TZH054 // Kambo Rio – Bossous EP incl. Camiel Daamen, Chazzy Chaz

TZH054It’s time to get back to our straight up grooves, powerful and useful. We’re saying hello to our team to Kambo Rio, who’s coming from the heart of Barcelona, he already made himself quite a good presence releasing great stuff until now including ‘Arza’ a great bomb from one of our last VA.
On both of his tracks we can recognize his energy and he’s spirit that goes through simple percussions and melodies taking you on great journeys. ‘Gin & Yan’ clearly has an uplifting message while ‘Bossous’ is coming with low frequencies to surprise you and melts you up and down. One thing is sure in Kambo Rio’s sound, everything comes with a mysterious side. Another great artist is joining our team, needs no introduction words, Camiel Daamen just delivers his interpretation of the groove, and letting himself go crazy on the piano, bringing up the sun at the after-hours in his track. Playing with a lot of out of space elements, Chazzy Chaz drops his atmo’ on his version of ‘Bossous’ which is absolutely another great weapon for your after-hours memories. Here comes ‘Bossous EP’ always… from Tzinah with Love!

Kambo Rio – Bossous EP [TZH054] incl. Camiel Daamen & Chazzy Chaz is supported by Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, Stacey Pullen, Leon, Gel Abril, Livio & Roby, Jay West, Re-UP, Brothers’ Vibe, Hermanez, Alexi Delano, Mathew Decay, Nino Santos, ONNO, Joachim, Jorge Savoretti, Cesar Sanchez, Luc Ringensein, Randall M, Jason Hodges, Superlounge, David Pher, Maceo Plex, Chad Andrew, Patrice Meiner, Lilith, Javier Carballo,David Labeij, Psykoloco, Julie Marghilano, Camiel Daamen, Alessio Collina, David Gtronic, Philipp Ort, Joseph Capriati, Deltano, Kazbah Zoo, JP Chronic, Just_Me, Saso Recyd, Alex Piccini, Edgar de Ramon, Jessica Diaz, Oshana, Giacomo Greppi and many others, Thank you!

