TZH176 // Origins Of Time – Morning in Love EP incl. Nima Gorji

So because we like this sound and these guys, we thought why not? Lets do one more! We find ourselves at ‘Morning in Love’ and what that could mean? a great afterparty maybe? We hope so. With this hope go across the ‘Bridge of Life’ and we rediscover ourselves. For this groovy jams, mr. Nima Gorji joins our after-party with a top notch remix as we are used from him. This is the story of Origins Of Time – Morning in Love EP including Nima Gorji remix from Tzinah with Love!
All our tracks, since eight years ago, are mastered by Silat Beksi.
Origins Of Time – Morning in Love EP [TZH176] incl. Nima Gorji is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Matthew Dekay, Michel de Hey, Gel Abril, BRYZ, Hermanez, Jacobo Saavedra, Primarie, Vern, vlf, Camiel Daamen, Alexanar Kyosev, Direkt, Olivian Nour, R107, Zenniv, Vincent Casanova, Alex Rusu and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: ” downloaded for r hawtin”
Marco Carola: ” Downloading for Marco Carola: thanks.”
PACO OSUNA: ” Will try thanks
joseph capriati: ” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
Matthew Dekay: ” Nima Gorji all the way :)”
michel de hey: ” nice sounds here: thank you!”
Gel Abril: ” very nice !”
Bryz: ” Thank you‚úîÔ∏è”
Hermanez: ” Amazing release: Loving the remix of Nima. tnx”
Jacobo Saavedra: ” Good EP as always”
Primarie: Smooth EP: I love it!!!
Vern: ” Thank you ! Nice rhythm!”
vlf: ” thank you”
Camiel Daamen: ” Awesome EP! Love Morning in Love! Always quality stuff from Tzinah!!”
Alexandar Kyosev: ” ‘Morning In Love’ original and remix are cool :) thank you!”
Direkt: ” Bridge of life !”
Olivian Nour: ” Thanks for the music.”
R107: ” Much appreciated! Tourniquet and Morning in love will definitely get played”
Zenniv: ” Super nice EP! Bridge of life for me..”
vincent casanova: ” Nima Rmx”
Alex Rusu: ” thank you for the music !”
Andrei Voica: ” Great”
Gri: ” Nice EP. Bridge of life for me: thanks!”
AGELESS: ” yes”
Arthus: ” Bridge of Life for Me”
Leon Licht: ” Bridge of life – top track!”
jack cheler: ” nice ep guys”
Adroit: ” Perfect! Nice remix”
Angel Mosteiro: ” Very nice release! Bridge of live is my fav: Thanks!”
danielle nicole: ” good stuff. thanks !”
Lucide: ” Great sound. Thanks!”
Mihut: ” The remix is great: thanks !”
CVTKVC: ” thx”
Vesy: ” great EP guys. Cool remix. Thank you”
Csurt: ” Great Ep. I like it”
Rush Arp: ” Very nice Ep Thanks”
Arseniu: ” dope ep””
Spiri:tual: ” Great EP: solid tracks. Will play Tourniquet!”
Origins Of Time: ” Thanks !!”
fiL: ” thank you!”
Pawlo Tojeda: ” I am really like this release: tops sounds and a very nice remix many thx cheers”
Lurre: ” Thanks for the promo: nice ep!”
metafore: ” nice music!”
Cirkel Square: ” Tnx will try bridge of life”
Pierre C: ” thank you!”
GhostHorse: ” Thanks!”
Nici Frida: ” great ep thanks!”
He Did: ” Nima remix! thanks Dan”
Chrivu: ” nice release: thanks”

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