TZH037 // Nicholas Deca – Raspicat EP incl. Leon, Blagoj Rambabov

TZH037Our family member, Nicholas Deca, presents his latest weapons in his new Raspicat EP at Tzinah Records. With a smashing attitude Nicholas delivers two bomb tracks with smoothy rhythms. Seems that this time he fell in love with his snares extracting all possible equations from them. ‘Adunare’ can be the main track to get the party going while in ‘Drumu cu Fum’ you will get into a more dramatic atmosphere, but again his snares will bring out the right energy. For remixing “Adunare” we’ve asked Leon from Italy, who basically needs no introduction. His remix is deep and smooth and it’s really touching our sound, taking all the important elements from ‘Adunare’ and mixing them in his own unique style, resulting in nothing but a wonderful track. The second remix comes from our close friend and Tzinah artist, Blagoj Rambabov, who had recently also released at Artefac. In his specific production style Blagoj takes the original groove and transforms it in his own weapon. The real experience begins right after you press play. Love, peace and music from Tzinah Records.
Nicholas Deca – Raspicat EP [TZH037] incl Leon & Blagoj Rambabov is supported by Richie Hawtin, Robert Dietz, Shlomi Aber, Gel Abril, Chris Carrier, Marko Nastic, Dan Drastic, Guido Durante, Carlos Sanchez, Brothers’ Vibe, Matthew Dekay, Leon, Felipe Venegas, Alexkid, Bart Skils, Stacey Pullen, Davide Benedetti, Alejandro Vivanco, Nino Santos, Danilo Vigorito, Saso Recyd, Daniel Sanchez, Jorge Savoretti, Deltano, Clio, Horatio, Mirco Violi, Alex Piccini, ONNO, Sasch BBC, Andrew Technique, benoit/tsugi, Fernando Costantini, Re-UP, Macromism, Andrea Colina, Omar Salgado, Camiel Daamen, Psykoloco, Maertz, Egal 3, Die Haustiere, Edgar De Ramon, Stefano Lotti, Lightem, Philipp Ort, Zeitgeist, Samuel Deep, Sonodab, Scan Mode and many more! Thanks!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Robert Dietz: nice release. leon remix is my fav. please send wav. thanks.
Shlomi Aber: nice one .
Gel Abril: leon mix for me great!
Chris Carrier: great sound
Marko Nastic: full support! tnx
Dan Drastic (Moon Harbour): Very cool tracks.
Guido Durante: Cool Ep, original and remixes are high quality
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature/Overall/8bit): leon rmx sounds cool! thanks
Brothers’ Vibe: Adunare Original Mix is fav – Tough beats!!
Matthew Dekay: The Leon mix is great!
Leon: great ep especially ”drumu cu fum” love it
Felipe Venegas: cool tracks again, i will play adunare, thanks
Alexkid: Tracks are cool , but Leon’s is the mix for me, though the break is a tiny biiiit long .. groove is a bit more stripped down and I like that at the moment …
Bart Skils: adunare original for me. love the deepness!
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Davide Benedetti: Loving both Leon rmx and Drumu cu Fum original. Thx guys!
Alejandro Vivanco: adunare original !! great tune!! thanxx
Nino Santos: Leon Remix is my pick here !!
Danilo Vigorito: very nice remix from leon..i love it!!!
Saso Recyd: support, loving both remixes.
Daniel Sanchez: Leon remix for me, thanx guyz!
Jorge Savoretti: Leon Remix is nice!
Deltano: great release once again! thx
Clio: another great EP on Tzinah ! Remixes and original are excellent,especially Leon remix :-)
Horatio: Drumu cu fum ….. super track
Mirco Violi: Leon remix is my pick here
Alex Piccini: Leon rmx is the one!! thank you
ONNO: Dope ep again!! lovin them all!
Sasch BBC: nice original and strong leon remix! thank you
Andrew Technique: leon made my fav mix
benoit/tsugi: coool ep tx
Leo (Re-UP): nice grooves!thanks
Macromism: Leon mix is great ! thx
Andrea Colina: Leon remix 4 me…thanks
Omar Salgado: Really nice… Leon Remix for me… I want Blagoj Rambabov RE SMOKED Remix ))))))) Thanks
Fernando Costantini: nice pack :) !
Camiel Daamen: Adunare is amazing also love the Leon Remix! Great stuff from Tzinah as usual ;)
Psykoloco : Blagoj remix is a dope !
Maertz: Nice release again, Adunare (Leon Remix) is my fav, love it :) Full support, thanks so much.
Egal 3: blagoj rambabov remix for me
Die Haustiere: Drumu cu fum original for me
Wasabi: thanks for sending!
Edgar De Ramon: Nice Release, love Leon Remix, i’ll play for sure!! Thanks!!!:)
Stefano Lotti: Nice EP! Thank you!
Lightem (Memoria / Genial): Great release. Leon’s remix for me. Thx:)
Philipp Ort: cool Leon remix! will play. thx
Zeitgeist: Really cool ep, all tracks working for me
Samuel Deep: Great release!!
Sonodab: Cool ep, Originals and remixes sonds great, support!
Scan Mode: Leon Remix and originals are nice for my dj sets
GROOVE Magazine (Felix): Solid release from Nicholas Deca! Cool remixes as well. Considering for review.
Javi Sampol: downloading, thank u guys !
Mariano Mateljan: Amazing stuff as usual! Adunare orig+rmx for me here! Thx M
Bvoice (Arma17): Leon Rmx! Stay cool guys! One love)
Mauro Alpha: Leon remix for me :)thx
Double Dash: Massive release! Leon remix for us. Thank u for the music.
