TZH036 // Ferro – Knowing EP incl. Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner, M-Phunk

TZH036As we promised to support our artists no matter what, now we move in Amsterdam’s greatest underground artist Ferro. With recent releases at Moral Fiber and Moscow Records he is making his way up with Knowing EP. For remixing the EP we chose Archie Hamilton, another underground firing gun from the heart of London who has really impressed us with his work and his Berlin mate Patrice Meiner , part of Kabuto&Koji but who is now acting on his own, really taking over the good underground sound that we breathe. Ferro’s tracks are deep and wonderful, full of joy and power, taking you in the rhythms of wonder and spacefull grounds. With relaxing grooves and happy percussions the tracks are great for the after-hour sound and not only. Archie and Patrice are taking the good percussions and assembling them into their own style making a really nice playground four our ears. For the second remixer we chooses our family member M-Phunk, who is all about the groove and base, but who also is exploring new and joyful territories. You can find his latest remixes and releases at MO Records and Waldliebe Familien, also soon he will be releasing his first vinyl release at Natural Rhythm.
So.. Ferro – Knowing EP remixed by Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner and M-Phunk is ready to be delivered for all followers of our sound. We hope we touched your taste this time too. From Tzinah with Love.
Ferro – Knowing EP [TZH036] (Incl Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner and M-Phunk) is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Robert Dietz, Paco Osuna, Gel Abril, Leon, tINI, Seb Zito, Guido Durante, Carlos Sanchez, Nino Santos, Hector Moralez, Andrea Colina, Michel De Hey, Davide Benedetti, Francisco Allendes, Alex Piccini, Joachim, Mihai Popoviciu, Deltano, Mirco Violi, Philipp Ort, Superlunge, Bart Skils, Maertz, Horatio, Hector, Roon, Anthony Middleton, Maximiljan, benoit/tsugi, Omar Salgado, Jorge Savoretti, Roberto Apodaca, Scan mode, Egal 3, Psykoloco, John Dimas, Riley Reinhold, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Re-UP, Federico Luchetti, Edgar De Ramon, Sonodab, Fabio Neural, Javier Carballo, Die Haustiere, Samiel Deep, Christian Hawk, El Mundo, Figueroa & Obando, Andy Spinelli, Giacomo Greppi, Olderic, Faster and many more!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Carola: download for marco carola
Robert Dietz: original and remix of knowing is dope. please send wav.
Paco Osuna: downloaded thanks :)
Gel Abril: Archie & Patrice’s mix is great also m-phunk is cool tnx!
Leon: yesss .. nice ep… the remix for me is realy cool also
tINI: thanks you
Seb Zito: Great as always, full support.
Guido Durante: Usual killer Ep from Tzinah, will play the remix from Hamilton & Meiner.. thanks for sending!
Nino Santos: Remixes are dope !! Will play !!
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature/Overall/8bit): nice ep!! thanks
Hector Moralez: thank you !
Andrea Colina: Nice ep…hard to pick one…thanks
Michel De Hey: M-Phunk and original! Great EP
Francisco Allendes: nice tracks!!
Alex Piccini: Great as usual!!
Joachim: Yeah actually quit dig this.. M Phunk remix very nice but Ferro is also on the move.. support
Mihai Popoviciu: nice tracks with a plus for the remixes, will try out!
Deltano (Rawthentic, Inmotion): Quality stuff again by Tzinah! Loving all of them, thx
Mirco Violi: nice ep
Philipp Ort: Nice release! Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner Remix is the one for me! Knowing Original is cool too. thx
Superlounge: Thank you for the music!
Bart Skils: great to see ferro step up. full support!!
Maertz: Really nice release again, I will play for sure. Full support to Tzinah ;)
Horatio: nice remixes by mphunk and archie
Hector: Full support to my homies Patrice and Archie
Roon: Amazing EP. my pick is 081091 original mix by my homie Ferro:) wonderful remixes aswel!!
Anthony Middleton (Audiofly): Loving the Archie /Patrice remix…..wikid :)
Maximiljan: Cool EP! Full Support for Ferro! Knowing is my fav here! thanks
benoit/tsugi: 0881091 for me
Omar Salgado: Really nice release. I will play. Thanks.
Jorge Savoretti: all good tracks! as usual :)
Roberto Apodaca: very nice ep all tracks are great will play them!!!
Scan Mode (Cadenza Lab.DJ Mag Spain): Nice tracks,will try the M-Phunk Remix!Thanks for the music!
Egal 3 : full support for Ferro , very good tracks
Psykoloco : Bomb Ep ! will play for sure , thnx ;))
John Dimas: M-Phunk remix rocks , thnx
Riley Reinhold: I like the Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner remix. It is cool and fresh.
Lorenzo Chiabotti: As always great music. For me: 081091 (original), knowing (M-phunk remix)
Re-UP (Omar): Great EP again on Tzinah, Originals and remixes are really good! Thanks !!
Federico Luchetti: ”Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner Remix” for me!
Edgar De Ramon: really nice release, i’ll play for sure, thanks!!!
Sonodab: Solid ep! full support!!! :)))
Fabio Neural: Great!!
Javier Carballo: cool ep! originales & remixes are dop! thanks
Die Haustiere: Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner rmx is my fav!will play
Samuel Deep: Dope tracks!!
Christian Hawk (High Definition / Rawthentic): 081091 is interesting, will try
El Mundo: Great tools !! Nice one :)
Figueroa & Obando: Really great release here! all tracks are great, we prefer the Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner Remix 10/10 thanks :)
Andy Spinelli: M_Phunk remix for me!! thanks!!!
Giacomo Greppi: Good Release! Full Support! Original For Me
Olderic: interesting package, thanks!
Faster: Very good release! Thanks!
GROOVE Magazine (Felix): solid release!
