TZH125 // VA – Family from Friends Session One

And so, we continue our journey into the electronic minimal house realm and we end up with a great ‘family from friends’, from all the artists that are working with us towards the same goal. And that is to give you the best dance-floor music and to bring it to your attention the up-and-coming artists and music creators that we believe to be the next rising starts of these scene. New names, like always, are: Laumee, Andrey Djackonda, Djosh, Dorothy’s Dream, Pablo Cornejo, Shaked, Juan Ferreyra, Whyt, Schmulenson and accompanied by our veteran Senoo. This is, first of the new sessions, VA Family from Friends from Tzinah with Love!
VA – Family from Friends Session One [TZH125] incl. Laumee, Senoo, Andrey Djackonda, Djosh, Dorothy’s Dream, Pablo Cornejo, Shaked, Juan Ferreyra, Whyt and Schmulenson is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Archie Hamilton, Mihai Popoviciu, Jorge Savoretti, Clara de Costa, Gel Abril, Giovanni Verrina, Faster, Sublee, Lumieux, Michel de Hey, David Gtronic, BRYZ, Lizz, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Iuly.B, Kirik, Primarie, Cvtkvc, Suolo, Herck, Costin Rp, Georgia Girl, Teluric, Faster, Chad Andrew, Varhat, Scott Kemp, Olivian Nour, Alex Rusu, Vincent Casanova, Loopdeville, Sebastian Eric, Dragutesku, Ramona Yacef, Vlad Arapasu, vlf and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin:”downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola:”downloading for Marco Carola, thanks”
paco osuna:”Will try thanks
Archie Hamilton:”Great stuff thanks”
danny tenaglia:thanks!!!
mihai popoviciu:”thanks for sharing, will try some!”
Jorge Savoretti:”some nice tracks in here! will try a bunch”
Clara Da Costa:”Some great tracks in here. Will support on Jack’s House, Ibiza Global Radio. Thank you”
Gel Abril:”great vibes here !”
Giovanni Verrina:”merc√¨ i’ll try some for sure :)”
Faster:”Super, thanks!”
sublee:”thanks ^^”
Lumieux:”Thank you!”
michel de hey:”Awesome release, great tunes. Andrey Djackonda track is beautiful +++ Thanks”
david gtronic:”Thank you for the music!”
BRYZ:”Nice work guys! Great mixdown Andrey! Perro from Mars for me.”
lizz:”Perro for mars fot me ,thanks!”
KiRiK:”hey , big thanks for this , very top compilation a lot beautiful music”
Primarie: “Lovely!!!”
CVTKVC:”thank you”
Suolo:”thanks for sending”
herck:”great VA ! thx”
iuly.b:”djosh and shaked for me, thanks!”
Costin Rp:”thanks :)”
Georgia Girl:”Some lovely stuff here, thanks :)”
Teluric:”Some nice tracks in this one. Thank you! :)”
Chad Andrew:”Great release here thanks!Loving this!”
varhat:”thank you :)”
scott kemp:”Very nice VA track mapu for me :-)”
Olivian Nour:”Thanks for the music!”
Alex Rusu:”cool ! thank you!” “very nice pack !”
Vincent Casanova:”Gems and treasures, nice work guys!”
Sebastian Eric: “nice Va ! Andrey Djackonda – Before you sleep my favourite”
Dragutesku: “perro from mars! merci.”
vlad arapasu: “nice tracks. thank you”
Ramona Yacef: “Very nice VA, thank you.”
vlf: lovely!
Paradoxal: “Andrey Djackonda’s track is fire!”
Olivier Romero: “thanks for sending. will test it in the next gigs”
incolor: Thanks
vern: “beautiful pack as always!”
avidel: “nice VA thank”
Maruntelu: Thanks!
josh wicks: 10/10
Adrianho: “very nice VA !!! love it”
Black/Tuesday: “Thank you! Niiice one :)”
Little Hado: “thank you !!”
Petrutt: Thanks!
Daniel Broesecke: “Great EP. thanks!”
Ted Amber: “Nice selection! +++”
U-More: “Nice Va. Tnx”
Junker: Massive!
danielle nicole: “thanks !”