Feedbacks :
Luciano: Downloading for Luciano. Thanks for the music
Richie Hawtin: Download for R Hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Danny Tenaglia: chazzy atmo sounds good…thanks!!!!!!
Stacey Pullen: cool will try thanks
Leon: nice ep…i will play it thanks
Gel Abril: very nice you will charted!
Livio & Roby (Roby): Downloading
Livio & Roby (Livio): kambo rio is our pick up in this release . keep them coming :) thanks
Jay West: nice ep guys
Re-UP (Omar): nice ep.. thanks ;)
Brothers’ Vibe: All good!
Hermanez: Very nice tracks, will play
Alexi Delano: Very nice thank you!
Matthew Dekay: Camiel Daamen’s remix will get a lot of plays from me the upcoming month and not to forget Chazzy Chaz his remix of Bossous
Nino Santos: Chazzy Chaz remix sounds very good! Will play for sure! Wav please
ONNO: doooope stuff!! diggin all.. but camiels piano laden remix is epic!
Joachim (Sound Architecture, Ampere): I like Chazzy Chaz’s his remix the best at this moment..
Jorge Savoretti: bossous 4 me!
Cesar Sanchez: good ep & remixes
Luc Ringeisen: thanx !
Randall M: really cool tracks, Chazzy is my pick
Jason Hodges: Vey well done…Chazzy Chaz’s mix is my choice cut!
Superlounge: Thank you for the music! Camiel Daamen Rmx!
David Pher: Gin & Yan for me. Thanks.
Maceo Plex: downloaded for maceo plex, thanks for the music!
Chad Andrew: All sound great but especially feeling the Chazzy Chaz remix!! thanks!
Patrice Meiner: liking the chazzy chaz and camiel rmx nice one
Lilith: Cool ep.. Chazzy Chaz’s Atmo Remix For me guys. X
Javier Carballo: nice nice nice…bossous is my fav
David Labeij: Chaz’s remix is mighty fine!
Psykoloco: nice Ep , will play the remix by Chazzy Chaz ! this ^^
Julie Marghilano: would not expect anything less than dopeness from the family thanks!
Camiel Daamen: Glad to be part of Tzinah with doing this remix ;) thanks Dan!
Alessio Collina: Camiel rmx is pure class, love it! full support!
David Gtronic: Thank you for the music!
Philipp Ort: Camiel Daamen Remix is cool!
Joseph Capriati: Downloaded fo Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Deltano: High quality as usual!
Kasbah Zoo: Camiel Daamen Remix for us! Support!
JP Chronic: Chazzy Chaz for me, thanks
Just_Me: Good stuff! Gin & Yan Original and Camiel’s remix are my favs!
Saso Recyd: good, i like (Chazzy Chaz’s Atmo Remix)
Alex Piccini: chazzy for me! thx
Edgar De Ramon: Chazzy Chaz’s is my fav here. like the style and spund in this!
Jessica Diaz: Great release! thanks
Oshana: Gin & Yan (original mix) for me. Nice!
Giacomo Greppi: Chazzy Chaz’s Atmo RMX For Me … Thanks For The Music !! …
Anna: always love kambo rio ! very nice Ep
Archie Hamilton: Good stuff as always :-)
Clara Da Costa: Loving Bossous (Original Mix) will support on Jacks House, Ibiza Sonica Radio. Overall, brat package.
Andrew Technique: sounds good as always :) keep up d good work
Jozhy K: Gin&Yan (original mix) is cool. Chazzy Chaz remix for me! Thnx
Just_Me: Good stuff! Gin & Yan Original and Camiel’s remix are my favs!
Varoslav: nice one guys .i will try this one again .thx
Alex Kaddour: Cool stuff over here! all mixes work but Gin & Yan both versions are dope! thanks
Bastian Schuster: gin & yan original mix fits fantastic for me! great release. thx
Jun Akimoto: Kambo Rio – Bossous (Original Mix) for me! thanks ;)
Petar Cvetkovic: very fine tunes thanks
Marcelo de Almeida: What a release! Camiel daamen remix for me…. love that pad under the track
Primarie: Super great grooves, gotta love them!
Uno Taman: Bossous and remix for me. Realy nice!
Nova Caza: Deep and happy at the same time ! Love the atmosphere that it brings with it. Bossous Chazzy Chaz remix ! Full support from Amsterdam Nova Caza
Rush Arp: Really nice release all the tracks are very nice…
Crocodile Soup: love it!
Claudia Amprimo: nice! Thanks!!!
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Bossous original & rmx are my fav! Camiel did a nice job too, very cool easy listening remix.
Giash: Both Bossous for me! Thanks!
Adrianho: All tracks sounds great but my favourite is Chazzy Chaz’s remix , outsanding !
M-Phunk: chazzy remix ,sounds good.
Pelle: Chazzy Chaz on it
Alex Kravitz: nice nice, thank you!
Blagoj Rambabov: Great EP, will try it out!
Pelo Rizardo: Quality e.p. Look forward to using these out!
Luca Albano: Another great release from Tzinah !
Boronas/square room heroes: great ep ! ! will try it in my warm up for sure..!!
He Did: chazzy remix! amazing
KiRiK: nice , tnx , will play
Nicholas Deca: Chazzy remix for me. Thanx!
Drana: Bossous for me.Thnx :)
Ilario Liburni: Thnx for the music! Chazzy’s remix is my fav
Paul Baker: Cool EP! Digging Chazzy Chaz Remix. Thanks!
Martin Dacar: nice EP! chazzy chaz is catching me the most! :) thx alot!
Miroslav Petkovic: Kambo Rio is one of my favourite artists at the moment, really powerfull release with great tracks. Gin & Yan Original and Chazzy’s Remix totally blew me off! Full Support!
Bolumar: This ep is great, love it, thanks a lot for sharing!
Brett Jacobs: Really nice release as always…Both Remixes for me
Scott Kemp: great EP will deffonatly play
Audiobirdz: Thanks
Herck: “Bossous” original for me. Thx for the music !!!
Maertz: Really nice release again, all tracks are good but my favorite is the Chazzy Chaz remix. I will play for sure. Thanks so much for sending. Suppot!!!
Scan Mode: Nice one, support!
Patrick Weblin: All are great but Chazzys remix is my fav ! Thanks :)
Claudia Amprimo: Great!! thanks!!
PHER: thanks for the good materials, love Camiel Daamen work specially then Chazzy too
Reclame: Chazzy rmx for me !! thanks tzinah !! Fantastic Label
Demika: Amazing release! I love all of them. Thanks, full support!
Lex (Athens): like the original ..thank you !!
Zetqa: awesome EP ! full support from Odessa!
Emmanuel K: Good Stuff as always!! Thank you Tzinah :)
Rods Novaes: The Remixes work for me! thanks guys!
Ivanov: Gin & Yan best , love melodic music
incolor: Both Bossous tracks sounds good for me. Thanks
Bvoice: Bossous & Chazzy Version is totally ok. Keep groovin’ around!
Alëx (Voiceless): Gin & Yan (Original Mix) for me. Thank you !
Noël Jackson: Bossous original is excellent! Thanks
Gik: frumos EP, multumesc !
d’ni: chazzy chaz might work. thanks
Yaroslav Lenzyak: support all but for me Chazzy Chaz’s remix .
Just D’light: Good one! :)
Farfan: support
motoko: Very nice and adventurous EP this is. Great atmosphere throughout the tracks, Camiel delivers a very nice remix, but I would say Chaz’s is favorite.
Rods Novaes: The Remixes work for me! thanks guys!
Paul Baker: Cool EP! Digging Chazzy Chaz Remix. Thanks!
Nicke: Massive release Full support
Dejvid: Nice morning tunes here :)
FLMB: Top Release!
Sossa: nice
Mon (Pild & Basswalk Records): amazing as always!
Double Dash: Camiel Daamen remix for us. Always great music from you. Thank u for the music
Carlos Ryan: Great ep..chazzy chaz rmx for us! :) nice work.
Alexander Filimonov: Thanks, will support
Alex Highman: Lovely EP! Really hard to pick a favorite! Much love.

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