TZH030 // VA – Underground House Music 005

Our deepest VA ever is here, and we thought of ending up up this series with something special, by choosing the most representative deep underground artists from our team and trying to push forward the ones we like to think someday will be recognized and appreciated by others as they are by us. With two new family members, Nina Soul and Baraso, we are ready to start a new era in our label.
As we like house, and we eat the deepest one alive, here we start the VA with an argentinian soul, ‘Nina Soul’ and he has fairy tales just as ‘One’ and is one that you’ll probably dig deep into the after-hours, you’ll let yourself driven by it’s moody rhythm and yes there are some bubbles too. ‘Yo Soy Esa’ from Javier Carballo is an expression of everything and everyone that’s beautiful, you will feel it, will raise your head and smile, it’s time for you to dance and embrace life just with it’s happiness! The rhythm goes on, the beat is there and some drums accompanied by wired sounds in ‘Calm De Vara’ from Primarie. Slowly you’ll get attracted by its percussion and your shoes will start jumping. The strange theme gets you into the feeling of a nice summer breeze when all that bass comes in, making the track alive. Well, now ‘Tired’ it’s a lot to say, but when M-Phunk is tired likes to play with his piano and record what’s happening there. We got that into this track and it’s wonderful, will make you cry and dance in the same time, in the end will remind you that’s all about the raw sound and pure emotions. Back alive, Nicholas Deca it’s a pure dancer and he challenges you with his crazy drums, strikes with some nice sounds that will take you along with them in their circle. Yes, a Romanian dance is required! With an already strong release out, Guy From Downstaris marks again his spot, with his housey atmosphere and warm synths as he slowly grows into a good moody rhythm. It’s our true sound that comes up and our Romanian spirit. Back again with us, and more raw this time, Ferro delivers ‘Side’, a side from him that pulls out all his mellow thoughts into his kinky track, lovely for after-ours. Enjoy its strong deep calling and its snare dance! Passing to ‘Discurs’ we will say nothing but that you really have to ‘listen and make up your own mind’ ! Funny? No, it will drive you crazy and it has the perfect sound for it! This atmosphere maybe will make you even act! Until then, dance it! Oh, and if we’re talking about dancing, Blagoj Rambabov, really gets you there. ‘The Return Of The Mack’ has the power, it has the smile, it has the whole thing mixed expressly to be a bomb. After just releasing his EP, Blagoj gets closer to our attitude and sound and to the family. As for concluding the story, we have prepared something deep for you: Baraso. He is our new addition, and his EP is also on the way. Coming from Bacelona’s streets, his sound is deep and soulful, charged with strong emotions. This track is nothing more but a great tool for every DJ and a great experience for every dancer.
In the end, we hope that what we have presented in ‘Underground House Music’ was a collection of nice beats, brought to you from our deepest and most underground vault. A collection of good music that you’ll enjoy even after good time passes and some wonderful tracks that will be in your playlists over and over again! We thank you and we expect you with other adventures!

VA – Underground House Music 005 [TZH030] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Marco Carola, Robert Dietz, Oxia, Gel Abril, Dj Assassin, Dani Casarano, tINI, Arado, Carlos Sanchez,Davide Benedetti, Stacey Pullen, Tato, Alex Piccini, Superlounge, Negru, Mihai Popoviciu, Mirco Violi, Zeb Zito, Horatio, Jason Hodges, ATFC, Hector, David Pher, John Dimas, Simon Garcia, UGLH, Andrea Loche, Michel De Hey, Hector Moralez, Hugo, Herck, Philipp Ort, Someone Else, Giorgio Roma, Adriano Filippucci, Jorge Savoretti, Maximiljan, Olderic, Luca Marano, Stefano Lotti, Re-UP, Andrew Technique, Alex Tepper, Luca Doobie, Edground, Superlounge, Edgar De Ramon, Westboy, Omar Salgado Pablo Bolivar, Camiel Daamen, David Moreno and many more.

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Luciano: thanks!
Marco Carola: nice one!
