TZH118 // Sebastian Paiza – Purple Perception EP incl. KiRiK

It’s a trap? Or it’s not! It’s only underground so mind the gap! We present you yet another EP from one of the key players, coming out of Prague, Sebastian Paiza. Colombian at heart, Sebastian emerged himself in Central Europe with a cool sound and great influences. To complete the story of this EP we called our old ukrainian friend, Kirik. He delivers a straight and groovy remix of the more peculiar track SP200. This is Purple Perception EP from Sebastian Paiza and Kirik, from Tzinah with Love!
Sebastian Paiza – Purple Perception EP [TZH118] incl. Kirik remix is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Mihai Popoviciu, Matthew Dekay, David Gtronic, Archie Hamilton, Chad Andrew, Michel de Hey, Sandro Kuhne, Lizz, Petar Cvetkovic, Olivian Nour, Primarie, Deaf Pillow, Clara de Costa, Vincent Casanova, Kike Mayor, Crocodile Soup, Manuel de Lorenzi, Varhat, Black/Tuesday, Camiel Daamen and many more! Thank you!
Feedbacks until 24th June:
richie hawtin:”downloaded for r hawtin”
Marco Carola:”downloading for Marco Carola”
joseph capriati:”downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !”
paco osuna:”Will try thanks
mihai popoviciu:”prana is cool!”
Matthew Dekay:”KiRiK all the way! :)”
David Gtronic:”Great ep from Sebastian!”
Archie Hamilton:”Nice one!! Thanks”
Chad Andrew:”Bomb originals and remix from the boys here!”
michel de hey:”great stuff, thanks!”
sandro kuhne:”Thx for the good music”
lizz:”KiRik remix for me”
Petar Cvetkovic:”thank you”
Olivian Nour:”thanks for the music.”
Primarie:”great bombs for the summer”
DEAF PILLOW:”Kirik remix 5 * will play for sure”
Clara Da Costa:”Really liking Purceptor, will support on Jack’s House, Ibiza Global Radio. Thank you”
Vincent Casanova:”Fresh-sounding cuts, dope!”
Kike Mayor:”Great Release, Purceptor is great, thanks!”
Crocodile Soup:”SP222 original and remix are dope! BRAVO Seb and Kirik!”
Manuel De Lorenzi:”very good ones here. sebastian is very solid.”
varhat:”thank you :)”
Black/Tuesday:”Nice! SP222 original and Kirik remix are solid. Thanks!”
Camiel Daamen:”Awesome stuff! Prana’s bass is huge!”
vern:”Thanks Tzinah! Nice groove”
Sebastian Paiza:”Thanks Tzinah! and KiRiK for that elegant remix
He Did:”lovely ep! thanks”
Demika:”Prana and Purceptor are great. Thanks!”
scott kemp:”great EP”
Pierre C:”Prana for me, ty!”
valeriu:”I like how he used vocals on ”Purceptor”. that was also the track that give me a good vibe :) good job!”
Lurre:”Right in time with this promo. Kirik on the remix well done with this release!”
Marcelo cura:”Great EP thx! Kirik Remix for me thx!”
iON:”Cool EP! Kirik remix for me!”
Los Bastoneros:”thank you!”
Millidiu:”Good one! will try it”
Phoq:”Good vibes here !”
Chrivu:”nice ep! thank you”
Vygo:”Thanks you! Prana and Purceptor, me like!”
danielle nicole:”sebbb !”
pawlo tojeda:”good release, thx for music cheers pawlo”
sergej p:thanks
sebastian eric:”nice sound”
Crescent:”beautiful sounds and a very good remix ! thnx !”
Alex Rusu:”great ep !”
Junker:”Great! Big up Tzinah”
djsossa:”nice release full support”
Franco Y Gael:”really cool thnx !!!”
mera:”mersi frumos!”
He Did:”super release! will try them, thanks”
Emill de Moreu:”wicked ep as always bringing the best music ! full support !”
Steve:”Top ep!”
Petit Batou:”great EP, solid remix by Kirik”
Adrianho:”nice, thanks”
Osvit:”Cool EP”
Louiv:”nice EP”
Angel Mosteiro:”Very nice EP! Thanks!”
Rods Novaes:”great tunes. thanks”
kristijan S:”nice one”
Nova Caza:”Dope ep, Thank you Nova Caza”
Costin Rp:thanks
MAu:”super cool ep. love the remix”
Mihut:”Well Done!”
Sapir Viner:”Strong one!! Thanks” =

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