TZH206 // Bashkim – How Low EP incl. Costin Rp

As we journey forward, our compass points toward discovery, and our first destination introduces us to Bashkim. Hailing from Basel, he’s an emerging artist who’s diligently honing his unique sound, and we’re captivated by the outcome. While it may diverge from the typical “Tzinah Sound,” it still embodies the core principles we hold dear. Our passion lies in club music, especially the infectious grooves it offers. Keeping this in mind, we rendezvous backstage with Costin Rp, who treats us to a delectable after-hours treat. This is the story of How Low EP by Bashkim and Costin Rp, from Tzinah with Love.

Bashkim – How Low EP [TZH206] incl. Costin Rp is supported by Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Michel de Hey, Sossa, Camiel Daamen, vlf, Olivian Nour, Costin Rp, Los Bastoneros, Vern, Pierre C, Zenniv and many more! Thank you!

richie hawtin: ” downloaded for r hawtin”
joseph c: ” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
Paco Osuna: ” Will try thanks :)”
michel de hey: ” thanks again for the good stuff
sossa: ” cool”
Camiel Daamen: ” I like the moodiness of How low! Lovely pack this!”
vlf: ” thanks!”
Olivian Nour: ” Thanks for the music”
Costin Rp: ” super:)”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
vern: ” Nice work: thanks!”
CVTKVC: ” thx”
pierre c: ” thanks”
Zenniv: ” Thank you so much for sending”
Cirkel Square: ” Tnx for Sending Costin‚Äôs Remix for me”
Sirena: ” Dancing in a club at the edge of an exploding star..”
arthus: ” how low!!”
Octile: ” Amazing release: really nice grooves on the remix.”
jemmi: ” Great ep and remix!”
Rei Calero: ” Cool stuff! Trippy: stripped back grooves along with dubby rhythms!”
Vygo: ” Thanks a lot! “”How low”” is for me!”
jack cheler: ” tks guys”
crescent: ” nice tracks ! great ep !”
Pawlo Tojeda: ” nice release: good sounds thx”
Valts Incis: ” Nice one”
Adroit: ” Thanx!”
Brand: ” nice vibes on how low: thanks!”
Naarc: ” Thank you. Costin RP’s remix for me.”
Spiri:tual: ” Thanks! Costin remix for me.”
Angel Mosteiro: ” Great EP! Thanks”
fiL: ” thank You!”

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