TZH048 // Guy From Downstairs – Alley Rock EP incl. Primarie, Jozhy K

TZH048The time has come when we get our secret weapons to shoot them out in the underground universe. For this occasion, we’ve packed two, well-hidden mechanisms of Guy From Downstairs’s characteristic sound design. Built around heavy grooves and carved out with melodious rhythms, this is merely the stuff coming straight from Bucharest, the heart of the deepest, most outlandish underground scene out there. Because we love authenticity we’ve hooked up Primarie as one of the remixers, adding his own aura and attitude with an eclectic and electrifying version of “You Go I Stay”. With such great atmosphere on the both original tracks and with their lovely sounds that we take in on an usual after-hour morning we felt another Eastern-European artist would complete the EP and end the story in the most magical way – breakbeat way, that is! For this we are happy to give our brotherhood hug to Jozhy K! His approach on remixing “Alley Rock” is the desert for us! Sending positive vibes out of Romania, from Tzinah Records, always, with love!

Guy From Downstairs – Alley Rock EP [TZH048] incl Primărie and Jozhy K is supported by Richie Hawtin, Raresh, Cesar Merveille, Felipe Valenzuela, Stacey Pullen, Livio & Roby, Leon, Anthea, Nino Santos, Davide Benedetti, Terence :Terry:, Miss Jools, Hector, Jorge Savoretti, Seb Zito, Stefano Lotti, Oshana, Psykoloco, Alex Piccini, Fernando Costantini, Deltano, Camiel Daamen, Carlos Sanchez, Giacomo Greppi, Julien Sandre, Nathan Borato, Gui Fereirra, Bunte Bummler, Julie Marghilano, Rossko, Edgar De Ramon, Javi Sampol and many others!

