TZH032 // Iuly.B – Subdrum EP incl. Fernanado Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev, Cumsecade

After releasing ‘Sunburst’ on a Variuos Artists, and remixing one of our family member, now Iuly.B comes and puts a mark of his sound into our releases. Always experimenting and going underground with his sound, Iuly.B can become the representing artist for deep techno sound of Romania. For remixing we hooked up our Belgian friends Fernando Costantini and Alexandar Kyosev, and a yet unknown Romanian project under the name of Cumsecade which we think you’ll very much enjoy.
First track starts slow, and as we said Iuly.B really experiments with sub sound and sub atmosphere’s and there he comes out with a ‘Submarin’ sound. A submarine ready to arm you with the right tools to pass you through the nights’ mission. Our advice is to let yourself driven by its course. On the same route you will find Fernando’s and Alexandar’s remix which has ‘No Rush’ and these guys wanna stop you there for one moment. This is in the preparation of their own ritualic sound journey to our souls. Exploring on the same sound, Iuly.B kind of wants to put an a mark on it, he now plays with 909 drums, pulling out this wonderful track ‘Redrum909’. Swimming in the same dub atmosphere, he plays these drums creating a rhythm with a modern sound that will make you remember from where we all started. With a love for this classic tools Cumsecade reconstructs all of the parts from scratch creating the after-hours atmosphere that we love and that we think it represents us. His remix is chilling out at the same time that he slowly starts to play with the 909 drums in all the possible ways. It’s all about these mysterious ways and the mysterious man behind this remix that is more attractive.
Iuly.B being still at his beginnings, we come and support him giving the chance for this EP to become a strong part of Tzinah Records. With the help from Broquade member Fernando Costantini and his brother in productions Alexandar Kyosev and with the mark of Cumsecade, ‘Subdrum EP is a complete story about deep, dub, underground, and classic methods.

Iuly.B – Subdrum EP [TZH032] incl Fernanado Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev and Cumsecade is supported by Raresh, tINI, Butch, Shlomi Aber, Gel Abril, Dj Assassin, Miss Jools, Leon, Afrilounge, Deltano, Davide Benedetti, David Pher, Seb Zito, ONNO, Alex Piccini, Mirco Violi, Carlos Sanchez, Sebastian Voigt, Javi Bora, Bart Skils, Mihai Popoviciu, Patrice Meiner, Maximiljan, Herck, Negru, Horatio, Superlounge, benoit/tsugi, Andrea Loche, Alex Tepper, Zeitgeist, Julian Perez, Jorge Savoretti, Kasper, Giorgio Roma, Olderic, Tom Dazing, Psykoloco, Javier Moreno, Stuart Hawkins, Stefano Lottti, Egdar de Ramon and many more.

Raresh: cumsecade version for me . thanks
tINI: much love for my boys here and as always support for tzinah records! great music coming out here! xx
Butch: thank you for the music. solid techno!!
Shlomi Aber: thanks for sending
Gel Abril: good stuff as always from this label support!
Dj Assassin: Very deep and dark loving the second mix will be using it later today.
Miss Jools: Fernando’s and alexander Kyosev remix for me,,great remix !
Leon: wow…cumsecade remix is super for me!
Afrilounge: nice EP will try…
Deltano: 4 great tracks, solid ep!
Davide Benedetti: Cumsecade is dope! Thanks!
David Pher : Will play the original of Submarin. Thank you !
Seb Zito: Loving all tracks, full support :)
ONNO: solid stuff!! dope ep and strong remix form fernando and alexander!
Alex Piccini: Submarin original for me !! great track !
Mirco Violi: redrum909 for me
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature/Overall/8bit): great release!! will test it asap… thanks!
Sebastian Voigt: submarin is sick!
Javi Bora (Robsoul, 2020Vision, OFF): Submarin original + Cumsecade rmx for me. Will play
Bart Skils: the alexander kyosev & fernando constatine rmx for me..thanks
Mihai Popoviciu: remixes are interesting.
