TZH164 // Up & Down – Moments EP incl. Nu Zau

Up & Down, close or far, deep or not. Here is to a new project between Octave and Origins of Time, a project of a great collaboration between two brothers and our own fellow countryman. Expect more to come from these guys, but maybe what you did not expected is Nu Zau making a comeback to our label. Its just a great way to complete the EP, with a roller coaster from mister Deepness himself, just listen. This is the story of Up & Down, Moments EP including Nu Zau remix, from Tzinah with Love.
All our tracks, since eight years ago are mastered by Silat Beksi.
Up & Down – Moments EP [TZH164] incl. Nu Zau is supported by Raresh, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Franco Cinelli, Archie Hamilton, Mihai Popoviciu, Mountain People, Giovanni Verrina, Viceversa, Primarie, BRYZ, Mihai Pol, Iuly.B, vlf, Costin Rp, Vlad Arapasu, Chad Andrew, Jacobo Saavedra, Olivian Nour, Vlad Bretan, Los Bastoneros, Vern, R107, Suolo, Michel de Hey, Avidel and many more! Thank you!
raresh: ” nuzau remix! thanks”
richie hawtin: ” downloaded for r hawtin”
joseph capriati: ” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
PACO OSUNA: ” Will try thanks
Franco Cinelli: ” Dope Nu Zau Remix!”
Archie Hamilton: ” Nice thanks”
mihai popoviciu: ” cool remix!”
Mountain People: ” Nu Zau here for me: prefert to 4/4 part though :) thanks!”
Giovanni Verrina: ” Bravo Nu Zau!”
viceversa: ” thanks :)”
Primarie: ” TOP EP: thank you guys”
BRYZ: ” Nice ! Thank you”
mihai pol: ” thanks”
iuly.b: ” Nice remix!”
vlf: ” thank you!”
Costin Rp: ” ms frumos:)”
Vlad Arapasu: ” Thank you. Nu zau remix for me.”
Chad Andrew: ” Nice release thanks!”
Jacobo Saavedra: ” Great EP. Originals and remix. Top”
Olivian Nour: ” Thanks for the music!”
Vlad Bretan: ” that sneaky remix of Nu zau”
Los Bastoneros: ” Thanks”
Vern: ” Amazing as always : thanks”
R107: ” Awesome! Thankies :)”
Suolo: ” sunrise moments original + remix for me. thanks”
michel de hey: ” nice release: thanks”
Avidel: ” Nice EP and remix”
danielle nicole: ” lovely thanks!”
Catalin Cristian: ” Great EP: all tracks are awesome!”
Constratti: ” Nicee! Thank you”
Arthus: ” nice Ep: speed Race for me!”
Pattern Tusk: ” Great EP.. Many Thanks”
Pablo Cornejo: ” What a trip! Thanks for the music.”
AGELESS: ” nice”
jack cheler: ” nice ep”
csurt: ” Boomb ep. :) thanks you :)”
Lurre: ” Glad to see this new project between octave and origins of time! Thank you for the music!”
Dorothy’s Dream: ” Amazing!! Love all of them”
Bar Za: ” Thank you”
petyt: ” gut”
Blagoj Rambabov/Podime: ” Bangers all arround. Nu zau stands out!”
Vakru: ” All tracks are nice.”
Spiritual: ” Good release Tzinah!”
Alez: ” amazing athmos so situable on the tzinah style: love it! space race my fav.”
Alex Rusu: ” very nice ep ! thank you”
GhostHorse: ” Thanks!”
Petit Batou: ” great sounds ! thanks !”
Andrey Djackonda: ” Remix for me!”
Pawlo Tojeda: ” great release: tops sounds thx”
hari: ” Lake house!”
Lucide: ” Special tracks. Nice EP!”
sossa: ” cool”
Mryn: ” nice tracks thanks!”
Objectif: ” Wonderfull tracks!”
Vesy: ” amazing Ep: thanks”
Origins Of Time: ” Thanks !!”
Electricano: ” Very good EP: thank you for the musc!”
Mihut: ” Great ep: thank you.”
Zenniv: ” Nice release! Nu Zau remix is massive! Thanks!”
Max Jacobson: ” Nau Zau remix bomb”
Phoq: ” Great one thanks”
Sapir Viner: ” Thank you”
Vygo: ” Smooth! Thank you!!”
Osvit: ” Cool EP! Thanks”
vloon: ” coole thanks!!!”
Rush Arp: ” Very nice Ep Thanks….”
mera: ” mersi fain!”

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