Robert Dietz: really cool tunes all over but yo soy esa and zambila are my favs. please shoot over wavs.thanks!
Oxia: Nice package ! my fav are Primarie, Nichola Deca
Gel Abril: good va here will support tnx!
Dj Assassin: Lots of good music not sure what is my favourite yet.
Dani Casarano: nice compil support
M.A.N.D.Y.: will download. thank you for good music!
tINI: big up for that collection of tracks, support for this label
Arado : thanks for the good music …..
Carlos Sanchez: yo soy esa is wicked!! full support to my mate javier… keep it up!!
Stacey Pullen: yes yes yes
Tato: super!!! really nice stuff from carballo…
Alex Piccini: cool pack!! i wll play a lot! thx
Superlounge: Nice! Thank you for the music!
Davide Benedetti: Hard to find a VA full of great tracks like this. Hard to pick one favourite as well, but I love particularly both Yo Soy Esa and Couronnes. Keep it up!
Negru: M-Phunk, Ferro & Baraso for me. thaks
Mihai Popoviciu: some nice trax here, javier carballo is my pick!
Mirco Violi: will try some of this tracks
Seb Zito: Nice one for the tracks, always support.
Horatio: nice tracks
Jason Hodges: wow what a great collection of cool music!
ATFC: pretty cool thanks
Hector: full support as always !!!! my fav here is my boy Javier Carballo he’s on fire !!!!
David Pher: Very Very good Compilation. Will Support. Thank you for good music!!!!!
John Dimas : Great Package !!!! Javier & Ferro are the winners for me , thanx
Simon Garcia: Excellent release, Carballo’s track for the win! Thanks guys :)
UGLH: Javier Carbello and Blagoj Rambabow for us thanks.
Andrea Loche: Full Support !!!!
Michel De Hey: smooth music!
Hector Moralez: thanks track 9!
Hugo: good stuff..tnx
Herck: Nina Soul for me :)
Philipp Ort: Great package! Quite a few tracks to choose from. Will play. thx
Someone Else: this comp is really good.
Giorgio Roma: great pack bombs! THX
Adriano Filippucci: nice pack, support from me, thank u
Jorge Savoretti: very nice deep beats here! will use several tracks for sure
Maximiljan: Cool Pack! Really Good Stuff in here! My Fav is Javier Carballo…love this one! gonna test few others aswell for sure! thx
Olderic: Thanks!
Luca Marano: javier carballo is the right one 4 me!
Stefano Lotti: Carballo and Barroso’s tracks are my fav! Thanks!
Re-UP (Omar): Great Music like usual on Tzinah Thanks for sending!!
Leo (Re-UP): Nice compilation Nina Soul, Primarie and Baraso are my picks thanks for the music
Andrew Technique: omg this is a super pack!! good good music, it’s impossible to choose which is my fav!!! 10/10
Alex Tepper: Really cool VA! Definitely will be playing a few from here. Thanks!
Luca Doobie: yo soy, calm, zambila, return and couronnes are true dope guys, great selection ;) L
Edground: Great tracks here. Full support.
Superlounge: Nice! Thank you for the music!
Edgar De Ramon: Nice Varous!! Support!!:Thanks :)
WestBoy: Cool compilation All tracks are nice! will play for sure! thanks!
Pablo Bolivar: Many good vibes on this compilation, will listen correfuly, thanks!
Omar Salgado: Really love this compilation. My fav are Nina Soul and Primarie. but everyone did a great job. Thanks
Rozzo: carballo and baraso: liking!
Camiel Daamen: Super nice tunes! Full support! ;-)
David Moreno: Downloaded for David Moreno. IbizaGlobalRadio. Will check ;) thx!
Dani Rivera: Nice Compilation ….. Nina Soul my favorite !!!! ..
Javier Carballo: nice rcompilation!!!
Belfie: ”Calm De Vara” and ”Side” for me!
Nina Soul: Yes all for me, full support!
