TZH104 // Zgaav – Vast Horizons EP incl. Primarie

Back to groove and finesse moves, back to uncovering great up-and-coming artists for you, we are delighted with our next EP, which expands our ‘Vast Horizons’ too. With a plan already set in motion, Zgaav is promising smooth releases, with us also, and that’s why he gets a very warm welcome by our leader Primarie, with a flowless interpretation of the main track. Here is Vast Horzions EP, by Zgaav and Primarie, From Tzinah with Love!
Zgaav – Vast Horizons EP [TZH104] incl. Primarie is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Tania Vulcano, Janina, Chad Andrew, Jorge Savoretti, Georgia Girl, Vincent Casanova, vlf, Mihai Pol, Suolo, Olivian Nour, Lumieux, Petar Cvetkovic, Sandro Kuhne and many many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola: “downloading for marco carola, thanks”
joseph capriati: “downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !”
tania vulcano: “Super good i will play them all!!!!! Thanks for the music”
janina: “very nice tracks”
Chad Andrew: “Nice release thanks!”
Jorge Savoretti: “Liking llucmajor here! nice drivin’ feel”
Georgia Girl: “Lovely stuff here! :) Something for a few moments. Quality tracks, thanks!”
Vincent Casanova: “Sweet music here, really loving “”Balearic””!”
vlf: “nice ep!”
mihai pol: thanks
Suolo: “Balearic for me. thanks”
Olivian Nour: “Great music as always!”
Lumieux: “thank you!”
petar cvetkovic: “nice! thx”
sandro kuhne: thank you
Chrivu: “nice, thanks :)”
crescent: “Pure sound / Balearic for me . Thnx !”
Mihut: “Got it. Thanks”
Steve: “zgaav is hot!”
Petit Batou: “Balearic and Primarie Reinterpretation for me, will play them for sure, thanks!”
Clara Da Costa: “Ohh nice, loving Balearic, great roll. Will support on Jack’s House, Ibiza Global Radio”
Pierre C: “Good job”
Miroloja: “Nice release ! Balearic for us
Adrianho: “smooth release ! Balearic for me, thanks !”
josh wicks: 10/10
Andrea Speed: sound very nice as always, thanks!!!
avidel: “really good one”
Cossmos: “Amazing music! Muchas gracias :)”
Nici Frida: “Thank you, great ep!”
Lurre: “Zgaav reallly killing it with this EP. Good job bro!”
Vygo: “Thank you! Balearic is for me!”
Junker: “Will definitely play this EP!”
Podime: Very good, thanks!
Ida Daugaard: Balearic
KiRiK: “nice will play , good music”
Jaime Mayer: “love the atmosphere and vibe of this ep! will def. try it out. thanks for sharing!”
Daniel Broesecke: “Really nice ep!”
patraulea: “thank you!”
NEBULAEE: “Loving Balearic track! Wepon!”
Sergii: “Balearic is the jam! Great groove”
Nova Caza: “Great EP Thanx !”
Gri: Nice release, vast horizons for me. Thanks
Petrutt: thank you
GhostHorse: Thanks!
danielle nicole: “great ep. thanks !”
kristijan Å¡.: “balearic for me thanks”
gorbani: “very nice release. all tracks are amazing, Thank you”
sossa: cool
Saboar: “Great release! Full support!”
danielle nicole:”good stuff. thanks !”
Angel Mosteiro: “Very nice release! Balearic my fav. Thanks!”
iON: “Good EP!”
petyt: gut
nici frida: “thanks, great ep!”
Razvan BAN: “Good job bro!”
JADA: “I like Balearic best :-) Thanks”

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