TZH161 // Sebasstian – Flashbacks EP incl. Crescent

Sebasstian has been making waves… for a while now, and the ripple hit us, moved our ass with a bass. It’s all about the dance moves and the freedom in moving our feet, expressing it with our whole body. We had flashbacks from the past, and this sounds talked to our deepest minds. We immediately called our secret warrior inside, with his name, Crescent, to take part of this beautiful wonderlands. This is the story of Flashbacks EP by Sebasstian and Crescent, from Tzinah with Love.
Sebasstian – Flashbacks EP [TZH161] incl. Crescent remix is supported by Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Cesar Merverille, Jorge Savoreti, Dubfire, Primarie, Alex Rusu, Manuel de Lorenzi, Mera, Alexandar Kyosev, Vincent Casanova, Jocobo Saavedra, vlf, Iuly.B, Jeff Samuel, Vern, Los Bastoneros, Vlad Arapasu, Suolo, Petit Batou, Costin Rp and many more! Thank you!

richie hawtin:” downloaded for r hawtin”
joseph capriati:” downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
PACO OSUNA:” Will try thanks
cesar merveille:” thanks for the music !”
Jorge Savoretti:” I’m liking Asha here… nice driving / funky feeling”
Dubfire:” Downloaded”
Primarie:” yes yes yesssssss!!!!”
Alex Rusu:” nice ep ! thank you”
Manuel De Lorenzi:” Asha is my fav. Top track”
mera:” mersi fain!”
Alexandar Kyosev:” lovely. thank you :)”
michel de hey:” fantastic funky sounds on all tracks: thanks!”
vincent casanova:” Awesome grooves for the coming summer! Great work guys.”
Jacobo Saavedra:” Nice Ep! Asha for me”
vlf:” thank you”
iuly.b:” Really nice ep!”
Jeff Samuel:” Really like the first two tracks: especially the first one. A cool breakbeat with sinister bassline: thanks!”
vern:” Thank you : perfect basslines: good job!”
Los Bastoneros:” Thanks”
Vlad Arapasu:” Bitter choices for me. Thank you”
Suolo:” nice release. thanks”
petit batou:” my fav is Flashbacks: great works: thanks !”
Costin Rp:” ms:)”
Arthus:” Asha original is a bang”
Pablo Cornejo:” Energy beats ! Thanks for the music”
Flavius:” really nice EP: good job Sebasstian!!!”
hari:” Top ep: Clean and groovy”
Valts Incis:” Especially liking Flashbacks”
Vygo:” Nice EP! Thank you!”
AGELESS:” nice release full support”
pierre c:” flashbacks for me: thanks”
sossa:” cool”
jack cheler:” full support: tks”
Vesy:” Nice: Asha for me”
Pawlo Tojeda:” top grooves: goods sounds thx”
Lucide:” Thank you!”
vloon:” nice thanks!!!”
csurt:” Nice Ep. Good Work Thanks you!!!”
Junker:” Nice sounds! Thanks”
Constratti:” Nice as always!! thx :)”
Origins Of Time:” Great EP !!!”
danielle nicole:” grazi =)”
Origins Of Time:” Great EP !!!”
Ben Abrahams:” Love it! Bitter Choices will get a run tonight!”
Chrivu:” great release. thanks!”
hari:” FlashbacK! top groove”
Los Bastoneros:” Thanks”
Chrivu:” great release. thanks!”
Adrianho:” thanks”
Mike.D:” love it”
sebes:” asha luv”
Osvit:” Cool EP!”
Gri:” Bitter Choices for me: thanks!”
Mihut:” Thanks.”

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