TZH112 // Dragusanu – Art Gallery EP incl. BRYZ remix

For our 112 instalment, we approach an artist who is very melodic in his heart, and has an addiction for producing music in his head. Dragusanu delivers his groovy Art Gallery EP at Tzinah Records, alongside his comrade, BRYZ, on remix duties. With a Romanian soul and a day to day Londoner outfit, With groove and melody, with smiles and laughter, we present you Art Gallery EP by Dragusanu and BRYZ, from Tzinah with Love!
Dragusanu – Art Gallery EP [TZH112] incl. BRYZ is supported by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Archie Hamilton, Jorge Savoretti, Mihai Popoviciu, Felipe Valenzuela, Deaf Pillow, Petar Cvetkovic, Faster, Horatio, Black/Tuesday, Iuly.B, Olivian Nour, Suolo, Alex Rusu, vlf, Dragos Ungureanu, Little Hado, Marcelo Cura, incolor, Daniel Broesecke, Vincent Casanova, Kirik and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
PACO OSUNA: “Will try thanks
Archie Hamilton: “Nice thanks”
mihai popoviciu: “cool remix!”
felipe valenzuela: “will check analog 13, thanks”
Jorge Savoretti: “I like White Ghost here!”
DEAF PILLOW: “Analog 13 & BRYZ Rmx for us!!”
petar cvetkovic: “thank you”
Faster: “Nice release!”
Horatio: “strong remix from bryz”
Black/Tuesday: “Really great release – support for every track!”
iuly.b: “nice ep”
Olivian Nour: Thanks!
Suolo: “nice release. thank you”
Alex Rusu: “Thank you”
vlf: “lovely EP!!!”
Dragos Ungureanu: “thanks! Art Gallery original for me
Little Hado: “nice one ! thanks”
Marcelo Cura: “Solid EP thx”
incolor: Thanks
Daniel Broesecke: excellent!
Vincent Casanova: “Dope music here, thanks!”
KiRiK: “I like this EP , very interesting remix by BRYZ , will play all for sure
Adrianho: “Art Gallery for me, but whole ep sounds good , thanks”
Petit Batou: “White Ghost is my fav, but amazing works from my friend Dragusanu, Bryz remix is also nice, great stuff as always on Tzinah”
Pierre C: “thank you”
Podime: “White ghost for me, great track.”
avidel: “great EP”
kristijan: bryz
Lurre: “Nice EP, my fav one it’s analog 13. Def will play it! Well done.”
Enivrez Vous: “Art Gallery for me! thank u”
Ben Abrahams: “Love Dragusanu, White Ghost is my pick here, thanks again!”
Los Bastoneros: “Thank you!”
Chrivu: “Great EP! White Ghost for me :) thanks”
sebastian eric: bomb
Vern: “Pure art!Thanks for this beautiful pack!”
Osvit: “Cool EP!”
M-Phunk: “Nice tracks, will try them !”
patraulea: “thank you, great release!”
Pawlo Tojeda: “top sounds, good release, thx for music cheers pawlo”
Sapir Viner: “Thank you for the great music”
iON: “Nice EP!”
Corsu: “Great EP!! Art Gallery is perfect! thanks!”
Louiv: “Grooves, will try!”
Crescent: “Love one ! Thx !”
Amo: “Solid Release, White Ghost For Me”
Ted Amber: “Nice one! Definitely will test it out the dance floor.”
Petyt: good
Petrutt: “White Ghost is something else….really thankful!”
GhostHorse: Thanks!
Paradoxal: “Great EP, the original and the remix of “”Art Gallery”” have something special”
patraulea: “multumesc, strong release”
Steve: “Tzinah is always on the search of new sounds, I really dig this ep, it’s a bomb!”
sossa: cool

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