TZH117 // Reclame – Cristalltepe 35 EP incl. Tulbure

We go back to one of our key players, our peculiar italian under star: Reclame. As he advances further in style, age and maturity, his sound is also for the next era, with super deep acid influences, groovy grooves and rhythms out of this realm. Being a minimalist head, and because he delivers to us most groovy and dancefloor tunes, we joined gang with Tulbure from TC Studio where he cooked an organic bio remix! This is Cristalltepe 35 EP by Reclame and Tulbure, from Tzinah with Love! Enjoy!
Reclame – Cristalltepe 35 EP [TZH117] incl. Tulbure is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, Archie Hamilton, Mihai Popoviciu, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Faster, Michel de Hey, Sandro Kuhne, Mihai Pol, Varhat, Iuly.B, Hermanez, Petar Cvetkovic, Hector Moralez, Vincent Casanova, Primarie, Alex Rusu, Little Hado, Herck, Dragutesku, Crescent, vlf, Gorbani, Rush Arp, Petit Batou, Camiel Daamen, Costin Rp, Black/Tuesday and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin:”downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola:”downloading for Marco Carola, thanks”
danny tenaglia: thanks!!!
mihai popoviciu:”cool remix!”
Archie Hamilton: “Very nice thanks”
vsa:”nice remix. thanks”
Faster:”Tulbure remix for me!”
michel de hey: “great stuff, thanks”
sandro kuhne: “thanks for the music!”
mihai pol: thanks
varhat: “thank you :)”
iuly.b: “lottareltepe and the remix for me, thanks!”
Hermanez: “vocerosa is very cool, thank you”
petar cvetkovic: “thank you”
Hector Moralez: “Awesome release :)”
Vincent Casanova: “Hot stuff for summer! Big thanks”
Primarie: “Yes, love this grooves!”
Alex Rusu:”nice ep !”
uno taman: “thank you”
Little Hado: “nice one thanks !!”
herck: “thx ! nice EP”
Dragutesku: “Dragute piesele, multumesc.”
Crescent: “great sound / nice work , Tulbure remix for me / Thnx a lot .”
vlf: “thank you!”
gorbani: “great Ep. Thank you”
Rush Arp: “Tulbure remix play for sure
Petit Batou: “amazing release, my fav are 35 Years in Acido and Tulbure remix”
Camiel Daamen: “Lottareltepe and 35 Years in Acido for me!”
Costin Rp: “thanks :)”
Black/Tuesday: “Lottareltepe and Tulbure remix for us!”
arseniu: “nice .congrats”
Junker: “Nice beats!”
Paradoxal: “great remix from Tulbure!”
Los Bastoneros: thanks
podime: “The remix is so strong.”
Rods novaes: “great tunes! thanks!”
Michael Scullion: :)
Bronxy: “Nice, thank you!”
Jaime Mayer: “Vocerosa (Tubulere Remix)) and Lottarelepe for me! Thanks for sharing! XX”
fiL: “thanks for the love!”
GREGO G:”SUPER RELEASE original and tulbure rmx are hot ,thanx tzinah for the good music”
danielle nicole: “jams. thanks !”
Vygo: “Thanks a lot!!”
onyk: nice
sossa: “nice release full support”
Phoq: “Tulbure remix”
He Did: “nice ep, thank you !”
Angel Mosteiro: “Great release! Thanks”
Nova Caza,”Nice release again !Thanx Nova !”
Lurre: “Great ep, including a dope remix from Tulbure.”
sebastian eric: “nice ep ! thanks ! lottareltepe and tulbure remix my favourite”
Sapir Viner: “Thanks for this great music”
Franco Y Gael: “tulbure remix !!!!!!! thanks for the music !!”
R.Audio: “cool stuff) thank you!”
sergej p: thanks
Vern:”Love it! Thanks”
Osvit:”Cool EP”
Steve: “Super release !!”
pawlo tojeda: “nice release thx”
Franco Y Gael:”tulbure remix is awesome crazy vibz !! thnx”
mera: “mersi fain :* vocerosa, original si remix”
Bronxy: “Tulbure mix is very good! Thx”
Enivrez Vous:”Remix for us! Thank u”
Adrianho:”thanks, tulbure rmx for me”

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