TZH077 // Arseniu – All Good EP incl. Crocodile Soup

tzh077Arseniu is all about expressing himself through sound and and he’s not pleasing description through text, but we fell in love with his minimalistic approach to music and we have to make it come closer to you. With a deep bass and peculiar sounds he goes ‘Str8 to Deep’, because is ‘All Good’ when he’s feeling ‘U Perfect’. There is no other way to put it in words but the sound story is a wonderful refreshing ready-to-eat salad, and because we added our charismatic main actor from Tzinah Family as a remixer, Crocodile Soup, the dinner is served. He’s ‘Break-Broke-Broken’ and we feel his rhythm so much that his track is just putting our souls in dance mode. Another great story and teller, Arseniu with ‘All Good EP’ remixed by Crocodile Soup from Tzinah with Love!
Arseniu – All Good EP [TZH077] incl. Crocodile Soup is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Tania Vulcano, Danny Tenaglia, Jorge Savoretti, Archie Hamilton, Sandro Kuhne, Chad Andrew, Brett Jacobs, Rick Maia, Joey Daniel, Archie Hamilton, Varoslav, Maki Polne, Jamie Lie a Kwie and many more! Thank you!
Feedbacks :
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Joseph Capriati: downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)
Tania Vulcano: Nice Ep will play for sure..can´t choose one like them all.. thanks for the music
Danny Tenaglia: thanks!!!
Jorge Savoretti: liking the spacey feeling in u perfect here
Archie Hamilton: All Good for me, thanks :-)
Sandro Kuhne: Thank you for the music, nice ep!
Chad Andrew: Big remix from Marco
Brett Jacobs: All Good Orignal & Croc soup remix both really good! Thx
Rick Maia: Many thanks!
Joey Daniel: All Good for me, thank youuuu!
Archie Hamilton: Cheers :-)
Varoslav: i will play ‘all good”wich is goood for me ! :-)
Maki Polne: very nice thank you
Jamie Lie A Kwie: All good original and remix for me thanks!!
Little Hado: all good for me ! thanks
Petar Cvetkovic: thanks
Ben Hoo: Excellent seleksh and remix is quality, will try all!
He Did: str8 to deep! super track thank you
Adam Touch: All Good original and remix for me! Nice release, thanks for sending!!
Igor: Thanks or the music
Claudia Amprimo: Great! thanks :)
Primarie: fell in love with the bass
Kike Mayor: All good Original & Remix are my favorites, thank you!
Sacke: All good!
Sossa: nice release full support
Vincent Casanova: Dark, abstract and trippy goodness. Love ‘All Good’ original and Crocodile Soup mix!
Senoo: Thanks for the Music…will try All Good Original and Crocodile Soup remix
Andrea Speed: Crocodile for me! loving it! u perfect is already good one!thanks!1
Maertz: Really nice music on Tzinah, really nice originals and Crocodile remix. Will play for sure. Thanks!!!
Patrick Weblin: both mixes of All good are great :) thanks!
Cheise: Thanks!
Osvit: Good EP)
Dejvid: Really nice release here, quality as always, love the crocs remix :)
iON: Nice EP, good stuff
Angel Mosteiro: Great release! All Good original and Crocodile Soup remix for my. Thanks!
Olivian Nour: “All Good” for me, original and remix. Thanks
Pawlo Tojeda: nice sounds … good music, i like this …
GhostHorse: Crocodile Soup rmx for me, thanks!
Anna Banana: thank you for the tracks
Sergej P.: nice
Haydn: All good original and croco remix for me!! will play , thanks
Franco y Gael: waaaooow thnx !! crocodile soup remix !!!
INFO: Thanks!!
Suolo: I like originals. thank you
Mau.: super cool ep ! thanks
Scopter: great music, will play.
Dragutesku: Frumos ep! Multumesc.
Oliviu: All good!
Costin Rp: Thanks
Gri: Great release. All good for me, thanks!
Giacomo Greppi: Cool !! For Me Crocodile Soup BBB rmx !!! Thanks !!!
Gorbani: all good for me, thanks for the music!
Misk: playlist and support in altroverso
Albert Rodriguez: Crocodile TOP

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