled, but sets that captivate the crowd full of highs and depths, wave after wave. Besides his own clubnight Jamie also continues his residency at TOFFLER and makes his appearance at many other events.

For the near future releases are expected on labels such as Tzinah Records, Hey! Records and a full EP on Moral Fiber.

Jamie’s interview:

Tzinah Records: So how did all begin for you?
Jamie Lie A Kwie: It all started for me when I entered the TWSTd dj contest. This gave me the chance to play regularly for a real crowd. I eventually won the contest and ended up playing at a few festivals and clubnights. Later on I became a resident of the infamous Club Catwalk in my hometown Rotterdam.

Tzinah Records: Where did your name came from?
Jamie: It is actually my real name.

Tzinah Records: What role does the artist have in society in your opinion? Why do you do what you do?
Jamie: I do what I do because I have a big passion for underground house/techno music and I want to share my music with other people and hopefully create a certain emotion.

Tzinah Records: Why did you chose to play this music?
Jamie: I used to listen to hip-hop a lot when I was younger. Hip-hop is all about beats and dancing, with house/techno music it is the same but more intense. When I went clubbing and experienced this intensity for the first time I was sold and wanted to play that music myself.

Tzinah Records: Describe a real-life situation that inspired you.
Jamie: People who dare to follow their heart inspire me. It’s very cliché but you only get to do things once, so do what you love and try not to think too much. It’s all about experiencing things and creating memories that last. I’d rather be sorry than safe.

Tzinah Records: What is your point of view on labeling genres? Music is so complex and genres get intermingled so often these days. What is your opinion regarding this blend and you think we should find names for them or just let them be?
Jamie: I’m not really into labeling genres. To me it’s all just house and techno in some way. Sometimes more deep, sometimes more uplifting. And also the labels itself change, what people call deep-house now for instance is very different from what it used to be 5 years ago.

Tzinah Records: What do you think about the music scene in your country? What is your opinion about European underground music scene, new talents, old producers, what do you think about Romanian artists?
Jamie: The music scene in Holland is very mature. We’ve got the big organizations like ID&T of course but in general the quality standards are high. When I look at my hometown Rotterdam I clearly see a change in the music scene. It used to be very urban/hiphop orientated but now underground house/techno is starting to take over more and more. Regarding European underground music I’m very into all the new/old Romanian artists. It seems you guys have a natural never-ending almost hypnotizing groove in your tracks. Absolutely love it.

Tzinah Records: If you could pick one place you would like to play where would it be and why?
Jamie: There are some many places I would love to play. I like to play more intimate parties and smaller clubs, but then when I’m walking around at Timewarp I’m really into that too. I really can’t make a choice.

Tzinah Records:  If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?
Jamie: Eventually it is an industry, so it’s still about the money. That is a real pain in the ass sometimes. Music is about emotion and the money often tends to get in the way for people.

Tzinah Records: Out of all tunes you have made, which one you think ‘never fails’?
Jamie: I think every track can work if you play it at the right moment. So basically this means every track can fail too ;-)

Tzinah Records: How do you see yourself changed over the years, both personal and music-wise and what did you learn?
Jamie: You just get mature and understand the industry better. I got more confident which allowed me to stay close to myself and experiment more.

Tzinah Records:  What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?
Jamie: I have a great family and friends that support me and keep me going. Also it is very important to let things go sometimes and not overthink things too much.

Tzinah Records:  What else do you do besides playing music?
Jamie: I organize my own events called ‘WAVES’. There have been two editions now with Onur Özer and Sonja Moonear. I just got green light from TOFFLER that they want to continue with these events so that’s great.

Tzinah Records: What makes you angry?
Jamie: People who lie.

Tzinah Records:  What is your favorite food?
Jamie: Chicken schnitzel made by my mother.

Tzinah Records: What computer/gear do you use?
Jamie: Macbook with Logic and recently a Korg Electribe.

Tzinah Records: It sounds quite easy to make music today, with the amount of software programs/synths being readily available for everyone. What do you think about this evolution?
Jamie: In the end it’s still about creativity. It’s good that it has become more available, but without creativity you still don’t get anywhere.

Tzinah Records: Dark electronic music has been never as “popular” throughout the scene as it has been in the past few years. Why do you think there is this newfound fascination for darker music?
Jamie: Dark times, dark music ;-)

Tzinah Records:  Do you have the fondness for playing vinyl or have you developed a preference for new media, such as CDs or a purely digital format?
Jamie: I play everything, vinyl, cd, usb. Everything has it’s pro’s and cons. When I started playing there were no cd players etc. so vinyl gives me the nostalgic feeling again. But cd’s/usb are just very handy when you want to try out some of your own tracks or demo tracks of friends.

Tzinah Records:  What are you working on at the moment? Any present and future projects that you want to share with us?
Jamie: I’ve finished a new ep for Moral Fiber, waiting on the remixes now and then it will be released soon. Furthermore, I’ve had a little ‘writers block’ past months, but I’m working on some new projects now and I’m getting back on the right track! Evidently I’m hoping to release on Tzinah again :-D

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