Patrice Meiner: great rmxs byr fer and alex big ups boyzzzzzz
Maximiljan: Good Stuff! will definitely give submarin a shot!
Herck: ”No rush remix” for me. Thanks.
Negru: i will try out Cumsecade mix. thanks
Horatio: Cumsecade does the damage
Superlounge: Thank you for the music! Submarin Rmx!
benoit/tsugi: coool ep
Andrea Loche: Great Work !!! Fernanado Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev Remix for me !! thanks
Alex Tepper: All solid productions. Submarin is probs my fav but would play all in the right time and space.. Look forward to trying out, thanks!
Zeitgeist: Very rare that I like all the tracks on an EP but this is a bit special! Love ALL!! Great work :)
Julian Perez (Fathers & Sons): Full support!! Always good sound from Tzinah ;)
Jorge Savoretti: Super good EP! Submarin original is my fav
Olderic (Area Remote, Terminal M, Saved): BOMB remixes, thanks a ton!
Kasper: Great release!
Giorgio Roma: Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev ’No Rush’ Remix for me THX
Tom Dazing: submarin original is good!
Psykoloco: Nice ep, downloaded thnx ! like originals for me ! ;)
Javier Moreno: nice one! like submarin original and both remixes.. thanks!
Stuart Hawkins : nice ep, Faves are: submarin (Alex & fernando remix) redrum909 (Cumsecade remix) will be playing these for sure.
Stefano Lotti: Nice E.P.
Edgar De Ramon: solid release!!! like all the tracks, i’ll play it, thank u :)
Papol ( Esperanza Records): Excellent release,all tracks are bomb full support!
Al Neville: good good techno,Submarin (Original Mix) Preview
Sonodab: Cool EP! I love the remixes!!!Thanks!
Lars Wickinger (So What Music): Submarin (Original) and the Cover is nice!
Ittetsu (Fuse London): Nice EP! Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev ’No Rush’ Remix and Cumsecade ’Reconstruction’ Remix for me!
Bvoice: Cumsecade makes me feeling deep & happy! Go on! Love your label always) Hugs attached. V.
Drummer: really really excellent stuff,fanstatic and atmospheric souds…Submarin is amazing groove track…..redrum909…dark!! thanks a lot…
Nina Soul: Thanks this is a very special Ep
Saso Recyd: Submarin (original mix) and the remixes are great! support
Zotist: Good release, redrum909 will work for sure, ty!
K-nto: Nice ep ! Thank you!
Roon: loving the no rush remix from alexandar kyosev and fernando costantini! their tracks are always one step further. the same for the Cumsecade reconstruction…. professional and next level EP, will play!
Houmz (Draft,Dorcas): love the remixes specially the remix from my brothers (Alexander Kyosev & Fernando Constantini) support always
Dj Kelemen: this babe lives from the rmxs,will play them.thx
Bartolomeo: Submarin (Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev ’No Rush’ Remix) is for me! Thnx for your music! B.
Randall M: full support on this releae, the No rush remix is my pick :)
Blackmambo: very nice, thanks !
Fernando Costantini: always a good moment to remix for Tzinah ! Thanks for your support and this great Ep :)
Hans Tavera: Favorite release!
Gianpiero Ibiza: SUPPORT ” SUBMARINE” !!!!! On IBIZA DANCE STATION ! Gianpiero Ibiza
Alo & Ritu: Great EP. We like both the remixes ! thank you
Boris Cantero: Good Mixes, Cumsecade & Fernando costantini
Luis Groove (Lowpitch/ U Wanna Escape? Ibiza): Top Release! Like all the tracks. My fav is Redrum 909 (Cumsecade `Reconstruction´ Remix) Full Support
Mr.John: remixes 4 me!good job
John Moss: Love the No Rush remix of Submarin
Brothers In Progress: Nice Ep…Thx
Djohnny (Overall Music): nice release!! submarin orig and reddrum909 cumsecade remix are the the best, full support
Fulvio Facciolo: Submarin original for me
Mario Impellizzeri: REMIX submarin support
Toni Espagne (Pista De Baile FM): Good pack
Filippo Nardi: very good
Willy Sanjuan: Redrum 909 (Cumsecade Rec is for me)
Mario da Ragnio: thx.. solid ep! good stuff!!! will play!!!!
