TZH181 // Flavius – Mixed Signals EP incl. Olivian Nour

Having a few releases with us so far, it is now the proper time to showcase Flavius sounds and grooves in a full EP from him. Making is turf in the west of our country with residences in Timisoara, Flavius has really worked to make his name heard. With this in mind, Olivian Nour is in charge of the remix, with a wonderfully subtle groove, making us wanna dance. This is the story of Flavius – Mixed Signals EP with remix from Olivian Nour, from Tzinah with Love. Mastered by Silat Beksi.
Flavius – Mixed Signals EP [TZH181] incl. Olivian Nour is supported by Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Cesar Merveille, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Clara Da Costa, Camiel Daamen, Alexandar Kyosev, Giovanni Verrina, Los Bastoneros, Zenniv, vlf, Techu, Vern and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin:” downloaded for r hawtin”
JOSEPH CAPRIATI:” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
Cesar Merveille:” Mlly for me thanks for the music!”
PACO OSUNA:” Will try thanks
marco carola:” downloading for Marco Carola: thanks”
Clara Da Costa:” Solid release. Full support: thank you”
Camiel Daamen:” Mixed signals is very nice! Love the hubby chords in there. Awesome work. Thanks for sending!”
Alexandar Kyosev:” Mixes signals is really cool :) thank you”
Giovanni Verrina:” Merc√¨ always nice stuff to try out !”
Los Bastoneros:” Thanks”
Zenniv:” Very nice release! i will try some of them. Thanks!”
vlf:” thanks”
Techu:” niceee remix thanks”
Vern:” Nice Ep! Thank you Tzinah.”
sossa:” cool”
Adroit:” Thank you! Very good EP”
Lipp:” beautiful ep!! Milly and Simplifying for me”
crescent:” nice tracks ! thnx a lot !”
ageless:” cool”
Leon Licht:” Mlly original mix”
Naarc:” thanks”
Spiri:tual:” Full support for Olivian Nour remix!”
jack cheler:” tks guys”
CVTKVC:” thx”
danielle nicole:” lovely thanks !”
michel de hey:” great stuff: thanks”
Csurt:” Nice ep Thanks you. C.”
Vygo:” Smooth sounds! Thanks a lot!”
Baban:” Olivian Nour rmx for me nice EP!”
Pierre Batou:” great release: my fav are Mixed Signals and Olivian Nour rmx: thanks”
fiL:” downloaded: Thank you so much!”
Tiberiu:” Thanks”
Lucide:” Good tracks. Thank you!”
Mihut:” Thanks!”

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