TZH133 // Etc.u – Music Therapist EP incl. Petrutt

It’s time for new music and uplifting moods so we come out with Etc.u EP because it’s time for some therapy. So Music Therapist EP is best solution for people like us, to forget and get back to us, get back to dance and to club situations where we just go inside and enjoy ourselves, the music and the vibe it gives us. To chill even more, Petrutt comes out with a layed back minimal remix, meant to get us out of our heads and back into our bodies. This is the story of Etc.u – Music Therapist EP [TZH133] incl. Petrutt remix from Tzinah with Love!
Etc.u – Music Therapist EP [TZH133] incl. Petrutt is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Cesar Merveille, Jorge Savoretti, Mihai Popoviciu, Leon, Miche, de Hey, Primarie, Costin Rp, Suolo, Dragos Ungureanu, Sebastian Eric, vlf, Kirik, Marcelo Cura, Fedotov, Little Hado, Cvtkvc, Vlad Bretan, Alex Rusu and many more! Thank you!
Feedbacks until 23rd April:
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola:”downloading for Marco Carola: thanks”
cesar merveille:”great! thanks.”
Jorge Savoretti:”nice trippy driving tracks! will play”
mihai popoviciu:”cool originals!”
leon:”I love the remix”
michel de hey:”thanks for this!”
Primarie:”o adevarata terapie”
Costin Rp:”thanks :)”
Suolo:”Music Therapist for me .thanks”
Dragos Ungureanu:”multumesc
sebastian eric:”very good ep ! thanks”
vlf:”thank you!”
Kirik:”very nice : as usually : will play : my fav : Dynamic Base”
marcelo cura:”quality as usual !”
Little Hado:”nice one ! Thanks”
CVTKVC:”thank you”
vlad bretan:”music therapist is my favourite.”
Alex Rusu:”nice ep ! thank you”
Phoq:”Great thanks !”
Steve:”Glad to see emerging artists from my hometown. Full support on this one!”
Angel Mosteiro:”Very cool release! Thanks!”
MIhut:”Great Ep. Thanks”
Lurre:”Great EP! Well done!”
jack cheler:”tks guy’s: nice ep”
Sapir Viner:”loved it!! Thanks”
Andrea Speed:”that’s great! thanks”
Pawlo Tojeda:”nice release: thx for music”
Petit Batou:”Nice EP! I love Dynamic Base and Cabinet (Petrutt Remix): thanks !”
fiL:”thank you”
Vern:”thank you! huge release”
Saboar:”Dynamic base & Cabinet/Petrutt rmx goes as fav. Thank You!”
GERMAN LUQUE:”Thanks for the music!”
Vygo:”Niiice EP! Thank you!”
Junker:”Very nice EP!”
Spiri:tual:”Bomb EP”
Origins Of Time:”Dynamic base is the fav : try it for sure !!”
Fady:”Music Therapist for me !”
Valts Incis:”Bassline expert: all 4 tracks fit dancefloor: thanks!”
Rush Arp:”nice thank you”
Mihut:”Cery good Ep. thanks”
Osvit:”Cool EP”
Cerec:”nice tracks: thanks!”
Laumee:”lovely ep! thank you”
Stanley Foster:”Great music”
iftodee:”all of them”
Alejandro Cuestas:”beautiful release”
Widovski:”””Music Therapist”” for me: thank you for the music!”
mera:”mersi frumos!”
arseniu:”thank you”
Bronxy:”Great! Thank you for music”
iON:”Great work!”
vloon:”nice thanks!!”

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