Papol: Great compilation, all tracks are bomb, Javier Carballo its for me !! thanks
Ralph Böge: nina soul is the ONE! down, easy, summer, super tool, vibes & house.
Chris Hirose: Baraso’s Couronnes is my pick here but i pretty much like all track! Big VA… Thnx
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine / Resident Advisor): Superbly deep journey through house! Great release !!
Egal 3: foarte bun v.a
Andrea Colina & Victor Elle: nice pack thanks 4 sending
Seph: Nina Soul’s track is great, and so is Javier Carballo’s. Thanks!
Fernando Costantini: Thanks…NINA SOUL
Alexandar Kyosev: lovely tracks here but nina soul is my favourite !!!! awesome thank you :)
Psykoloco: very good VA! Chris DB & Baroso are the best for me. will try the others ;) thnx
Zotist: Good Compilation! support!
Stefane: so nice, love this compil, great shoot ;))
Lucio Spain : thnx u for your music.
Ernest M: nice one!..thanks indeed!
Hans Tavera: Horatio for me!
Alfred S.: Yo Soy Esa for me! Nice pack!
MWS: Nice collection,great work !
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, thn’xxx
Dirty Culture: cool stuff in here. thank you!
Hippie Torrales: Great collection of deep tracks. Work really well.
Miguel Garji: So interesting tracks here. I will try, sure. Gracias
Djohnny: fulll support!!! yo soy esa-javier carballo is killing me!! top
Ittetsu (Fuse London): Nina Soul for me! Thanks
Randall M: javier carballo – yo so esa for me, but everything here is quality
Station F: very strong compilation, well produced tracks throughout
Andy Spinelli: nice ep!!!full support!!thanks!!!
Nathan F: Some intresting stuff there.
P. Jones: Guy From Downstairs and Ferro tracks for me!
Astin: ”Couronnes” for me, thx
Essam Gawish: NIce Pack. Javier Carballo, great work :)
Oriol Calvo: great!! DL, thanks!
Defex: quality! thanks!
Mario Impellizzeri: niceeeee ;-)
Nunzio Borino: Good Vibe !
FLMB Crew: big, big V/A from tzinah, full support on, ferro, m-phunk and primarie’s tracks! big up from portugal
Luis Groove: Really Nice Compilation! Nina Soul, Javier Carballo, Ferro and Baraso are my favs here but the full release is a solid pack of underground stuff. Playing lot of tracks of this label lately. Keep with the good work! Thanks for sending.
Marcos Valdes: Nice Music!
Essam Gawish: NIce Pack. Javier Carballo, great work :)
Aney F (Innocent Music): Javier Carballo for me! Will play for sure thanks!
Matteo Matteini: some things very interesting! nice pack
Manali Shah: Love the compilation
Brothers In Progress: Carballo for us…Thx
Thetreecanopy: Nice collection, thanks for this.
Mauro Alpha: Nice Pack, will test all !thanks :)
Scan Mode: amazing!
Alo & Ritu: Boom! Grat music! thanks
David Zona: Good compilation
Reynold: great release. I really love MPhunk. tired. somehow I heard this before.. loving it and will play and support!
Drummer: quality pack,great track from Javier Carballo-yo soy esa,Ferro-side….etc etc….thanks
Pepedecris: good!!!!! Mucha calidad en todos los tracks!!! congratulations
ASNP: Nice Compilation. We like : Javier Carballo – Yo Soy Esa; Chris DB – Discurs; Ferro – Side; Baraso – Couronnes
Rods Novaes: great pack! javier carballo, primarie and baraso are my choices! thanks!
Danny Panagiotou: Amazing EP full Support!
Dj Kelemen: all trax a very special & i like favorite is Mr Carballos track.thx
Iuly.B: GFD and Baraso for me :)
Bvoice: Primarie / M-Phunk / Ferro! / Chris DB / Baraso , That’s groove-n-deep! Love it guys! Keep on!
