TZH043 // diferiT – Moods EP incl. Ferro, Lumieux

TZH043Rising in the middle of the autumn season of 2013, we’ve got coming up at Tzinah Records a brand new and dazzling EP. This time signed by diferT, one of the Romanian artists from Bucharest-based Trin Collective. We believe he’s an artist on the rise that proved to have something to say with his latest productions. diferiT brings to the table two techno emblems: ‘Sunday Mood’ and ‘Azi e Marti si Cam Atat’. Both tracks have a quite an aggressive vibe but as long as you get into their mood you’ll feel the itch to get moving on the dance floor. One of the remixers is another outstanding producer, our Dutch friend, Ferro. Bringing his specific analog touch to Sunday Mood, he is clear about his intentions, walking you through deep sounds, getting lost for a while then coming back on your dancing feet. For the first time on Tzinah we welcome Lumieux with a remix of ‘Azi e Marti si Cam Atat’, displaying a love for the magical after-hour melodies, a love that we also share. From Tzinah Records with Love!
diferiT – Moods EP [TZH043] incl Ferro and Lumieux is supported by Richie Hawtin, Gel Abril, Guti, Butch, Leon, Livio & Roby, Stacey Pullen, Hector, Anthea, Marko Nastic, Nima Gorji, Dan Drastic, Carlo Lio, Felipe Valenzuela, Dani Casarano, Miss Jools, Javier Carballo, Enzo Siragusa, Francisco Allendes, Carlos Sanchez, Gregorhythme, David Benedetti, Javi Bora, Nino Santos, Horatio, Clio, Camiel Daamen, Seb Zito, Deltano, ONNO, Michel de Hey, Lightem, Alex Piccini, Re-Up, Rossko, Fernando Costantini, Luc Ringeisen, Patrice Meiner, Jessica Diaz, Archie Hamilton, Psykoloco, Re Us, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Maximiljan, Andrea Colina and many more!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Gel Abril: great as you can expect from this label will play!
Guti: Downloading thanks.
Butch: Great EP
Leon: love it
ROby: Good ep! Thanks
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Hector: Full support as always
Anthea: Quality EP. Cheers for this x
Marko Nastic: nice one, full support!
Nima Gorji: Thanks for the music !Downloading for Nima Gorji.
Dan Drastic: Love the Lumieux Interpretation.
Carlo Lio: very nice… sunday mood original is dope
Felipe Valenzuela: Ferro mix for me!
Dani Casarano: ferro remix
Miss Jools: nice release,,Lumieux interpretation is the one for me here ,thansk
Javier Carballo: cool releease!!! thanks for the music
Enzo Siragusa: Really cool EP, liking all tracks here
Francisco Allendes: super release!
Carlos Sanchez (La Vie En Rose/8bit): sunday mood original mix is cool! nice one
Gregorythme: I really like azi e marti si cam atat original and remix. nice EP.
Horatio: nice ep
Clio (saved): the whole ep is jsut EXCELLENT,great job guys !
Camiel Daamen: Nice pack! Ferro remix and Azi E marti si Cam Atat (Original) are my favs!
Davide Beneddtti: Azi e Marti si Cam Atat original for me, thx!
Javi Bora (Robsoul / Kehakuma): Sunday Mood for me. Support
Nino Santos: Great Ferro remix !! Full support !! Wav please !
Seb Zito: Very nice liking all the tracks.
Deltano: love the ferro remix!
Michel de Hey: Nice release!
Lightem: Great as always. Thanks for the music :)
ONNO: Azi e Marti original and Ferro Remix are dope!! full support!
Alex Piccini: Lumieux is my fav!! thx for the music!
Re-UP: Nice EP once again!! Thanks for the music
Leo (Re-UP): Nice EP once again!! Thanks for the music
Rossko: Solid EP!
Fernando Costantini: Lumieux remix is really nice and ferro too thanks ! :)
Luc Ringeisen: diferiT – Azi e Marti si Cam Atat (Original Mix) is great !!!
Patrice Meiner: amazing originals are my favs here thanks again!!
Jessica Diaz: Very nice ep, Azi e Marti si Cam Atat is Original & remix are dope! thanks
Archie Hamilton: Good stuff as always guys – Ferro for me :-) Thanks x
Psykoloco: Very nice Ep , sounds great ! will play for sure thanks ;)
Re Us: Azi and Ferro mix sounds very cool! Thanks for the music ;)
Lorenzo Chiabotti: great Lumieux remix, Well done Mr diferit, support from Berlin
Maximiljan: Fat Tracks! Really love both originals and Ferro Remix is biig! thanks
Andrea Colina: lumieux interpretation…thanksss
Seph (Aula Magna Records): Great tracks!! Thanks!
Ilario Liburni: Really good stuff! Support!
Olderic: fantastic release!
Faster: Ferro remix for me, thanks!
Stefano Lotti: Downloading… Thank you!
Jack & I (Art of Dark): Wicked release……Azi e Marti si Cam Atat is my favorite of the bunch …will play for sure
Petar Cvetkovic: Lumieux for me thx
Julie Marghilano: another lovely Ep from the family. the originals for me thanks
Mariano Mateljan: Ferro remix!! Thankssss M
Oshana: nice ep! thank you
Claudia Amprimo: GREAT EP!! thanks for the music!