Razvan Ban: “Very nice guys! Thanks heaps”
sossa: cool
Vygo: “Some great tracks here! Thanks!!”
SERGII: “Many groovy jams. Senoo Pablo and Andrey – favourite in this release!”
Bar Za: “Nice ! thank you :D”
Andrey Djackonda: “Amazing compilation”
GhostHorse: Thanks!
He Did: “super VA! thanks for the amazing music!”
Robert David: “Nice rls. Senoo is the one for me. thx!”
n.a.n.a: “some really good tracksfavorites are
phoq: “Thanks! nice session”
Sapir Viner: “Great music! Deep & colorful”
Fictiv: “Strong VA !!! Congrats for each track picked for this ! Senoo / Dorothy’s Dream / Djosh – DEFO will be PLAYED.”
Petit Batou: “Amazing VA here, hard to choose a favorite, Thanks!”
Pawlo Tojeda: “yeah, really good sounds, like it cheers”
Rods Novaes: “lovely! thanks!”
Angel Mosteiro: “Very nice pack! Thanks!”
Origins Of Time: “Really good VA , with different mood … All the tracks are great , but my favorites are – Andrey Djackonda – before you sleep , he always hit with his tracks , this track has a special vibe who remind me a lost memory… I also like Acid OZ its totally in my vibe this moment … and also Senoo track is really good …thanks”
Andrea Speed: “djosh & andrey djackonda for me! thanks!!!!”
Dragos Ungureanu: “Thank you :)”
Franco Y Gael: “very cool stuff as always thnx !!”
Osvit: Cool!
marcelo cura: “GREAT VA”
Demika: “So many gems here as always. Thanks! :)”
danielle nicole: “all good stuff as always. thanks !”
Millidiu: “thanks, will try”
Bronxy: perfect
Jaime Mayer: “Great tracks in here!! thanks for sharing!”
onyk: 1
vloon: “amazign V/A thansk again!!! i will play this”
fiL: awesome!
sergej p: “thank you”
Iftodee: “All tracks for me.”
Lurre: “Thanks mate, def will play some tracks. Well done, Tzinah.”
He Did: “will try a few! amazing music”
Maruntelu: “Thanks, Santate!”
Tiril: “Acid Oz & Before You Sleep”
Steve: “A bit too late for feedback due to some problems with the internet lately hahah.”
Shaked: “Proud to be part of thIs. Really good VA.”
Mau.: “excellent pack !”
Los Bastoneros: Thanks!
mateyou: “mapu has such great groove. Thnks”
Camill: “Quality as always! my favourite would be Before You Sleep”
Nebulaee: “super playlist! all special shit!”
Pierre C: “perro from mars and Andrey for me, nice one!”
Razvan Ban: “Thank you guys! ‚ù§Ô∏è”
Chrivu: “sweet music, thanks”
Jaime Mayer: “great va!! acid oz, muchas gracias and perro from mars are my fav!”
REVERSE: “Thanks guys ! nice V A”
Crocodile Soup: “Good stuff thx!”
Edground: “Nice release. Good tracks here.”
Dorothy’s Dream: Amazing V/A….really Happy to be on board!
mera: “mersi fain!”
Rozzo: “juan ferreyra, nice afterhours track!”
Saboar: “great EP!”
Javier Labarca: “Nice VA as Always. Props to my boys Shaked and Pablo Cornejo”
Millidiu: “Thanks, nice album!”
Camiel Daamen: “Super nice pack as always! Will definitely play some of these out! Thanks for sending”
Robert powlson: “Always good! thnx”
Cossmos: “Me encanta la musica, muchas gracias :DD”
valeriu: “very energic VA. Thank you Good job guys!”
Amo: “Amazing Collection Here as Always”
Lazar: “TOP TOP!”
Bronxy: “Wow, nice! Thank you!”
Ben: “Unreal, again :)Senoo and Shaked for me, also loving the acid vibes on Laumee’s number.Wicked
Theo: stutz
Zgaav: “Nice, thanks! Mapu & Perro from Mars for me”
Mihut: “Thanks. Love some of the tunes.”
He Did: “beautiful VA! thanks Dan”
Demika: “Great as always :)”

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