Boronas /SquareRoomHeroes: leon mix for us.thank you
Alex Kaddour: Leon remix is my pick, very nice! Thanks
Hot Plate: Adunare original!!! deeep love! thanks
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, thn’x!
Mattew Jay: leon rmx for me!!thx!!
Olderic: In love with Leon Remix, thank you!
Colin Chiddle: diggin’ the Leon rmx
Oshana: Leon remix for me! Nice energy to this EP
Daniel Derek: nice ep!support…thank you
Albert Rodriguez: TOP AS ALWAYS!!! THX
Bolumar [Luna Records/Novus]: Thanks a lot!! Adunare original mix for me! :)
Matteo Matteini: nice the Leon rmx! thanks
ODY arts: Nice stuff over here, will play for sure
Alessandro Borsari: nice music! thanks
Aney F (Innocent Music): Awesome release! Adunare remix by Leon is sick also original. Hard to pick up best one:) Will play, thanks!
Floska (Turquoise blue, Viva music): damn Blagoj !!!!!! :D
Nina Soul: Dancing!
Levi Verspeek: thanks! drumu is my fav!
Patrice Meiner: nice pack all around my fav is blagoj rmx :)
Chembass: adunare original and drumu cu fun rmx!!! thanks ;))
Audiobirdz: Nice release, Drumu is the one!
Fideles: Coool Ep…Leon remix for Fideles!!! Full Support
Speaking Minds (Noir/My Favorite Robot/Manocalda): our brother leon wins!
Uncle Dog: very good
Leonardo Gonnelli: leon made a great remix .. cool!..
Bastien: Nice music.. will play the tunes.. cheers :D
Marc Vedo: download marc vedo, thanks.
Chris Staropoli (TKC): looks to be very solid throughout…will test drive all the cuts..esp Blagoj & Leon’s
Dimitri Nakov: funky weird excellent !
Loopdeville: Thanks.Both remixes for me :)
Dubsons: Leon remix is really nice. Thanks for stuff , Tzinah !
Crocodile Soup: Massive Ep!! My fav is my brotha Blagoj rmx!! One love guys!
Casari: Adunare (Leon Remix) for me!
P. Jones: All tracks nice as always, Blagoj Rambabov remix is the one here! Super!
Hebbo: Stunning, atmospheric EP – TIP!
Herck: Dope !
Lilith (NL): Love Respect & Support!! Big EP Tnx
Max J : Nice Tracks!!
Widovski: great ep !!
Andy Baxter: very tidy indeed
Petar Cvetkovic: full release, full support. thx
Frank Hurman: adunare(leon remix),amazing work,full support
Federico Luchetti: Blagoj Rambabov remix is dope!
Drummer: excellents undergrounds grooves!! thankyou!!
Primarie: Tzinah Family is growing stronger and stronger!
Adrianho: loving it , full support
Nicholas Deca: I am very happy with this ep. Thank you for your all support and thanks for remixes. Both remixes are bomb!
Baraso: Nice Grooves!! Hard to choose a fav! Great :)
Blagoj Rambabov: Awesome release, very happy that im part of this one, big up!
Guy From Downstairs: Nice Work, Deca ! Very cool remixes, too!
Alo & Ritu: Nice release, full support! Leon remix is our fav. thanks
Francesco Zani: Support for Tzinah!!
Arthuro: Drumu cu Fum (Blagoj Rambabov remix) . Best regards
Arash: Nice peaktime action! My pick the Leon Remix and the Original of Drumu cu Fum.
Alex Puicea: will play adunare (original mix)
Dai Zon: great ep. full support . my fav leon remix.
Timmy P: Wicked EP! Love the Leon Remix!!!
Chris Hirose: Both Adunare are my favs!!!
James Damian: Will road test
Angelo Draetta: Support 4 Nicholas Deca!!!
Mario da Ragnio: thx.. LEON for me!!!
Iar: full support
Brothers In Progress: Leon Rmx is fav….Thx
Annuit (Annuit & Coeptis): support!
Madeni: Leon’s Remix is amazing! antoher big release! tnx
Nexus DJ aka Re Us: Adunare orig and leon remix are amazing, will play for sure! thanks!
Manchini: Adunare original all the way for me, nice rolling groove
Rods Novaes: great pack!!
Sy Chan: Great release! Adunare (Loen remix) is the one for me! great work
Holchin: Great, ep! Downloaded by Holchin! THNX TZINAH
Fulvio Facciolo: Leon remix for me!
Enrico Saba: Drumu cu Fum (Original Mix)m for me ..Thanks
Chris DB: Leon and Blagoj Rambabov remixes are cool . Full support from me !!!
Tomika: omg what a bomb! Adunare original is my favourite, but all tracks are works.. tzinah rules!
Rexfilter: Downloading, Nice release, full support!
Ciprian Iordache: very nice , Leon remix for me ! Support
Chago Mota: Nice solid package!
Sossa: nice
Hozoc: nice ep
Xisco Sanchez: NICE!!!!!
Dj Kelemen: leon mix 4 me,thx
Cabi: Nice release!! Original mix of Adunare is great. Thank you very much.
Los Pastores (Oblack Label): Leon for me thanks!
Isaac Silva: Nice Work,thx
Alex Caro: Adunare (Leon Remix) for me thank’s!
Ernest morán: thanks about indeed..!
Eman: will support…

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