Floska // Tzinah Podcast // Interview // December 2013 //

FloskaCosimo Colella , Carmine Mongelli and Fabio Liuzzi are a trio of DJs/producers coming from the city of Taranto, Italy. Cosimo Colella started his career as a dj in 2004, playing in some of the most influential clubs in Italy as well as doing work for and hosting radio shows in the country.
It was in 2008 when Cosimo met up with Carmine Mongelli and ?Fabio Liuzzi (alias flex), also two young djs and producers that they got there heads together and with a likeminded taste for music and positive attitude.
They started the project called “Floska” created with the aim to make music of the highest quality, experimenting with deep and electronic sounds and trying to combine new trends with old school sonority.
In these years they’ve released their works on labels such as Viva Music, Phobic and Urbansound, and with forthcoming releases and some new interesting work to come on labels such as Turquoise Blue, Sleep Is Commercial, Joyfull Family and many more. They’ve featured with artists: Nima Gorji, Latecomer, Horatio, London FM and many others.
Floska have proved that they have a place on the dace floor and there tracks are regularly played and charted by artists such as Loco Dice, Tania Vulcano, Tinny, Yaya, Varoslav, Maya Jane Coles and other great artist all around the world.

Tzinah Records: So how did all begin for you?
Floska: We met at some parties at high school, we had the same musical flavors, so we tried to make something togheter.

Tzinah Records: Where did your name came from?
Floska: We didn’t think to a name at first,but when we started to release tracks we needed a name for the project, we tried some acronym of our names, and Floska was the coolest.

Tzinah Records: What role does the artist have in society in your opinion? Why do you do what you do?
Floska: We all think that the artist with his work can inspire people and make them break everydays’ routine. But basicly we do it because we love it, we can say that our target is the music itself.

Tzinah Records: Why did you chose to play this music?
Carmine: because is a kind of music in which you can experiment and has no tight limits.
Cosimo and Fabio: because you can put all your influences and the music that you like in it.

Tzinah Records: Describe a real-life situation that inspired you.
Carmine: I really love to listen records everyday when I’m chilling at home, and I take inspiration.
Cosimo:everything that sorrounds me, from the town, to the landscapes or the people I meet.
F: wheater and feelings

Tzinah Records:  What is your point of view on labeling genres? Music is so complex and genres get intermingled so often these days. What is your opinion regarding this blend and you think we should find names for them or just let them be?
Floska: Labeling genres can be useful for the market, but for us is more important the style or the attitude of the tracks. Our attitude is very eclectic so we put some different influences o we can make some different genres, but you can feel the same way of making music in all us works.

Tzinah Records: What do you think about the music scene in your country? What is your opinion about European underground music scene, new talents, old producers, what do you think about Romanian artists?
Floska: In our country there a great hype for big artists, but in the last years there was an improvement of the underground scene with some good artists that make high quality music, like analogue cops, system of survival or Roberto Bosco with some young artists too that are making great music!
In Romania there Is a big underground scene, obviously we love big artists like arpiar, but are much young talents like Dan Andrei, Vid, Praslea or Marcman.

Tzinah Records:  If you could pick one place you would like to play where would it be and why?
Carmine: Tresor, I’ve been there recently and there Is a real underground atmosphere.
Cosimo: Dekmantel or Secretsundaze, but I play as resident dj in a very cool situation, soundepartment, so I cannot complain.
F: Fabric in London

Tzinah Records: If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?
Floska: The music market doesn’t live is best moment, maybe is too clogged, too much release every day, so some good music risks to be ignored and bullshit like promotion, brand and hype have become too important. Maybe the solution is to change the market working, maybe with more selective store,but at the same time opened to new stuff.

Tzinah Records: Out of all tunes you have made, which one you think ‘never fails’?
Floska: NYPD, released in 2010 on ViVa music.

Tzinah Records:  How do you see yourself changed over the years, both personal and music-wise and what did you learn?
Carmine: my music taste is changed and now I prefer to make good quality music not only for the dancefloor but I also keep an eye on quality and experimentation.
Cosimo: I’ve make some experience in last years, I’ve grown up as dj and as producer. In these year I’ve become more eclectic and I think I’m more open minded.
Fabio: I’ve improved my technical skills,maybe because I take inspiration from other music genres.

Tzinah Records:  What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?
Carmine: the will of propose your own musical ideas.
Cosimo: all the good music all around the world, his evolution and the will of explain my point of view
Fabio: when you see big artists that support your music and when you see that your music is been appreciated all over the world

Tzinah Records:  What else do you do besides playing music?
Floska: Both of us are studyng,carmine and cosimo echonomics and Fabio biology.

Tzinah Records:  What makes you angry?
Carmine: prejudice and false moralism
Cosimo: ignorance and people with a closed mentality
Fabio: people that think them better than others (whitout a reason)

Tzinah Records:  What is your favorite food?
Carmine: pasta and pizza
Fabio: I’m pretty interested to diet, I like healthy foods.
Cosimo: fast food stuff,and pizza(but now I’m on diet)

Tzinah Records:  What computer/gear do you use?
Floska: We use everything that can be usefull,from our old laptop with fl studio,to our macbook and if we have the possibility,analogue stuff.

Tzinah Records: It sounds quite easy to make music today, with the amount of software programs/synths being readily available for everyone. What do you think about this evolution?
Floska: Sometimes is a good thing, because regular guys like us can have a good setup with less money. But of course there are some people that without any culture and background or ideas are making shitty music. It depends from the people,not from the technology.

Tzinah Records: Dark electronic music has been never as “popular” throughout the scene as it has been in the past few years. Why do you think there is this newfound fascination for darker music?
Floska: Is a cool thing, but sometimes people gives attention only to superstar artists or to the biggest agencies. However some people is more informed than in the past, so this is one of the best moments.

Tzinah Records: Do you have the fondness for playing vinyl or have you developed a preference for new media, such as CDs or a purely digital format?
Cosimo: I’m the “dj” of the project and I prefer play with cd and vinyl, but I think that the music that djs spin is more important than the format.

Tzinah Records: What are you working on at the moment? Any present and future projects that you want to share with us?
Floska: We are experimenting new sounds, we are working on an ep for a good underground label. We also have two release that will be out soon.the first is a track for apulia’s Christmas VA with the featuring of Chicago based artist mia Wallace and a remix for philipp ort that will be out on January on decay recordings.


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