TZHA004 // Arseniu – I Did It Again LP incl. Alpha Bite

As we go further in our mission to reveal the most authentic and true artists of our time, we go underground and deeper with our album series into trips that we think should be available for everyone to enjoy. So we are presenting you a new magical star, a new point of reference in deep after-hours melodic and moody music, which is none other then Arseniu. Arsenic with his ways, he lets the fuel to be burned and channels all the ortherworldy messages and vibrations into his tracks, adding his parts of beats and percussion signatures. Enjoy our newest album, ‘I Did It Again’ by Arseniu, From Tzinah with Love.
Arseniu – I Did It Again LP [TZHA004] incl. Alpha Bite is supported by Danny Tenaglia, tINI, Tania Vulcano, Cesare vs. Disorder, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Mihai Popoviciu, Rossko, Sandro Kuhne, Hermanez, Alessio Colina, Camiel Daamen, Deaf Pillow, Camile, Ilario Liburni, Miss I, Ida Daugaard, Petar Cvetkovic, Jamie Lie a Kwie and many more! Thank you!
Danny Tenaglia: thanks!!
tINI: great tracks! will play for sure thank you :)
Tania Vulcano: Great Lp. will play for sure !!!!! Tanks for the music
Cesare vs Disorder / Azimute: checked quick but great again, thanks
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Mihai Popoviciu: will try some of these, thanks!
Rossko: XL!
Sandro Kuhne: thanks, will try!
Hermanez: Very nice album, Back to 99 is very special, thank you
Alessio Collina: thank you!
Camiel Daamen: Another day , Back to 99, Scobitori, Ce Ziceam and loving sun are my picks from these! Quite productive Areseniu!
Deaf Pillow: INFINITUL APROPIAT for us!! Very Cool LP, some lovely tunes.
Camille GEIST: Loving the atmospheres on this one. Thanks!
Ilario Liburni: Nice sound… Will play some
Miss I: :)
Ida Daugaard: Good sound. Nice grooves.
Petar Cvetkovic: thank you
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Thanks, great tracks! Cam E Timpul is nice!
Olivian Nour: Thanks for the music!
Primarie: wow wow wow
Little Hado: nice one ! thanks
Sebastian Paiza: dope ep! thanks.
He Did: nice album! thank you dan ;)
Costin Rp: thanks
Lixir: Super strong ep keep it up!!
IULY.B: Nice tracks in here
Petit Batou: Call My Name In After is my favorite, great album thanks
Riciar Ghir: Loving sun and Scobitori for me! thanks
Dragos Ungureanu:super! mersi fain
Miroloja: Call my name in after bomb track ..!
Gri: Nice pack. Thanks!
Alex Șimori: Really nice ep!
vlf: Great !!!
Senoo: thanks for the music
Reclame: Grande Arseniu! superb
Franco y Gael: thanx love it !
GhostHorse: Very nice LP! thanks
Plusculaar: good music, thanks
Jason Hodges: Another Day is hot!
Angel Mosteiro: Very nice pack! Thanks!
Clara Da Costa: Great batch. Especially liking Secret. Will support on Jack’s House, Ibiza Sonica Radio
Giovanni Agugiaro: Amazing work :)
Gorbani: Great release, Thanks amazing stuff. Great album. Many Thanks. Will play for sure.
Mito flmb: few new bangers to play this summer in portugal. lezz go tzinah
Osvit: Nice LP) Thanks
Nici Frida: great thanks! Will support..
Millidiu: Beautiful tks.
Yaroslav Lenzyak: Thank , nice music
Dejvid: Really nice, will try some of them out, thanx! :)
Jack Cheler: very nice, Belo trabalho Arseniu
Valic: amazing lp!! super arseniu!!! nice music!
Maertz: Pff, really nice music here. Thanks!!!
Giacomo Greppi: Solid !! Thx !!
Podime: super album, will try it out!
Andrea Speed: good works arseniu…will play
Pawlo Tojeda: really good music
Cheise: Thanks!
Iawgom: melodic and groovy
Kristijan S: nice thanks arseniu delives yet again
Arthus: i’ll play, thanks for amazing release!
Steve: Great LP. supporting.
Rods Novaes: Great Album Thanks!
Valic: super nice release!!!! bravo arseniu!
Nino (AltroVerso): airplay in altroverso
Maertz: Amazing music, Arseniu on fire. Thanks again!!!
Sossa: nice release full support

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