TZHA010 // Lipp – Deep Fire LP

We are delighted to present to you another super deep session, another super cool minimal artist, Lipp. Coming from the heart of Brazil, owner of Indica Label, with a great experience as a dj and producer he reimagines himself into this alias, bringing forward his most heartfelt emotions. We could not settle down since the first time we heard his music, and so the project started, and the album came about. This is the story of Lipp – Deep Fire LP from Tzinah with Love.
All out tracks, since eight years ago, are mastered by Silat Beksi.
Lipp – Deep Fire LP [TZHA010] is supported by Raresh, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Danny Tenaglia, Marco Carola, Sossa, Primarie, Vlad Arapasu, Alexander Kyosev, Vern, Michel de Hey, Jacobo Saavedra, vlf, Mera, Ted Amber, Techu, Los Bastoneros, Mike.D, Suolo and many more! Thank you!
raresh: ” botanic for me: thanks”
richie hawtin: ” downloaded for r hawtin”
PACO OSUNA: ” Will try thanks
joseph capriati: ” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
Danny Tenaglia: ” Downloading for Danny Tenaglia: thanks!”
marco carola: ” downloading for Marco Carola: thanks”
sossa: ” cool”
Primarie: ” Soooo sweeet!!”
vlad arapasu: ” Botanic for me. Thank you”
Alexandar Kyosev: ” thank you :)”
Vern: ” Always nice music from Lipp: thanks”
michel de hey: ” Nice deep stuff: Botanic is a smasher!! Thanks
Jacobo Saavedra: ” Great ep! will try some of them”
vlf: ” thank you!”
mera: ” mersi fain!”
Ted Amber: ” Nice!”
Techu: ” Thanks: I like nimpho”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
Mike.D: ” this is next level! amazing”
Suolo: ” The Secret: Dichavando: Ainda NaÃÉo Descobri Aonde Estacionei Minha Nave: Inevitavel: Raining Again: Nimpho for me. Thanks: great album.”
Vakru: ” Thanks for a lots of great music gonna play this in my upcoming deep style gigs :)”
Lucide: ” Good traks: thank you! “”Impuros”” is pretty amazing”
Origins Of Time: ” we will try”
arthus: ” go brazil”
Adroit: ” Thank you! Nice!”
jack cheler: ” bomb ep my friend”
AGELESS: ” nice album”
Csurt: ” NiceMusic Thanks You!”
alex rusu: ” very nice one!”
hari: ” nice one”
Spiri:tual: ” Emotional release: really good tracks! Great job!”
pierre c: ” thanks!”
Zenniv: ” Cool LP! Botanic for me! thanks!”
elliot: ” Amazing!!!”
Arseniu: ” big thanks: very nice”
D√∏riva: ” Amazing work. Os Alquimistas it’s a pure magic.”
Artashes Uliyanov aka Regalos De Cali: ” Hi-end material: guys. Raining Again (Original Mix) is my favourite. Will include it in my playlist: definitely!”
Gri: ” Great album: thank you!”
Junker: ” Nice EP!”
danielle nicole: ” lovely album thanks !”
Tiberiu: ” Thanks.”
Angel Mosteiro: ” Great album! Thanks”

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