TZH169 // Jemmi – Tarkovsky’s Train EP incl. Costin Rp

One that has been in the making for some time now and one where the artist is developing every day. Here we welcome Jemmi with Tarkovsky’s Train, traveling through Europe and through our minds and bodies. Telling us some hard truths, we move forward in our journey to a point where Costin Rp joins our wagon and delights us with uplifting vibes. This is the makeup of Jemmi’s Tarkovsky’s Train EP including Costin Rp remix from Tzinah with Love.
All our tracks, since eight years ago, are mastered by Silat Beksi.
Jemmi – Tarkovsky’s Train EP [TZH169] incl. Costin Rp is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Cosmjn, Iuly.B, Primarie, Direkt, Ilario Liburni, Jacobo Saavedra, Olivian Nour, Michel de Hey, Avidel, Alexandar Kyosev, vlf, Vern, Los Bastoneros, Hermanez, Sossa, Mike.D and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: ” downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola: ” downloading for Marco Carola: thanks”
joseph capriati: ” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
PACO OSUNA: ” Will try thanks
cosmjn: ” Thanks!”
iuly.b: ” Really nice ep!”
Primarie: ” top ep!! thank you guys!!! Love it”
Direkt: ” Nice remix from Costin: thanks!”
ILARIO LIBURNI: ” Thnx for the music”
Jacobo Saavedra: ” Super Ep: great originals and remix: thanks”
Olivian Nour: ” Thanks for the music!”
michel de hey: ” great 4-tracker: thank you!”
Avidel: ” Nice EP and remix Thank”
Alexandar Kyosev: ” Costin Rp remix is nice :) Thank you”
vlf: ” thank you”
vern: ” great originals : great remix ! thanks again Tzinah”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
Hermanez: ” Very Nice !!”
sossa: ” cool”
Mike.D: dope
Doubleight: It’s just an excellent EP. In love with Sad Generation With Happy Pictures. Thanks!
Vygo: ” Thank you! Homeland stranger for me!”
Lucide: ” Nice EP! Thank you”
Mihut: ” Homeland Stranger and the Costin Rp mix : very good: thanks.”
hari: ” very nice Ep.”
Adroit: ” Thanx!!! Perfect”
Vesy: ” Cool EP Jemmi: Homeland Stranger my favourite”
jack cheler: ” thank you !”
Csurt: ” Nice ep and Remix Thanks you”
arthus: ” tarkovsky’s train”
Flavius: ” amazing EP”
Junker: ” Quality underground material!”
metafore: ” nice ep”
Spiritual: ” Great release: will use original and Costin remix.”
Leon Licht: ” costin rp remix for me. big stuff”
Andrei Voica: ” Costin RP remix is my fav”
fiL: ” Thank You!”
Pierre C: ” Thanks!”
Origins of time: ” Top ep”
Zenniv: ” Super nice release! Thanks you!”
Razvan Ban: ” Topal”
Stanley Foster: ” All EP is perfect. Especially SGWHP track”
BABAN: ” Homeland stranger and Costin RPs remix for me! Good EP”
AGELESS: ” nice release”
hari: ” nice”
Objectif: Wonderfull!

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