TZH102 // Vern – Precious Time EP incl. Sacke

If you ever thought our head is just flying up high lately, here we are back with a new EP which is all about the deepness of sound and finesse minimal movements of linear micro patters. This is also what Vern stands for, and we are proud to present one of his first EP’s, accompanied for the remix by one of Bucharest hidden stars: Sacke. This is a “Precious Time EP” by Vern and Sacke delivered to you From Tzinah with Love!
Vern – Precious Time EP [TZH102] incl. Sacke is supported by Raresh, Praslea, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Janina, Archie Hamilton, Mihai Popoviciu, Rossko, Jorge Savoretti, Faster, Vid, Iuly.B, Suolo, Petar Cvetkovic, incolor, Chad Andrew, Jamie Lie A Kwie, Deaf Pillow, Hector Moralez, Miss I, Ida Daugaard, Primarie, Costin Rp, Vygo, Alex Rusu, Vincent Casanova, Hermanez, vlf, Camiel Daamen, Olivian Nour, Miroloja, Black/Tuesday, Alessio Collina and many more! Thank you!
Feedbacks until 5th May:
Raresh: “merci fain”
Praslea: Thank you !
Richie Hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
Marco Carola: “downloading for marco carola, thanks”
Joseph Capriati: “downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !”
Janina: “precious time and sens super nice tracks !”
Archie Hamilton: “Nice thanks :-)”
Mihai Popoviciu: “prcious time is cool for me!”
Rossko: XL!
Jorge Savoretti: “Collaps is the one!”
Faster: “Sens for me, thanks!”
Vid: “good ep, thanks”
Iuly.B: “Really nice ep”
Suolo: “Sens for me. thank you for sending!”
Petar Cvetkovic: “thank you”
incolor: Thanks
Chad Andrew: “Nice one thanks!”
Jamie Lie A Kwie: “Colaps for me. Thanks!”
Deaf Pillow: “Colaps for me!”
Hector Moralez: “Great record. Thanks for the music :)”
Miss I: :)
Ida Daugaard: Good sound. Nice grooves. Perfect
Primarie: “very very very nice EP, close to my hearts deep warm sounds”
Costin Rp: thanks:)
Crescent: “precious EP , precious time for me . Thnx !”
Vygo: “Precious Times is precious! Thankies!”
Vincent Casanova: “Love the hypnotic vibe of “”Sens”” :)”
Alex Rusu: “nice ep ! thank you”
Hermanez: “Really nice, thanks”
vlf: nice
Camiel Daamen: “Very nice pack! Thanks!”
Olivian Nour: “Great release. Thanks for the music!”
Miroloja: “nice one ..! sens for us thanks :))”
Black/Tuesday: “Precious Time and Sens for me :) Great EP”
Alessio Collina: Sens for me! nice thx
Rods Novaes: Very good EP. thanks guys!
Cheise: Thanks
Petit Batou: “Great EP, Precious Time original is my fav, will play it for sure! Thanks!”
Mister Gorbani: “amazing sounds on Precious time. Support guys. Thanks for the promo”
Nino (AltroVerso): “playlist in altroverso”
Jhobei: “Hey! Precious Time & Sens for me. Nice grooves
Lurre: “congrats vern, good pick with sacke for the remix. Def will play it!”
Kristijan S: “sens for me!”
Angel Mosteiro: “Nice EP and super remix! Thanks!”
Scopter: “cool, thanks!”
Exander: “Thank you will be playing these”
M-Phunk: “Nice tracks! will play them”
Osvit: “Nice EP!”
Danielle Nicole: sacke ! loveee thanks
KiRiK: “nice tracks , will play”
Cossmos: “I loved all the tracks”
Chrivu: “nice release, precious time for me :D”
Daniel Broesecke: “good ep, thanks”
Camille ALTER: “Nice! Love Colaps especially”
BRYZ: “Thank you!”
Mera: nice
Demika: “That remix! ++++”
Junker: “Nice dynamic EP! Thanks”
Saboar: Sens & Precious Time
Trik: Sens and Sacke remix! Very nice
Franco Y Gael: “sens and precious time !! great EP thanks !!!”
Josh Wicks: “track 1 :)!!!!!!!!”
Jaime Mayer: “really nice ep! full support!”
Sandro Kuhne: “Good Music, thx!”
Petyt: gut!
Jamie Lie A Kwie: “Precious time for me, thanks!”
Sossa: “nice release full support”
Mihut: “Cool Ep. Thanks.”
Malini: “Great Tracks!”
Jack Cheler: bomb
Michael Scullion: Nice.
Petyt: “Nice !”
Katharine: “Quality! Immersed in these quite happily…”
Petrutt: “All for me :)”
Steve: “Precious precious time!”
Avidel: “Precious time and sens. top ones ❤️ :)”
GhostHorse: “Nice EP!”
Pawlo Tojeda: “Nice Ep, Good Sounds Thx for music”
Pierre C: “straightforward tracks, proper!”
Demika: Love
He Did: “amazing ep! thank you Dan”
Plusculaar: “nice music, thanks”
This Moment On: “full support”
Patraulea: “very good!!!!”
Arseniu: “nice,thanks”
Gri: “Great release. Colaps for me, thanks!”
Sossa: “nice release full support”
Mi se spune Patra: “Colaps & Precious time, top shelf quality tunes !”
German Luque: “super music!! thank u!”
Mihut: “Very good release.”

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