TZH070 // VA – Tzinah ‘Under-Grande’

TZH070 copy‘Under-Grande’ is what we stand for, it is what we are and it is what we believe in! We believe in the grandiose creme from the underground. We believe in the roots and we will always give a chance to the underground artist! With every new VA we release promising names for the electronic scene. This time Anamorph, A.L.C.A., Robson, Patrick Weblin, iON and Angel Mosteiro are joining our team. In addition to this “Under-Grande” story we chose the other tunes from: Claudia Amprimo, Alex Rusu, Groovetique and Andu Simion who come with remarkable sounds to their Tzinah catalogue. ‘Under-Grande’ from Tzinah with Love.
VA – Tzinah ‘Under-Grande’ [TZH070] incl. Claudia Amprimo, Alex Rusu, Groovetique, Andu Simion, Anamorph, A.L.C.A., Robson, Patrick Weblin, iON, Angel Mosteiro is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Cesare vs. Disorder, Matthew Dekay, Joseph Capriati, Deaf Pillow, Negru, Egal 3, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Horation, David Gtronic, Rossko, Julie Marghilano, AM, Deltano, U-More, Jorge Savoretti, Miss I, Guido Nemola, Psykoloco, Camiel Daamen, Michael De Hey, Re-UP, Hermanez, UGLH, ONNO, Superlounge, Randall M, Archie Hamilton, Alessio Collina, Miss Jools, Audiofly, Hector Moralez and many more! Thank you!
Feedbacks :
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)
Cesare vs Disorder: very cool comp.thanks
Matthew Dekay: Lots of cool Gems on this EP as per usual ;-)
Gel Abril: cool tracks here, will play some, tnx!
Danny Tenaglia: thanks!!!!
Joseph Capriati: downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Deaf Pillow (Rodrigo Lozano): Full support!
Negru: super cutz!! Alca and Alex Rusu tunes are boombs! thanks
Egal 3: Good V.A. Thnx
Vinyl Speed Adjust: support for Claudia Amprimo & Anamorph
Horatio: Alex Rusu , Alca & Robson , Patrick Weblin for me .
David Gtronic: Thank you for the music!!
Rossko: Solid.
Julie Marghilano: nice comp! my favorite on first listen is patrick weblin thank!
AM: Nice tracks!
Deltano: Lots of good stuff in here, thx
U-More: nice. tnx
Jorge Savoretti: already liked from the first track! good compilation
Miss I: ++
Guido Nemola: good package, thanks for the music
Psykoloco: full support to Tzinah ;)
Camiel Daamen: Nice sounds on this VA!
Michel de Hey: thanks for the tunes
Re-UP (Omar): Nice stuff.. Thanks ;)
Hermanez: Super nice !! will play a lot of them, tnx
UGLH: Cool release thx
ONNO: deep & dope! nice stuff in here!
Superlounge: Thank you for the music!
Randall M: great music, will play! thanks
Archie Hamilton: Good stuff, thanks!
Alessio Collina: always very nice music, will play this weekend, thnx
Miss Jools: Bumper package here,,plenty of good tracks to chose from,thanks
Audiofly (Anthony): Goooood music….downloading
Hector Moralez: Thanks!
Nina Soul: Thanks, good music!
Alexandar Kyosev: Nice compilation..Alex Rusu and Patrick Weblin tracks are perfect for me. Thanks a lot :)
Brett Jacobs: Some solid tracks here! Thx
Andreas Bergmann: cool stuff, thanks
Scott Kemp: great va
Varoslav: Nice compilation of trx .some grrovy beats .i like it thx
Petar Cvetkovic: always best from Tzinah
Dimitri Monev: nice :) Thank you !!
He Did: super tracks as always! thank you
JIA: Another Monster VA compilation, Tzinah records is top of my list.
Kevin Cook: always consistent and some real, nice gems in here! Underground supports x
Jozhy K: Great start of the year with cool VA. My pick here: Patrick Weblin
Primarie: Wowish!!! full support of course! :D
Herck: great VA. Thank you a lot !
