TZH119 // Black/Tuesday – Lucy In Trouble EP incl. Diego Santana and Primarie

Together we became one, we become invaluable. So we join forces with american duo Black/Tuesday, from Colorado, to present this super story, with a touch from Diego Santana and a Romanian point of view by Primarie. When ‘Lucy in trouble’ we find her ‘Aura’ through the ‘Arrival at Trolis’ and we present you our one hundred and nine teen release. This is Lucy in Trouble EP by Black/Tuesday including Diego Santana and Primarie, From Tzinah with Love.
Black/Tuesday – Lucy In Trouble EP [TZH119] incl. Diego Santana and Primarie is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Ernesto Ferreyra, Archie Hamilton, Iuly.B, Little Hado, Suolo, Sandro Kuhne, Sebastian Eric, Mahony, Jorge Savoretti, Lizz, Joshy K, Incolor, Petar Cvetkovic, Daniel Broesecke, vlf and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
Marco Carola: “downloading for Marco Carola, thanks”
Ernesto Ferreyra: “Very cool vibes, good house music never gets old. Aura is the one for me here. Thanks!”
Archie Hamilton: “Nice thanks”
iuly.b: “Nice ep, thanks!”
Little Hado: “nice on ! thanks”
Suolo: “nice tracks. thanks for sending”
sandro kuhne: “Thx… will test them out”
sebastian eric: “fucking nice this ep ! love it”
mahony: “nice ep”
Jorge Savoretti: “cool EP! I like the swinging arrival at trolis!”
Lizz: “Aura for me thanks”
Jozhy K: “Nice EP. Thank you”
incolor: Thanks
petar cvetkovic: thx
Daniel Broesecke: “thank you!”
vlf: “thank you!”
crescent: “Lucy in trouble great sound ! thnx a lot !”
Saboar: “Aura as fav. Thanks!”
Adrianho: thanks
Los Bastoneros: thanks
Cerec: “Great energy tracks, ill keep Aura and Arrival At Trolis, thanks!”
Origins Of Time: “we like this ep , we gonna try it for sure !!! my fav is Arrival at trolis , the melody create a happiness feeling !!”
vern: “nice release! Lucy in trouble my favourite”
Lazar: “bangers, bangers everywhere”
fiL: “cool tracks, thank you!”
Franco Y Gael: “very cool stuff thnxx !!!”
sossa: cool
Pawlo Tojeda: “good release, top sounds thx”
GhostHorse: Thanks!
Lurre: “Bomb EP! Can’t wait to play it.”
grego g: “cool stuff original and remix for me are nice thanx”
Vygo: “Hey thanks a lot!”
Rush Arp: “Very nice work”
Paradoxal: “Brilliant ep, “”Arrival at Trolis”” is the best.”
Phoq: “Love arrival at trolis and Aura Remix”
Petit Batou: “Really great EP here, my fav is Aura, many thanks !”
Junker: “Nice EP! Thanks!”
Sapir Viner: “nice!! Thanks”
danielle nicole: “woot premarie remix ! dope ep”
Laza Stojanovic: “great music! thanks, aura is my fav”
Corsu: “nice ep !) thanks!”
Enivrez Vous: “Nice release! Thank u!”
Andrea Speed: “supercool! loved all the works”
Podime: “Some great tracks inside. thanks”
Jaime Mayer: “thanks for sharing! aura is my fav!”
Iftodee: “good one”
Stiofan Grego (Basso Radio): “good release, top sounds thx”

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