TZH130 // Oscar Saliba – The Raindeer EP incl. Sebastian Eric

Another EP, another story, another underground artist coming out, from London this time. Time for mr. Oscar Saliba to show his cards on the Tzinah table… gets challenged with a smooth remix by his city co fellow Sebastian Eric. Minimal and round sound of Oscar is blending very well with our colours and with a touch of groovy afterhours mood of Sebastian this is an all timer EP. Here is Oscar Saliba – The Raindeer EP [TZH130] incl. Sebastian Eric from Tzinah with Love!
Oscar Saliba – The Raindeer EP [TZH130] incl. Sebastian Eric is supported by Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Hector Moralez, Arado, Mihai Popoviciu, Archie Hamilton, Jorge Savoretti, Lumieux, Varhat, Lizz, Vlad Arapasu, Primarie, Michel de Hey, Alex Rusu, vlf, Olivian Nour, Deaf Pillow, Costin Rp, Miroloja, Teluric, Camiel Daamen, Little Hado, Crocodile Soup, Clara de Costa, Suolo, Petit Batou and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
joseph capriati: “downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !”
marco carola: “downloading for Marco Carola, thanks”
Hector Moralez: “great music always”
mihai popoviciu: “all tracks are nice!”
Archie Hamilton,”Nice Oscar!”
Jorge Savoretti: “nice trippy trax!”
Lumieux: “Thank you!”
varhat: “thank you :)”
lizz: “Nice one.Thanks!”
Vlad Arapasu: “Nice. Thank you”
Primarie: “loooovely bombs!!!”
michel de hey: “great atmos on all tracks, thanks!”
alex rusu: “nice ep”
vlf: “thank you!”
Olivian Nour: “Thanks for the music!”
DEAF PILLOW (Rodrigo Lozano): “Nice one!!”
Costin Rp,”ms frumos :)”
Miroloja: “Nice thanks !”
Teluric: “Sebastian Eric’s remix is tight! Thanks”
Camiel Daamen: “Offspring and Project A for me are great! Thanks for sending!”
Little Hado: “nice one ! Thanks”
Crocodile Soup: “nice thx”
Clara Da Costa: “Loving the original mix. beautiful, thank you”
Suolo: “nice one. thanks for sending”
Petit Batou: “Excellent deep grooves in this EP Offspring is my fav, thx”
Bizar: “Thanks, Sebi’s smashin’ it like always”
phoq: “Love it”
A.L.C.A.: “Thank you!”
anna banana: “super nice tracks , thank you !! first 2 are my favourite”
Vincent Casanova: “Beautiful work all around!”
WHYT: “Wicked release!”
Lurre: “Favourite track Offspring, nice release!”
Junker: “Nice EP! Thanks!”
crescent: “like to hear something fresh from tzinah ! good work again !”
SERGII: “Offspring has the best groove here! Nice one”
GhostHorse: Thanks!
Fady: “Very good release ! I will try them”
Whyt: “Lovely stuff”
Origins Of Time: “Raindeer is a BOMB , really like this track !!! gonna play it in all my set !!!”
jack cheler: “tks bomb tracks”
danielle nicole: “good stuff thanks !”
mihut: “Thanks a lot”
josh wicks: lovely
Sapir Viner: Thanks
Millidiu: “Great work!”
petyt: good
mateyou: “real nice!”
Los Bastoneros: thanks
jack cheler: “thank you!!!!”
Jaime Mayer: “lovely ambient on all the tracks and killer groove! Will def try it out! thanks for sharing dan!”
Angel Mosteiro: “Nice! Thank you!”
Pawlo Tojeda: “thx for sounds…good music”
Corsu: thanks)
Adrianho: “thank u !!!”
Stanley Foster: “Offspring for me”
Fedotov: Top!
cossmos: “Thanks for the music :)”
pierre c: groove
Paradoxal: “Offspring is great. Thanks”
WHYT,”Lovely music”
sossa: cool
Saboar: “Project A and Offspring go as fav. Great EP, Thank you!”
vern: “Thank you ,my tipe of music :)”
AMO: “Amazing quality as always!! Tzinah love always :)”
fiL: “groove and mistery! :)”
Nova Caza: “Sounds Great !”
Karlos Sense: “Full support. Many thanks for the music. I like it all package. Will try everything.”

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