Jamie Lie A Kwie: I’m always so happy when I receive the new Tzinah! Think I will play every track haha. And Ferro: Wat een dikke remix pffff!! ;-)
Javi Sampol: Nice Ep as usual, thanks for sharing! downloading :)
Scan Mode: Really nice one,the Lemieux Remix is my fav here! Support!
Alex Dimou: Good stuff from DiferiT,as always! Both originals are cool! I will try them out this weekend. Thanks
Djohnny (Overall Music): nice release!! will play, thanks
Giacomo Greppi: Very Nice E.P … Alle tracks and remix also …Many thanks For The Music
Janina Schreckling: nice vibe
Colin Chiddle: One of my fav’ labels! Lumieux remix is killer!
Markantonio: downloading for Markantonio thanks for the music!!!
KiRiK: ohh yes , amazing EP , all track TOP , will play it .tnx
IVANOV: very dark and solid!
Jack & I: All wicked! great release :)
Julien Fuentes: Ferro for me!
Jason Hodges: Sunday Mood OG is soo dope!
Jozhy K: Lumieux remix for me! Also great one – Sunday mood (Original mix). Support!
Alessandro Borsari: Very Nice Ep, both remixes are super cool! thanks
Dimitri Monev: Super EP, support !!!
iO (Mulen): Azi e Marti for me! Thnx Tzinah
David Gtronic: Love the originals!! remixes are really nice too thanks for sending…
Nina Soul: That great Lumieux and Ferro remix thank you !
Vid: Ferro Remix very good
Arapu: Nice Ep!
Little Hado: Lumieux Interpretation for me !! thanks
Adrianho: great vibes on this one. will try the remixes too!
Varoslav: nice release ! the Ferro rmx is hot ! i will play
Bartolomeo: Azi e Marti si Cam Atat Original & Remix are for me! love and play both! thnx for your music!
Juan Zolbaran: strong ep ! sunday mood is the one for me
Zotist: Good ep, thx!
Primarie: Super EP love, the originals and great after remixes!!!
Blagoj Rambabov: Sunday Mood such a track!! Will play it
Venitez: nice.
Baraso: Both mixes of Sunday Mood are sick!!!
Carlos Ryan: Solid ep..Sunday Mood orginal (wow) great works.:)
M.A.M.: Buzzin!! Both originals for me… Thanks!!
Yuna Radio: Downloading thanks.Thanks for the music!
Floska: sunday mood-original mix for me,really cool tune!!!
P. Jones: Definitely Ferro remix here!
Georgia Girl: lovely EP – liking all tracks! Thanks x
Tree’mend: Nice tracks!
Bolumar: Sick ep! Really nice one! thanks!!!!
Alex van Ratingen: Originals and Remixes simply good! Will play them for sure! Thanks!
Rèclame: Good Rls ! Sunday Mood (Original) and (Lumieux Interpretation) Amazing !!
Loopdeville: Thanks!
Simon Heyli: Nice EP. Azi e MArti si cam atat original is my fav!! Love diferit!!
Levi Verspeek: ferri remixxxxx
Adriano Filippucci: originals for me thank u
Cesar Sanchez (LOVEDAHOUSE): nice ep.
Vibe FM: yet another bomb release from Tzinah :)
Lifer: big EP from Diferit !! Sunday Mood is my fav. Thanks !!
Duky: really liking all of these =) thanks for DL
Lex (Athens): cool release, thanks !!
Albert Rodriguez: TOP guys!!!
Fabio Neural: Very nice!!
Kambo Río: brilliant release. thanx
Chase B: both originals are on fire…
Alex Highman: great EP! Azi e Marti si Cam Atat: apogee.
Bvoice: Ferro – Cool – Tool! Merci for your being as always)
Iuly.B: 3rd track for me, thanks !
Drummer: cool tracks,Azi e Marti si cam atat is my fav…thankyou
Rodrigo Villanueva: ferro’s rmx is awesome, thanks
Uno Taman: Nice EP. Full support! Thanks
Audiobirdz: Ferro remix for us
Nova Caza: Great tracks… Sunday Mood Original mix does it for me. Support !
Suolo: nice release! diferit good as always! thank you!
Maertz: Amazing release again, I will play for sure. Full support. Thanks so much.
Anwaar: Ferro Remix – my fav on the EP. nice one :)
Andu Simion: Azi e Marti si Cam Atat – Original & Lumieux Interpretation for me.
incolor: Really nice one. It’s on my mood.
Luis Groove (Lowpitch/ U Wanna Escape? Ibiza): Ferro Remix is my fav here. Thanks for the music!
Arthuro: Good one,
Audiotheque: Nice Lumieux remix :)
Alfred S.: Directly in Bag!
Berna: serious release! like a lot, thanks!
Francesco Zani: Support!!
Alex Kravitz: Nice EP, Thank you!
Azteca: azi e marti si cam atat original & lumieux !
He Did: Lumieux mix for me! amazing!!
Dee Bufato: I’m definitely hypnotized by Sunday Mood. Lumieux’s got an outstanding Interpretation. Felicitări! :))
Alisonn: sunday mood
Luca Doobie: great pack, i’ll play 4 sure.. thnx
SANtiago: Cool Tracks! Diggin’ the Lumieux Interpretation.
Rods Novaes: ”Azi e Marti” original and remix for me! thanks!
Holchin: Lumieux, foarte foarte! Thanx, good ep!
FLMB: Big support on two originals, well done!
Katho: Nice groove from Diferit. My support ,thanks

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