Little Hado: Nice VA !! Thanks
Crocodile Soup: My fav: Nina Soul Great touch! Primaire power bassline, Ferro great groove, Chris DB excellent , Blagoj Rambabov really nice!!! Wonderful VA !!! hug
Venitez: excelent again !
Toni Espagne: Good pack
Primarie: Full Support !
Guy From Downstairs: Support, no doubt ! Happy & proud to have my beats next to the other great tracks from the EP!
Andrea Bigi & Marius Laurentiu: Very Good! Thanks ;)
Alex Kaddour: Cool stuff!! all mixes work in my sets:)Thanks for the good music
Lowris: Nice package! Love the deep rollin’ bass of ”Calm de vara” will try for sure. ”Couronnes” is nice also. Thanks for the music :) L.
Manchini: Nice package, big variety of sounds
Rhadow: javier carballo & baraso. thanks!
Katoline: Full support! Thank you!
Paco Wegmann: Blagoj & Barasco tracks sounds very nice.Thank you Tzinah!
Blagoj Rambabov: Huge Various Artist release,amazing beats all tracks are characteristic in own way,love them all but if i have to choose Ferro -Side is the one for me.thanks!
Chago Mota: Loving Yo soy esa and Discurs! Nice release!
Cabi: Great compilation. Really feeling Javier Carballo’s track. Will def play this for sure. Thank you very much guys!!
Claudio Coccoluto: great project with a lot of good tracks, thanx
Nexus DJ: some nice stuff here, thank you !!
Matteo Gatti : very nice release
Daniele Kama: very nice pack!
Ernest M: thanks a lot..salu2
Alex Caro: Downloading for Alex Caro thank’s for the music
Mr.John: another great VA.good job Tzinah!
Toufik: yo soy esa… :) thank,s
Fran Serrano: excelent material !
Francesco Zani: Support for Tzinah…
Fabio Tosti: nice deep ep. my fav. are the tracks 2, 4 and 8
Iar: support. calm de vara 4 me & nina soul
Adrianho: great tracks for my sets here…thx !
Baraso: Very Nice Ep! Go Tzinah family!
Isaac Silva: Yo soy esa – Carballo cool
Luis Vae: Javier Carballo – Yo soy esa Nice track!! & M-Phunk !!! Great EP!!!! Full support
Scot LOVE: Very Good Deep Compilation. The M-Phunk has a little smell of Paris, who I like it, and the Flying Mood, with the American Vocal of Chris DB, too.
Dejan Dex: Javier Carballo ROCKS!
Puicea: love it!
Jesus Pablo: Javier Carballo for me… quality vibes…
Ari Girao : Yes all for me, full support!
Toygun: Nina Soul’s track is nice; definitely diggin’ yo soy esa track!
Clike: really really nice release!!! thanks!!
Claude Solis: Great Pack Here, will play 4 sure! thanks!!
Chris DB: All tracks are good . Support !
Hozoc: ”nina soul – one” for me. thank you
Angel Linde : Very nice Love it…Baraso,Chris b & Nina Soul play it….
Houmz: Like the whole collection but my Picks Nina Soul & Javier Carballo Thnx
Jbd: Great compilation. Full suppor!
Dennis Christopher: really feeling baraso- couronnes!!
DJ Bee: Nice EP. Perfect for me.
DJSOSSA: nice…
Noquit: very good! thank you
Razaar: m-phunk , gfd , baraso great tracks!!!
Tomika: Javier Carballo and the Nicholas Deca tracks are huge!
Alex Attias: absolutely great selection and variety of sounds. deep!
Just D’light: ”Calm de vara” and ”Tired” do it for me! :-)
Eman: Will support..
Art Patrice: nice as always :)
Vali Dobrogeanu: all the tracks are good. very nice compilation!
Pako Mike Dj: Support!!!Guys!!!!
DJ_KIK: A very nice compilation !
Filippo Nardi: very cool
Dj AX: nice compilation
Mario da Ragnio: thx… sounds deep & nice… downloading
Dai Zon : strong VA release . full support.
Deep J: Awesome, love ”Discurs” especially!

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