TZH180 // Javier Labarca – For Those Who Seek EP incl. Etzu Mahkayah

From his house beats in his album, that he released with last year, Javier Labarca comes back with an EP, going full underground. It is “For Those Who Seek” only, and for sure it is for us and for you too! With carefully coloured bass lines and groovy percutions, he touches our feelings with all three of the tracks. Speaking of groove, we engaged mr Etzu Mahkayah for a top notch remix, where he dares to go all trippy. This is the story of Javier Labarca – For Those Who Seek EP, including Etzu Mahkayah remix, from Tzinah with Love, mastered by Silat Beksi.
Javier Labarca – For Those Who Seek EP [TZH180] incl. Etzu Mahkayah remix is supported by Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Clara Da Costa, Michel de Hey, Mihai Popoviciu, Mihai Pol, Primarie, Hermanez, Techu, Jacobo Saavedra, Sossa, vlf, Iuly.B, Camiel Daamen, Zenniv, Olivian Nour, Los Bastoneros, Vincent Casanova and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin:” downloaded for r hawtin”
joseph capriati:” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
PACO OSUNA:” Will try thanks )”
Clara Da Costa:” Really liking this. Great remix. Thanks: full support on the radio.”
michel de hey:” nice stuff: thanks”
mihai popoviciu:” for those who seek is great!!”
mihai pol:” thanks”
Primarie:” top ep: full support!”
Hermanez:” Lovely Release”
Techu:” Thank you!”
Jacobo Saavedra:” Very cool EP. Thanks!”
Vern:” Heavy stuff! Thank you”
Constratti:” Great: thanks!”
Jacobo Saavedra:” THANKS!”
djsossa:” cool”
vlf:” thank you!”
iuly.b:” Manta Raya for me: thanks!”
Camiel Daamen:” For Those Who Seek is such a nice groove!”
Zenniv:” Super nice EP! i will try! thanks”
Olivian Nour:” Thanks!”
Los Bastoneros:” thanks”
Vincent Casanova:” Very cool: thank you!”
pawlo tojeda:” very nice ep: fully fan of this nice one thx”
Alejandro Cuestas:” lovely sounds!”
Vakru:” Thanks for the great music: my favourite is Toque De Nada (Original Mix)”
Mihut:” Thanks: great Ep.”
jack cheler:” tks guys”
Doubleight:” Such a beautiful remix! Thanks!”
Tiberiu:” Thanks.”
jemmi:” definitely seeking this EP !”
Lurre:” Thanks for the promo: really nice music!”
Adroit:” Thanks! Perfect”
Vygo:” Thank you!! Manta raya is for me!”
Flavius:” thank you!!”
Csurt:” Nice one Thanks you C.”
german luque:” super nicee thanks!”
CVTKVC:” thx”
razvan ban:” thank you primare”
Spiri:tual:” Great release: full support for the remix.”
cervus / MiniMuzikhol:” nice dubby vibes on etzu mix: will def play thanks”
Eddy Romero:” Will give a try to Manta Raya thanks for sending”
Pierre c:” For those who seek: great groove: thanks!”
AGELESS:” nice release”
mera:” mersi~!”
Robert David:” For those who see original mix for me . Thx”
Lucide:” Nice Ep!!”
vesy:” like it: love the remix”
arthus:” Toque de nada for me”
Junker:” Bomb!”
Lipp:” nice Ep: Etzu Mahkayah for me”
Csurt:” Nice music original and Remix Thanks you. C.”
baban:” Thank you!”

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