Levi Verspeek: i really love ferro
Nicolas Duvoisin: really nice job will play for sure
Alexandar Kyosev: cool release…patrice and archie remix for me :) thanks guys
Zotist: Good Release! Full Support! knowing orig best track for me ;)
Mariano Mateljan: Quality release from Tzinah again! Will play a lot! Thx. M
Drummer: Knowing original and remix…both mixes are very good underground stuff….thankyou very much.
Berna: Nice release as usual! knowing original my fav! will play, thanks
Jordi Villalta: m-phunk remix for me… thanx.
Angel Mora: Nice Ep!..thanks
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, support!!! thnx
Andrew Technique: knowing is my fav. tnx
Bolumar: Great release! both tracks are great! thanks a lot!
David Moreno: Support@ibizaglobalradio
Moliner: For me M-Phunk Remix. Will try. Thx for sending!
Giovanni Verrina (All Inn records): Always nice music from Tzinah Support!
Bastien: Deeeeeeeeep like it :D
Kareem Cali: support on this nice ep
Andy Baxter: Very nice tracks. Will play for sure
Oshana: The Archie Hamilton/Patrice Meiner and M-Phunk remixes are the ones for me :) nice
Alex Kaddour: Nice depness here! will try it out! thanks
Djohnny: Nice release!! thanks
Matteo Gatti: nice for my warm up !!
Joe Seff / EKLAT: Dope relase! full support!
Dalbe : Original for me…thx
James Damian: Dark and Moody. Loving the atmospherics in Archie and Patrices remix.
Luigi Laner: Support!!!!
Adi Dumitra ( Get Slow, Snejl, Only ): Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner remix is really cool, i like the dubby sounds on it, will try this out. thanks!
Mario Aureo: Great afterhour vibes! Like them all but 081091 original and Hamilton & Meiner Remix are my favs… Thanks for the music!
Boronas / square room heroes: nice deep package
Dj Kelemen: some cool sounds,m phunk is the one 4 me,thx
Alessandro Borsari: Really Nice Tracks, Thanks
Gianpiero Ibiza: Support on IBIZA !!!
Herck: Amazing. Full Support !!!
Albert Rodriguez: TOP!!! M-Phunk & Archie Hamilton
Nuno Clam: Great EP! Full support!! thx
Audiobirdz: Full support for Ferro
Jorick Croes: nice ep, thank you!
P.Jones: Great release! Ferro on fire!
Colin Chiddle: Loving Archie & Patrice’s mix! Support
Lightem: Nice release. Archie Hamilton & patrice Meiner remix is my fav. thx for the music! :)
Crocodile Soup: Top release as always from Tzinah! In love with remixes!!
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Beast!! Love all tracks. Ferrooooo! :-)
John Denis: Full Support for this great EP Guys! Keep up the good work. John Denis Café D’Anvers / Idea Records
Rodrigo Villanueva: M-Phunk Remix for ”Knowing” and Archie Hamilton & Patrice Meiner Remix for ”081091” are the ones for me, thx!
gabriele gilleri – djgill: supported & noticed by
Blagoj Rambabov: In love with this EP, bomb remix by Archie and Knowing sounds something that i would play, big support :)
Baraso: DOPE!!!! Really love this!! thx :)
Patrice Meiner: nice EP all around and glad to be part of this one :)
Archie Hamilton: :-)
Primarie: Loving all the mixes! Full support as always!
Guy From Downstairs: So good ! Loving all tracks!
Mr.John: verry good ep,support for 081091 original and remix.
Nicholas Deca: Originals for me. Thanx!
Iuly.B: 081091 for me, nice one Ferro !
Adrianho: Absolutely stunning release my favourite here M-Phunk Remix , thanks !
Little Hado: great ep !! full support from me !! thanks
Francesco Zani: Support for Tzinah Family!!!
Angelo Draetta: m-phunk remix is nice
Manchini: Knowing Original all the way for me!
Rhadow: m-phunk remix ;)
Alex Puicea: Nice ep ,m-phunk remix is may favorite.
FLMB: another really nice release from ferro.. top
Chago Mota: Really nice!! Hamilton & Meiner remix is dope!!!
Rods Novaes: great ep! the remixes are very cool! thanks!
Timmy P: Great EP, Archie Hamilton & Patrice remix for me!
Sy Chan: Ferro – 081091 is for me! great work!
Holchin: Great, ep!!! Support and download!
Chris DB: 081091 Original Mix is dancefloor madness. Full Support !
Madeni: Knowing, Original + Remix! great one, Tzinah Rocks!!! tnx
Tomika: both original are amazing!
Wally Stryk: Cool release, very nice. i like. support ! thx for the promo.
Javi Sampol: Nice ep downloading ! thanks
Chazzy Chaz: Nice groove! Ferro-Knowing for me ;)
Hot Plate , Brazil : Knowing Original and M-Phunk remix is for us..Support! Thanks
Chris Hirose: ferro always delivers!
Xiki Lozano: Thanks..My favorite is Archie Halmilton & Patrice Meiner Remix
Andrea Bigi: Support!!! Thanks
Eman: will support….
Alo & Ritu: Nice pack. both the rmx are good. thank you
Dai Zon: great ep. full support
Isaac Silva: Ferro – Knowing (M-Phunk Remix) favourite,thx
D.Jordan: nice job . thank x de music
Deep J: Sweeeeeeeeet! Support!
Koljah: I Like Knowing in both mixes. Thx…
Frisco: great!!!
James Damian: Dark and Moody. Loving the atmospherics in Archie and Patrices remix.
Enrico Saba aka C_sky: For me : 081091 Original Mix
Nexus DJ: Archie & Patrice remix sounds great! Thanks for the music!
Brothers in Progress: Thx…

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