TZH089 // Riciar Ghir – A Beautiful Mind EP incl. Herck

Because we like to push up fresh artists, fresh ideas, and fresh grooves, here’s our formula for ‘A Beautiful Mind EP’. With a lot of history on other projects Riciar Ghir is decided to make a sound of his own, releasing and always looking out for the perfect rhythms and joyful melodies. With a ‘Quantic Brain’ he goes for an ‘Underwater Sunrise’ and comes out with ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Latest one is re-interpreted and re-actualized to our romanian-house micro power standards by no one other then Herck, who is dreaming about full moon night, like a true romantic he is. Enjoy the story of ‘A Beautiful Mind EP, by Riciar Ghir and Herck, from Tzinah with Love!
Riciar Ghir – A Beautiful Mind EP [TZH089] incl. Herck is supported by Raresh, Tania Vulcano, Cesare vs Disorder, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Hector Moralez, Miche de Hey, Sandro Kuhne, Rossko, Brett Jacobs, Ilario Liburni, David Gtronic, Deaf Pillow, Chad Andrew, and many more! Thank you
Raresh: multumesc :)
Tania Vulcano: A beautiful mind for me !!! Thanks
Cesare vs Disorder: great ep, thanks
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)
Joseph Capriati: downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Hector Moralez: Thanks for the amazing music :)
Michel de Hey: thanks for this!
Sandro Kuhne: Herck for me, thx.
Rossko: Solid!
Brett Jacobs: Really nice this release! Quantic brain is solid, Herck remix too is interesting. Thx
Ilario Liburni: Herck Remix is trippy!
David Gtronic: Nice ep!!! Thanks.
Deaf Pillow: Quantic Brain here!
Chad Andrew: Loving the Herck remix! Thanks!
Camille GEIST: Great remix by Herck!
Alexandar Kyosev: great tracks guys !!! thank you
Petar Cvetkovic: thank you
Dubsons: Nice release. Will play Herck’s remix out
Primarie: lovelyyy
Lixir: thanks !!!
Herck: thank u !
Alex Rusu: nice ep !
AM: I will try “quantic Brain” thanks!
incolor: Thanks
Dean Marc: Amazing….
Dragos Ungureanu: Quantic Brain and Herck for me! thanks for sending! x
Miroloja: Herck remix for us thanks ;)
Dragutesku: Great one ! thx
Suolo: very nice release. thank you for sending
Adam Touch: Really solid EP, great work on the original as well as the remix side! Will try them all, thank you!
IULY.B: Nice ep!
Plusculaar: great music, thanks
He Did: super ep! thank you :))
Angel Mosteiro: Very nice EP! A Beautiful Mind is my fav. Thanks!
Vincent Casanova:”A Beautiful Mind” is so tight, so trippy!
Clara Da Costa: Loving A Beautiful Mind. Will support on Jack’s House, Ibiza Sonica Radio
Petit Batou: Really nice pack ! Thanks :)
Sossa: cool, nice release full support
Giacomo Greppi: Cool !! Thx !!
Costin Rp: thanks
Arseniu: the remix is great-thanks
Bronxy: Quantic Brain my fav! thanks
Gorbani:Great release! Will play for sure!
Valic: will try thank you!
Senoo: nice ep! quantic brain for me thanks
Steve: Im digging Riciar’s fresh sounds!
Nici Frida: Great sounds!
Osvit: Good EP) Thanks
Chesie: Thanks!
Nino (AltroVerso): playlist in altroverso
Giovanni Agugiaro: Amazing Release! Quantic Brain and A Beautiful Mind Herck Remix are my favourite, thanks :)
Maertz: Really nice EP, Underwater Sunrise is my fav. anyway I will play all for sure. Thanks so much. Support!!!
Pawlo Tojeda: Good release, top vibes, thx for music
Jhobei: Nice array. Really feeling Underwater Sunrise. Lovely sounds :)
Robert Cage: very nice!
GhostHorse: Thanks!
Franco y Gael: very nice groovges thnx
Jack Cheler: muito bom
Dejvid: Beautiful music on Tzinah, as always. Will play them for sure!
Arthus: another excellent EP! thanks

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