Dubsons: Claudia’s track for us. Thank you
Nicholas Deca: Thanx for the music. Support!
Yaroslav Lenzyak: woo 3,4 tracks for me , thank , will play soon
Iuly.B: Drumrum and Bells Master are the best for me, thanks!
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Thanks lovely VA again! Claudia Amprimo and Patrick Weblin are my favs at first listen.
Corsu: thanks ! full support!!
Carlos Ryan: Great va..hard to choose! thanks :)
Adam Touch: Really nice album, strong start for 2016! All tracks are good, can’t choose my favorite, keep it up!
Franco y Gael: really nice stuff thanx
Pawlo Tojeda: BIG VA, Full support… thx for music cheers
Cheise: Thanks for music! I Like it
Lumieux: thank you
diferiT: Nice Ep. Thank you !
Sacke: Great VA! Thank you!
incolor: “Breathe in” and “Drumrum” for me. Thanks
Sebastian Paiza: Great as usual, happy to support
Manuel De Lorenzi: love all of them…full support to these artists and great label…thanx
iON: Boom!
Maertz: Nice compilation again, I will play a lot of this tracks for sure. Thanks so much for sending. Support!!!
Alex Highman: Awesome VA! Thanks for this! much love
Vygo: Thank you!!
Raffa FL: Nice va!
Gorbani: Great stuff! Thank you for the promo…
Ruval: gooodie!!
Powlson: Beauty’s!!! Thnx
Lee Trotts: An incredible release from the Tzinah Family! Love the tracks :)
Olivian Nour: Great VA, will play, thanks!
Groovetique: Rock solid VA, glad to be a part of it. Lots of love for Tzinah! xoxo
Scopter: Ion and Groovetique
Kevin Cook: always fire from Tzinah Records. LOVE xx
Pawlo Tojeda: awsome, .. bomba VA.. like it :-D thx for music
A.L.C.A.: A pleasure to be a part of this VA with Robson.
Costin Rp: Thanks
Zahir (de): Nice VA as usual
Bvoice: Danke 2016!
Lumieux: thank you
Nice ‘n Trick: Super VA, patrick and andu simion is great !
Demika: Love this. Will play most of them for sure. Anamorph and Simion’s tracks are greeeeat. Thanks!
Mau.: support !! thanks
Alex Kravitz: Nice va, thanks!
Giacomo Greppi: Nice And Solid !! Thx !!!
Franco y Gael: cool va thanks !!!
Patrick Weblin: Happy to be parts of it guys :)
Reclame: Very nice V\a thx!!
Podime: thanks so much, i will try it out!
Costin Rp: Thanks !
Katoline: Great tracks ! Thanks
motoko: Very happy to hear Patrick’s track here. Great track on a great label. And a very nice was to start 2016. Full support, excellent VA.
DjSossa: nice release full support
Dejvid: Quality as always here, many gems to pick from. A few fav would def be Alex Rusu, Partick Weblin, Claudia Amprimo… thanx!
Clara Da Costa: So many great tracks in this release. Will for sure be supporting on Jacks House, Ibiza Sonica Radio.
Andrea Speed: cool v.a. will try some of them..thanks !
Bronxy: Awesome package !
Sergej P: thanks for the tune
Robson: TOP!
Andru: Cool ep , thank you !!
Joey Daniel:Very nice VA EP, great music thanks you!
Kike Mayor: Patrick Weblin & Angel Mosteiro my favorites, thank you!!
INFO: Cool beats, thanks!
Sergej P: nice va . thank you
Angel Mosteiro: Thanks!
Apua: Nice tracks, thanks for the music!!!!
T/Neb: Anamorph – Drumrum, Reclame – Longit.h.c & iON – Mood :) Thanks
JIA: Amazing compilation, will test these out at my warehouse gig this Friday. My opening sets are always better with Tzinah Records.
Nova Caza: Great VA
Misk (AltroVerso): playlist and support in altroverso
Alex Highman: AMAZING!! Thanks!
Bramuss (FM Delta 90.3): Cool release! thanks
Kiss FM UA: Nice release, thanks!

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