TZH134 // Juan Ferreyra – Dorothy Was Right EP incl. Primarie

One step at a time and we’ve just got from Buenos Aires to Berlin, while we also made a pit stop in Romania. With these four tracks our journey is safe and clear. Juan Ferreyra is setting the tone for our dream-like state of wonders with three of his most underground dancefloor tunes, while Primarie’s remix is meant to add more groove and heart-beats to the rhythm. Enjoy Juan Ferreyra – Dorothy Was Right EP [TZH134] including Primarie remix from Tzinah with Love!
Juan Ferreyra – Dorothy Was Right EP [TZH134] incl Primarie is supported by Raresh, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Leon, Gel Abril, Jorge Savoretti, Archie Hamilton, Dragosh, Hector Moralez, Michel de Hey, Lizz, Primarie, Sebastian Eric, Costin Rp, Alex Rusu, Dragos Ungureanu, vlf, Petit Batou, Vincent Casanova, Suolo, Vern, Iuly.B and many more! Thank you!
raresh: “merci fain”
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola: “downloading for Marco Carola, thanks”
leon: “nice release”
Gel Abril: great one !
Jorge Savoretti: “Muerdago is super nice!”
Archie Hamilton: “Nice thanks”
dragosh: good release!!
Hector Moralez: “Thank you for the great music”
michel de hey: “what an amazing release, many thanks!”
lizz: “nice one again!”
Primarie: Yes!
Sebastian Eric: “niceeeee !!! thank you”
Costin Rp: “thanks :)”
Alex Rusu: “””dorothy was right”” magical track ! nice work, thks”
Dragos Ungureanu: “Thank you :)”
vlf: “thank you!!”
Petit Batou: “Excellent EP! Keep it Real for me, great remix too, thanks”
vincent casanova: “Super nice music!”
Suolo: “Keep It Real for me. thanks”
vern: Lovely Ep. Nice synths . Support for sure
iuly.b: Dorothy was right sounds really nice
Rush Arp: “very nice release Primarie for me”
Valts Incis,”Yes, Dorothy must have been right!!!”
sossa: cool
fiL: “wonderful, thank you!”
vlad bretan: “really good ep! including primarie remix!”
Mihut: “Very good ep. Thanks.”
Scopter: “Thanks, be safe”
sebes: “Amazing ep! Congrats.”
Phoq: “Lovely one !”
Razvan Ban: “Thank you!”
iON,”Nice EP! Thanks!”
CVTKVC: “thank you”
Djosh: “very good EP thanks!!”
Origins Of Time: “Boom !!! Dorothy and keep it real are our fav … !!!”
petyt: good
Lurre: “Thank you for the music! Dope EP!”
Junker: “Keep it real for me! Thanks”
Vygo: “Very nice ep! Thanks a lot!!”
Adrianho: Thanks
jack cheler: “tks, bomb ep”
Laumee: “Super ep and lovely remix too! Thanks!”
Gri: “Nice EP, “”Dorothy was right”” is great. Thanks”
german luque: “nice music thank you!”
iftodee: “very nice”
mera: multumesc!
Bronxy: “Keep it real for me. Thank you”
vloon: “yea cool thanks!!”
Pawlo Tojeda: “great sounds, thx for music, will support”
Pablo Cornejo: “Muerdago original mix for me ! smooth groove vibes, thanks for the music.”
Stanley Foster: “Awesome EP. all tracks is dope!”
GhostHorse: Thanks
Alejandro Cuestas: “cool release!”
Rods Novaes: “cool sounds! thanks!”

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