TZH052 // Nicholas Deca – Camtemir EP incl. Alejandro Vivanco, Mr.John

TZH052The time has come again to release another fresh EP from our family member Nicholas Deca. With a signature “tzinesque” touch of love, soul and subtle roughness, this pack comes to life having two wonderful artists as remixers: from South America, Alejandro Vivanco and our own Romanian Mr. John. Both original tracks are continuing the story from the last EP of Nicholas, this time emerging with new lines of expressions, like his dubby trips and playful, rough percussions. With any original production Nicholas Deca dares to push the boundaries further, deeper, into more melancholic atmospheres
Alejandro Vivanco’s remix of “Tare Ca Drumu” is pure sweetness embracing the more groovy part of the story. With an authentic bassline, our Chilean brother leaves his mark on Tzinah sound from his first touch, a touch of sensitive sounds melting together in a multitude of joyfulness. We’re also taking a mysterious stroll in the dark woods, guided by none other than Mr John’s signature techno sound. His take on “Magic pe Cer” is a guarantee you won’t have any bone inside you standing still. There’s no way of escaping the thumping the clapping or the hefty synths, trademarks of this remix. Do enjoy our 52th release! From Tzinah with Love!

Nicholas Deca – Camtemir EP [TZH052] incl Alejandro Vivanco & Mr.John is supported by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Valentino Kanzyani, Marco Carola, Gel Abril, Leon, Shlomi Aber, Marc Antona, DJ W!LD, Alexi Delano, Stacey Pullen, Ramon Tapia, Terrence :Terry:, David Labeij, Andrew Grant, Arado, Jorge Savoretti, Hanfry Martinez, Horatio, iO, Deltano, Superlounge, Lilith, Camiel Daamen, Joseph Capriati, Chad Andrew, Nadja Lind, Chaim, Oshana, Seb Zito, Giacomo Greppi, Ilario Liburni, Edgar de Ramon, Omar Salgado, Re-UP, Ekkohaus, Alessio Collina, Bunte Bummler and many more! Thanks!

Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Dubfire: Thanks
Valentino Kanzyani: Very nice release, will use almost all the tracks.. Very nice package… Full Support..
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Gel Abril: always good stuff here and this no exception tnx!
Leon: nice nice release ;)
Shlomi Aber: downloading , thanks
Marc Antona: Thank you for the music!
DJ W!LD: support
Alexi Delano: Nice one!
Stacey Pullen: Cool thanks
Ramon Tapia: tare ca drumu for me
Terence :Terry:: Quality as usual from tzinah … nice one
David Labeij: great ep!! Alejadro remix the one for me!! THX
Andrew Grant: Always support you guys….. you can tell in my sets ;) keep up the great job!!!
Arado: alejandro made it …. thx
Jorge Savoretti: great ep! alejandro’s rmx is my fav
Hanfry Martinez: Alejandro vivanco for me ! Thanks
Horatio: Vivanco rocks!!!
Guido Nemola: Good project, Tare ca Drumu (original mix) is my fav
iO (Mulen): Vivanco rmx for me thanx!
Deltano: dope release once again!
Superlounge: Thank you for the music!
Lilith: Nice beats as always..
Camiel Daamen: Nicholas Deca! Great music also love the EP from Alejandro!
Joseph Caprati: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, feedback to follow.
Chad Andrew: Great release will give it a try tomorrow thanks!
Nadja Lind: nice. thanks for the music!
Chaim: dl for chaim will pass along
Oshana: Tara ca Drumu is a lovely track-both originals and remix
Seb Zito: Real nice thanks.
Giacomo Greppi: Nice Ep…For me Alejandro Vivanco rmx…Many Thanks For The Music….
Ilario Liburni: YES! Love it! Thnx ;-)
Edgar De Ramon: Nice release!!! Thanks
Omar Salgado: Alejandro Vivanco rmx for me. Thanks for the music.
Omar (Re-Up): nice ep!! thanks ;)
Ekkohaus: Nice remix from mr. Vivanco, thanks
Alessio Collina: Alejandro rmx for me thnxx
Bunte Bummler: Nice Ep! Thanks…
Archie Hamilton: Nice work from Nicholas! Thanks :-)
David Gtronic: downloading thank you!
Little Hado: nice ep ! thanks
Lorenzo Chiabotti: Nice like always ! Vivanco Remix for me
Rush Arp: Thank you for the music
Carlos Sanchez: alejandro vicanco remix is wicked! will play it out… thanks!
Luca Albano: Support for nice vibes!
Jun Akimoto: amazing ep! thanks you!
Clara Da Costa: Love Tare ca Drumu, great rolling groove and arrangement. Strong. Will support on Ibiza Sonica Radio.
Lightem (Genial / Memoria): Alejandro’s remix for me! thx for the musis
Nathan Barato: Alejandro Vivanco remix is great thanks
Valentin Huedo: good release, thanks!
Mariano Mateljan: Diggin the Vivanco remix! Thanks! M
Raffa FL: Vivanco for me! love this release!
Cardace & Perazzini: Vivanco remix for us! thanks! :)
Alex van Ratingen: very nice ep! digging both remixes xx
Andrew Technique: alejandro vivanco remix is supa good :) tnx
Olderic: thank u!
Crocodile Soup: love
Claudia Amprimo: thanks for the music!
Loopdeville: great nicholas,thx tzinah!
Primarie: Tasty tasty this magic thing, i eat it on bread :D
Baraso: Nice ep from Nicholas!! All are good :)
Petar Cvetkovic: very very nice! thanks for this sounds
Just Be: deep and deadly
Jozhy K: Tare ca Drumu, Tare ca Drumu (Alejandro Vivanco Remix) – are great! Gonna play! Thnx
He did: mr John ! will try! thnks
AudioBirdz: Tnx great ep!
KiRiK: nice nice , magic pe Cer (original ) my fav ;)
Blagoj Rambabov: Magic Per Cer is just pure magic!!
Rods Novaes: Full support guys! thanks!
Lifer: nice EP! both remix are great !! thx
Dimitri Monev: Both “Tera ca Drumu” are my picks here !! thx
Maertz: Nice sounds again, Alejandro Vivanco Remix is my favorite of the EP, I will play for sure. Thanks so much for sending, support!!!
Double DAsh: Vivanco’s remix for us, thank u for the music
Patrick Weblin: Love the originals! Nice work Nicholas, big support!
Kambo Río: Nice EP. Alejandro Vivanco for me, thanx
Brett Jacobs: Very nice, Alejandro Vivanco remix for me, thanks
Djohnny (overall music): alejandro vivanco remix is the one for me! thanks for the music
Bolumar: Great pack! thanks a lot!!
Luca Albano: Another Nice ep from Tzinah Family!
Weg: Great sound !
Sossa: cool
TNeB: Tare ca Drumu my favourite on this EP… Thanks agina
Duky: awesome ep! thanks
Paul Baker: reat remix by Alejandro Vivanco! Support!!
Mr.John: Support for all tracks!Thnx!
Noël Jackson: Incredible release. One of my favorite Tzinah releases so far.
Alex Kaddour:Cool Stuff! Thanks
Nova Caza: Really nice deep and funky ep ! Def on my next playlist ! Thanx Nova Caza
Lex (Athens): The Vivanco remix is nice, thanks !!!
Bruno: tare ca Drumo ( original mix ) and alejando vivanco rmx thanks guys !
CrossNineTroll: Alejandro Vivanco Remix for us. Thanks for the music
motoko: Very nice, thanks. Love the dark mood in the release. Full support.
Alexander Filimonov: Thanks, will support
Carlos Ryan: Very solid ep as always..full support nico deco! x
Iuly.B: Really nice originals !
Dee Bufato: Great EP, Nicholas. Full support.
Fabian Argomedo: Nice tracks! thxx
Nekes: Great ep !!! Thx
Toufik: tare ca drumu original mix
Herck: Huge ep from my friend Nicholas. Great job Tzinah. Alejandro Vivanco remix for me. Thx
Demika: Such a nice release. Vivanco’s remix for me. Full support! Thanks :)
Shoxy: I love the release, support!
Martin Dacar: really like the mr. john techno remix & tare ca drumu original! thank you for sending
Raw Level: WOW! super ep! love all tracks
TolgaTop: All tracks for me!!! Thanks
Claude Solis: Big Up Tzinah! congrats, great release.
Just_Me: Alejandro Vivanco Remix for me, thank you!
Dipsas: Tare Ca Drumu, both versions, very nice tracks! Mulțumesc! :)
Nicke: Nice Release from Nico
square room heroes/boronas: great pack ..!! all versions are great ! ! !
U-More: A.V. rmx
Amo: Vivanco Remix for me!!
Zetqa: Omg ! Alejandro Vivanco did bomb remix! Love itttttt
Farfan: quality, support
Motoko: Excellent release guys, quality as always. Magic pe Cer (Original Mix) is my favorite.
Suolo: Alejandro Vivanco sounds good! thanks!
Arthur: nice EP
Holchin: Thank you! nice ep :)
Pawlo Tojeda: full support mr. deca… very good sounds… cool remixes thx for music…
Reclame: Tare ca Drumu (Alejandro Vivanco Remix) I try !! yeah siluro !!
Drana: Super nice pack!Vivanco remix for me :)
Farfan: super great promo, thanks ! Support
n.a.n.a: Really nice ep , thank you !
Alëx (Voiceless): Great remix by Alejandro Vivanco, will play in Nantes as always
Alex Highman: Superb! As always, great release from Tzinah! Much love!
Dejvid: Quality stuff from Tzinah, Nicholas Deca – Tare ca Drumu or mix for me :)
Misk (AltroVerso): playlist in altroverso radio

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