Claudia Amprimo // Tzinah Podcast // Interview // February 2014 //

Claudia_Amprimo_TzinahClaudia appears in the Peruvian electronic music scene in 2007. Ever since then she has shared dj booth with international dj’s and has performed in festivals of international stature such as Ministry of Sound and Lima Fest, as well as being resident dj at prestigious club Crobar-Lima.
Her style of music has evolved over her career from Tech House and Minimal Techno to the bass lines and dark sounds of Deep & Dub Techno.
In 2011, Claudia ventures into music production. Her growing interest in this new phase, makes her move to Europe, where she developed her skills in the SAE Institute in Madrid. Since then, she spends much time in the studio giving life to creations she describes as “collections of sounds with a deep dark atmosphere”.
Claudia returns to Lima in 2012, filled with musical influences from the old continent, making her mixes characterized by elegance, always keeping the groove in a particular way.

I love this type of dark music, that has a groove and a deep atmosphere which allows you to let go of your ego and actually manages to transmit something, unlike most commercial music. There is more than just ‘party’ music out there but also something much more complex and profound.

Tzinah Records interview

1. Tzinah Records: So how did all begin for you?
Claudia Amprimo: I’ve always been into all types of music, especially 60’s – 70’s rock and blues. It wasn’t until later on that I accidentally came to know electronic music (I fell in love with it since). I started going to this parties called ‘raves’ and a few years later, out of curiosity I bought my first CD decks and mixer, which started it all.
2. Tzinah Records: Where did your name came from?
Claudia Amprimo: It’s the name my parents gave me.
3. Tzinah Records: What role does the artist have in society in your opinion? Why do you do what you do?
Claudia Amprimo: To create, transmit and entertain. Producing music is almost therapeutic for me, I forget about time and any problems I might be having, something like meditating haha. On the other hand, when I’m at the decks it gets me in touch with myself and connects me with the crowd. Of course the first times I played my hands were shaking, but then you built up confidence and it all starts to flow.
4. Tzinah Records: Why did you chose to play this music?
Claudia Amprimo: Because I love this type of dark music, that has a groove and a deep atmosphere which allows you to let go of your ego and actually manages to transmit something, unlike most commercial music.
5. Tzinah Records: Describe a real-life situation that inspired you.
Claudia Amprimo: The first time I played one of my own tracks, seen the reaction of the crowd and feeling their response did it for me. I knew then that I wanted to keep producing music.
6. Tzinah Records: What is your point of view on labeling genres? Music is so complex and genres get intermingled so often these days. What is your opinion regarding this blend and you think we should find names for them or just let them be?
Claudia Amprimo: I don’t think music these days can be classified into a specific genre. There is so much elements from different styles that makes it illogical to say that a track is a certain genre. How I divided music is much more simpler, music I like and music I don’t like.
7. Tzinah Records: What do you think about the music scene in your country? What is your opinion about European underground music scene, new talents, old producers, what do you think about Romanian artists?
Claudia Amprimo: The scene in Peru is still growing. People here mostly go by trends and don’t really stop and listen to new music proposals. However, underground music is slowly getting its place and people are realizing that there is more than just ‘party’ music out there but also something much more complex and profound. Some people like it some don’t. The scene in Europe has more strength because of the mentality of the crowd over there. There are all types of music for all types of audience. What the Romanian’s started a while back was something unique, which helped give underground music its place. There are so many good talents there, old and new. I do think there’s a lot of merit in being unique and having your own style. A good example of this would be Villalobos and also a lot of talented artists coming out of France, Japan, UK, etc.
8. Tzinah Records: If you could pick one place you would like to play where would it be and why?
Claudia Amprimo: Any club where my music is appreciated with a good sound system and a receptive crowd. One that comes to mind would be Robert-Johnson in Germany
9. Tzinah Records: If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?
Claudia Amprimo: It’s hard to live off music, especially being a new artist in an industry that is all about big names. Some people don’t realize that there are djs that really care, that put work and dedication into what they do and don’t just spend their time partying hard. Getting considered (and paid) in base of your talent and not only because of your name would be good for a change.
10. Tzinah Records: Out of all tunes you have made, which one you think ‘never fails’?
Claudia Amprimo: “Don’t look back”, one of the first tracks I made and released. I learned a lot making it and it will always be a special track for me. “Schitzo” is another one that never fails.
11. Tzinah Records: How do you see yourself changed over the years, both personal and music-wise and what did you learn?
Claudia Amprimo: I learn to have more confidence in myself and in what I do. I’ve passed through all types of styles of music and eventually developed my own. This constantly keeps evolving and I keep learning, so we will see where the road takes me next.
12. Tzinah Records: What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?
Claudia Amprimo: The music itself is my main motivator.
13. Tzinah Records: What else do you do besides playing music?
Claudia Amprimo: Producing is my passion. Apart from that, I have a day job in an advertising agency.
14. Tzinah Records: What makes you angry?
Claudia Amprimo: Being hungry and stuff haha
15. Tzinah Records: What is your favorite food?
Claudia Amprimo: Peruvian food, of course.
16. Tzinah Records: What computer/gear do you use?
Claudia Amprimo:  I use Logic pro 9, an audio recorder zoom h4n and a simple 25 bucks keyboard, for now. But I have some analog gear in mind, hopefully will be able to get it soon. I’m not very ‘sample-friendly’, I prefer to record or create sounds myself and that way it will always be unique.
17. Tzinah Records: It sounds quite easy to make music today, with the amount of software programs/synths being readily available for everyone. What do you think about this evolution?
Claudia Amprimo: I do think this evolution in music making software is good since not everybody has lots of money to spend in a fancy studio. But it all depends on how you use it and the ability to create something that is unique and has your own trademark.
18. Tzinah Records: Dark electronic music has been never as “popular” throughout the scene as it has been in the past few years. Why do you think there is this newfound fascination for darker music?
Claudia Amprimo: I think that some people have had enough of the commercial type of electronic music and have found that there can be another approach to music that produces more emotions and transmits something that commercial music will never be able to.
19. Tzinah Records: Do you have the fondness for playing vinyl or have you developed a preference for new media, such as CDs or a purely digital format?
Claudia Amprimo: In my opinion nothing sounds better than vinyl. Unfortunately, where I live there are no record stores and it’s really expensive to have an extensive collection of records because of the shipping costs. I started playing on CD decks and transitioned into Traktor Scratch Pro because of portability. I still have my Technics at home and use them whenever I have the chance. Sometimes, I’ve been just showing up to gigs with a USB as well.
20. Tzinah Records: What are you working on at the moment? Any present and future projects that you want to share with us?
Claudia Amprimo: At the moment, I just finished working on a remix that will be out soon. There are also some other projects taking shape, hope to have them ready shortly.

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