TZH132 // Laumee – Closer We Get EP incl. Vern

Closer we get, closer we stand, closer we are! Closer to London’s underground hidden artists, closer to Laumee. With this new EP we get closer to deeper and deeper sound. Closer to minimal sound at it’s best, an organic sound that made us know for who we are today. With this occasion, Vern comes back on Tzinah with the remix duties and delivers a smooth and groovy interpretation. This is the story of Laumee – Closer We Get EP including Vern remix from Tzinah with Love!
Laumee – Closer We Get EP [TZH132] incl. Vern is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Cesar Merveille, Jorge Savoretti, Ernesto Ferreyra, Ilario Liburni, Leon, Clara De Costa, Cosmjn, Luc Ringeisen, Iuly.B, Deaf Pillow, Cally, Chad Andrew, Giovanni Verrina, Varhat, Primarie, Marlie, Lumieux, Miroloja, Viceversa, Sebastian Eric, Dragos Ungurea, Red Pig Flower, Costin Rp, Jamie Lie A Kwie, vlf, Camiel Daamen, Georgia Girl, Alex Rusu, Teluric, Suolo, Manuel de Lorenzi and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin,”downloaded for r hawtin”
Marco Carola,”downloading for Marco Carola, thanks”
joseph capriati,”downloading for joseph capriati, thanks.”
cesar merveille,”thanks for the music!”
Jorge Savoretti,”I like Honey here!”
Ernesto Ferreyra,”Honey the one for me. Thanks!!”
ILARIO LIBURNI,”thnx for the music”
leon,”very nice”
Clara Da Costa,”Really solid EP. Will support on Jack’s House Ibiza Global Radio. Thank you”
Luc Ringeisen,”Nice package again. Thank you”
iuly.b,”really nice ep!”
DEAF PILLOW (Rodrigo Lozano),”Vern remix !! Will play for sure!”
Chad Andrew,”Great release thank you!”
Giovanni Verrina,”thanks ill try some for sure :-)”
varhat,”thank you :)”
Primarie,”wow so super nice! love it”
Lumieux,”Tahnk you!”
Miroloja,”Thanks good ep !”
sebastian eric,”thank you , very nice ep ! Vern remix”
Dragos Ungureanu,”Thanks! Honey original for me x”
red pig flower,”cool tracks.”
Costin Rp,”thanks :)”
Jamie Lie A Kwie,”Thank you! Nice sounds as always”
vlf,”thank you!”
Camiel Daamen,”Thanks for sending, good stuff!”
Georgia Girl,”Always nice vibes from Laumee! Thanks :)”
Alex Rusu,”nice ep ! thank you”
Teluric,”Thanks for the music!”
Suolo,”Diva but not for me. thank you”
Manuel De Lorenzi,”i like the full pack. thanx. will try out especially close we get.”
Millidiu,”Always good, great job”
Dorothy’s Dream,”Amazing music! thank you:-)”
Karlos Sense,”Fantastic EP. Full support on my gigs and radio shows at Ibiza Sonica Radio ( ) Many thanks!!”
Vincent Casanova,”Warm and trippy, love it all!”
Techu,”Thanks for the nice music!”
Steve,”A fluid ep. Will try some Honey!”
Origins Of Time,”Good EP , Vern remix is my fav, …”
Empat,”Nice remix from Vern!”
WHYT,”Lovely work”
Junker,”Big up TZH!”
crescent,”nice one , thnx !”
Pablo Cornejo,”Many thanks for the music, Great EP Laumee.”
Cerec,”Nice couple of tracks, vern’s remix fav track, thanks!”
bonasera,”good stuff. thanks !”
Bronxy,”Nice release! THx”
phoq,”Diva !!!”
avidel,”nice one and amazing remix”
Petit Batou,”Great EP, my fav is Honey and the remix is top, thx”
fiL,”great tracks!”
pawlo tojeda,”great music thx for the music friends”
Doubleight,”in love with “”Closer We Get”” and “”Diva But Not””. Vern remix is also good. Lovely release, will try all the tracks, thanks.”
Los Bastoneros,”Thank you!”
josh wicks,”tzinah as alway. perfect for the dance floor”
Minube,”Amazing EP!!!”
Sebes,”amazing ep! Felicitari.”
Mihut,”Lovely, thank you.”
Bizar,”great EP!”
CVTKVC,”thank you”
Little Hado,”nice one @ thanks”
Lurre,”My buddy Laumee delivering good quality! Nice EP!”
grego g,”nice one as always”
Sapir Viner,”Beautiful! Thanks”
Tiril,”Awesome, Thank you!”
vlad bretan,”Honey both original and remix for me”
Gri,”Nice ep, Diva but not for me :)”
Osvit,”Cool EP”
Paradoxal,”wow, nice EP from Laumee”
Angel Mosteiro,”Very nice release! Thanks!”
Fedotov,”awesome Nice tracks”
jack cheler,”bomb ep”
Rush Arp,”Very great ep thanks”
Perpetual,”cool, thanks for the ep!”
Spiri:tual,”Great EP and Nice Remix From Vern!! We will def try them out”
Valts Incis,”Diva But Not – loving it 100!!!”

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