Feedbacks :
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Raresh: nice tracks . thanks
Cesar Merveille: Nice release Thanks for the music
Felipe Valenzuela: very cool guys!
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Leon: nice nice nice ;)
Livio & Roby (Roby): Very Nice Pack! Thanks!
ANTHEA (Brouqade/Desolat): Love the synth line in YOU GO I STAY!
and Guy from Downstairs in my opinion is definitely a producer to watch, his productions are always outstanding!!! Full support!
Nino Santos: Fat Primarie Remix !! Wavs please
Davide Benedetti: Primarie rmx for me, thx for the music!
Terence :Terry:: support!!! love the original mix of you go i say
Miss Jools: `nice release You go orginal and remix is for me thanks :)
Hector: Full support :)
Jorge Savoretti: primarie rmx!
Seb Zito: Great ep, will support for sure.
Stefano Lotti: Downloading… Thank you!
Oshana: Alley Rock is the one for me <3
Psykoloco: nice ep , downloaded , thanks
Alex Piccini: Alley Rock for me!! thank you
Fernando Costantini: lovely Ep ! thank you !
Deltano: Always good stuff! thx
Camiel Daamen: Oh yes! Alley Rock and You Go I Stay are amazing! Love your remix too Primarie! :)
Carlos Sanchez (Poker Flat/La Vie En Rose/Overall Music): great tracks here! you go i stay original mix is dope! thanks
Giacomo Greppi: Nice Relese !!! Very Cool the original with the two serius rmx…Support for Guy and all family… Many Thanks
Julien Sandre: Ever love music from Tzinah… here my pick is Primarie Remix…. will play it for sure :)
Nathan Barato: very good EP thank you…Alley Rock original is my favourite but I do like all the cuts
Gui Ferreira: Good tracks. Primarie remix, Alley Rock and Jozhy K remix for me. big thanks! Gui
Bunte Bummler: All Tracks are great! Thanks a lot…
Julie Marghilano: the original and primarie remix of you go i stay are my choice here. thanks great stuff as usual x
Rossko: Solid!
Edgar De Ramon: Really original, thanks for the music, support!
Javi Sampol: Nice Ep, thank you )
Philipp Ort: Cool release! Both You Go I Stay mixes are for me. thx
Ferro: jozhy K for me! nice EP victor!
Jason Hodges: this whole EP is dope!!!
U-More: Nice ep!
Patrice Meiner: loving all tracks another winner winner chicken dinner from tzinah :) thanks
Andreas Bergmann: Nice tracks! Thanks!
Djohnny (Overall Music): nice relase guys, primarie remix is my favourite but i also like jozhy k remix, thanks for the music
Jessica Diaz: Nice EP! thanks
Scan Mode: YEAH for me!
Kiss FM (UA): Nice EP, will support You Go I Stay (Original Mix)
Vibe FM: GFD strikes back :)
Misk (AltroVerso): playlilst in altroverso radio
P. Jones: YES, the Guy at it again! Primarie remix also nice!
Alex Kaddour: Nice Stuff. Both versions of You Go I Stay are my favs here.Thanks
Cesar Sanchez (LOVEDAHOUSE): nice work !!!!
Dubsons: Nice tracks.Thank u
Pelo Rizardo: Will be playing Jozhy K Remix for sure ;) Thanks
Dimitri Monev: Full support for Victor !!
Archie Hamilton: Johzy K remix for me! Thanks :-)
Luka Vujeva: big ep, support booth versions of you go i stays are nice L
Nina Soul: Very nice, thanks!
He Did: i love Jozhy k remix !!
Crocodile Soup: AMAZING
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Thanks!! You Go I Stay original & Alley Rock Jozhy K Remix are my favs but as always I will probably end up playing all tracks :) Great to be part of the family!
Sepp: nice tracks. thanks!
Primarie: Groove, soul and beats! Love this EP!
Adrianho: GFD strikes again ! You go I stay original and Jozhy K remix for me here ! Always full suport for Tzinah Family
M-Phunk: Great tracks !
Nicholas Deca: “You go i stay” is boomb! Thanx!
Mr.John: Full support 4 all tracks!Great job,guys!
Blagoj Rambabov: Support for my brother Vic, superb EP all around, Primarie did great job, my fav here is you go i stay the original top notch track!!
Alex van Ratingen: Both Alley Rock Versions are very nice! Thanks!
incolor: Alley Rock (Original) for me. Thanks
Chazzy Chaz: Alley Rock(Original mix)! Brilliant! Thx
Petar Cvetkovic: fine tunes thx
Sossa: nice
Bvoice: Jozhy K edit! ………………. Thank you!
Claudia Amprimo: Full Support!!!
Momo: primarie rmx for me
Anwaar (Cadre Movement): Nice nice nice – You go I Stay orignal & Alley Rock rmx personal favs – Thank you
Michael Scullion: Massive EP!!! Solid work from Guy from Downstairs. You Go I Stay original is my pick. Thanks Tzinah!!
Carlos Ryan: Great ep..Solid!: ) Thanks.
Just D’light: Nice one! :)
Double Dash: Primarie rmx and Alley Rock for us. Thank u for the music
Alex Tepper: Quality release, All mixes are sounding cool! Look forward to trying this out, thanks.
Rush Arp: Nice release PRIMARIE rmx for me <3
JustMe: Primarie’s remix is the one! Full support
My First Love Record: Great tracks ! Support !
Fabio Neural: Nice stuff, Pimarie rmx is the one for me
Georgia Girl: nice! alley rock original & rmx sounding real smooth – thanks!
KiRiK: thanks for music , nice , my fav Jozhy K ;)
Zetqa: My fav is You go i stay original Nicke: Nice EP i with Jozhy remix
Chris DB: Nice tracks love the originals !
Ivanov: wow support for GFD Jozhy K crazy great remix!!!!!!!
Motoko: This entire release goes straight into the permanent tracklist. What a strong release! Nice work, there’s something about every track, but Alley Rock is my favourite. Thanks!
Loopdeville: Alley Rock is my fav here!Thx Tzinah
Noël Jackson: Very nice indeed. Support.
Martin Dacar: very nice EP! jozhy k remix is the one for me! thx
Levi Verspeek: primarie remix for me! thanks!
Kambo Rio: as always, great tracks. Thanx
Pawlo Tojeda: TOP!!! LOVE THIS…..!!!! I MY CASE :-* <3
Brett Jacobs: Really nice EP….thanks
Patrick Weblin: Great release again, Alley Rock original for me!!
Reclame: Love music from Tzinah! Nice EP !!
Nova Caza: Deep !! Love it.. Primarie Remix does it for me ! Thanx Nova Caza
Alëx (Vøiceless): Stunning remix Dan ! Great EP as always.
Thomy (Vøiceless): Primarie remix for me. Another great release, thanks !
Maertz: Amazing release again, thanks so much for sending.
Gik: multumesc
Suolo: Wow! nice release! my fav is Jozhy K!
Alex Kravitz: Nice EP
Alex Sesto: Nice EP! Thanks :)
Holchin: nice tracks . thanks ;)
Dipsas: Great EP!! Thank you!
Bolumar: Super ep! thanks!!
Koleco: Jozhy Remix such a bumpin’ break.
Alex Highman: awesome EP! much love!
Bruno: support You go I stay original, thanks tzinah
Caractere: Great Ep !! Full support ! Thanks !
Alessandro Borsari (Sloan): Great Tracks, thx!
Dee Bufato: High quality EP. I really can’t pick a favourite.
Ocu: Solid Release!! big up from Guy .. the original are massive and the two remix is very nice .. support for all!

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