Angelo Ferreri: nice. thanks for promo.
Rods Novaes: i like the originals!
Chembass: Remixes for me! i love it
Mihai.T: great ep
Brett Jacobs: Full support, really nice EP, the two for me are fernando and alexedar mix or submarin and the cumsecade mix of redrum909!!
Lorenzo Chiabotti: Always quality !! for me redrum 909 rmx!!
Leroy Roberts: Amazing EP really really really love Alexandar & Fernando’s Remix!!
Nuno Clam: Submarin (Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev ’No Rush’ Remix) LOVE IT!!!!!! FULL SUPPORT!!! Thanks
Tomika: love every version of both tracks, probably my favourite ep on tzinah so far, thanks
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine / Resident Advisor): Sublime deepness….. beautiful !
Pablo Demonio: I will play one track in my radio show too.
Angelo Draetta: This could me the best release from Tzinah Records . thanks for sending
Daniela La Luz: Nice & deep EP!
Luis Bautista: Full support!!!
ASNP: Great EP. Submarin (Original Mix) is a fucking bomb! Thanks
Koljah: you guys are doing quality work. full support! thx…
Little Hado: ”Cumsecade ’Reconstruction’ Remix” for me !!! Thanks !!
Egal 3: cumsecade mix
Seph (Aula Magna): Sounds good on first listen, nice! Thanks
Jesus Pablo (i! Records / Lost My Dog / Supper Sessions): another solid EP… :)
Primarie: Remixes for me! full support for Iuly.B
Blagoj Rambabov: All tracks are bombs,awesome release,support from me, will play for sure :)
Crocodile Soup: Really nice Ep as usual for the Family!!! Cumsecade & F.Costantini/Kyosev done a great work on the tracks!!! Will play!!!
Baraso: So nice!! I really love this EP Support!
Savulescu: Cumsecade!
Manali Shah: Supporting
Adrianho: both remixes are really nice ! will play !
FLMB Crew: another BIG release, full support from FLMB Crew!
Eman: will support…
Toufik: love this one Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev ’No Rush’ Remix
Defex: Submarin Original for me! thanks!
Manali Shah: Digging it
Mon (Pild Records – Basswalk Records): fernando constantini & kyosev remix for me, i love it!
Dennis Christopher: 10/10
Ciprian Iordache: Cumsecade remix for me ! thanks folks
Jxtc Aka Annuit (Annuit & Coeptis): Submarin F.C and A.K ”no rush” for me. Big Family , Respect!
Chris Hirose: Submarin is amazing but the whole EP is super solid!
Loquace: Submarin original and remix is big !!! redrum remix is also really nice.. Support !!!
Madeni (Not Fot Us): the 2 originals for me!! Amzanig…. thnx
Gabriele Gilleri: supported by
Danny Panagiotou: Thanks! Submarin (Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev ’No Rush’ for me!
Nexus DJ: Both remixes are very nice, thanks !
P. Jones: The ’No Rush’ remix for me! Great ep
Manchini: Submarin original! Solid
Cabi: Lovely remix by Costantini & Kyosev.
D.Jordan: nice job thank ;)
Andy Spinelli: Great ep!!thanks!!
Essam Gawish: Great Pack. Submarine original for me!
DJSOSSA: nice…
Susinho (Club Time Radio Show): Submarin (Original Mix) is for me!! Full Support!! Thanks!! :))
Tony Dee: submarin original mix for me!!!
Hozoc: both remixes for me, thank you !
Isaac Silva: Iuly.B – Submarin (Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev ’No Rush’ Remix) Full Support
Chris DB: Cumsecade remix for me ! Thanks
Dai Zon: good release. full support.
Susinho (Club Time Radio Show): Walking On Clouds (Original Mix) is for me!! Full Support!! Thanks!! :))

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