TZHA011 // Boncalo Denis – Mind Heal LP

With a great flow and minimal sounds, Boncalo Denis slowly made his way into our label and made some space for his releases to be gather in this flowless twelfth track album. Mind Heal LP comes as a statement from this Romanian artist, coming from the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. With a great message and deep cuts, this session is all we need sometimes. This is the story of Mind Heal LP by Boncalo Denis, from Tzinah with Love, mastered by Silat Beksi.
Boncalo Denis – Mind Heal LP [TZHA011] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Jorge Savoretti, Clara Da Costa, Primarie, Jacobo Saavedra, Zenniv, Michel de Hey, Olivian Nour, Alexandar Kyosev, Camiel Daamen, Dragosh, Los Bastoneros, vlf, Direkt, Vern, Triptil, Mera, Sebastian Eric, Sossa and many more! Thank you!
Dubfire:” Downloaded”
richie hawtin:” downloaded for r hawtin”
PACO OSUNA:” Will try thanks
joseph capriati:” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
Jorge Savoretti:” some nice gems here! Plai and Janet are cool”
Clara Da Costa:” Great release . Especially liking Microbi: Janet & French Trip. Will support on the show. Thanks”
Primarie:” top tracks and love the grooves!”
Jacobo Saavedra:” Good as always. Some track for different moments. Thanks”
Zenniv:” Amazing stuff! thanks for sending!”
michel de hey:” nice pack full of nuggets: thanks!”
Olivian Nour:” Thanks!”
Alexandar Kyosev:” some good tracks in here :) thank you”
Camiel Daamen:” So many awesome grooves in this one! Thanks for sending!”
dragosh:” good ep”
Los Bastoneros:” thanks”
vlf:” thank you”
direkt:” fantastic LP: congrats!”
Vern:” Thank you : good album!”
triptil:” paralel for me :)”
mera:” mersi fain!”
Sebastian Eric:” good one !!!! thanks a lot”
sossa:” cool”
jack cheler:” TKS: FULL SUPORTE”
Lurre:” Thanks for the promo: really nice LP!”
Arseniu:” nice album:thanks”
Mihut:” Great pack: thanks.”
Adroit:” Perfect!”
Vygo:” Good stuff here! Thanks!!”
jemmi:” Great LP: Mind Heal deserves the title ! Also like Habitat: Callback: Janet and Staircase”
djsossa:” cool”
Flavius:” big up: Denis!!!”
csurt:” Bomb ep. Thanks you C.”
Baban:” Very nice EP!”
Pierre C:” thanks!”
Suolo:” Nice album. A lot of nice tracks inside. Thank you!”
cervus:” great sounding album: will have a proper listen later: thanks”
Eddy Romero:” Very good release will support many !! Thanks for sending”
Leon Licht:” Paralel = great track. will play!”
Junker:” Quality!”
Lucide:” Good stuffs here!”
vesy:” cool album: nice journey. tnx”
Doubleight:” What a magnificent LP! Thanks for this beautiful journey.”
arthus:” Plai: Microbi: janet for me thanks!”
Lipp:” extremely delighted: I liked all the tracks. swing of the bass parts is incredible”
crescent:” nice tracks ! thnx a lot !”
Dragos Ungureanu:” thank you… Janet is top :)”
CVTKVC:” thx”
Baban:” Downloaded!”
fiL:” thank you!”
Tiberiu:” Thanks”

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